Monday, May 23, 2011

11 Months

Dear James,
I don't know why, (probably because I am so busy following you around EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING) but I don't have as many pictures of you this past month! You are such a busy boy...I can barely keep up. Here are some facts about you this month.
- You love watermelon. You get excited every time I give it to you, BUT you don't know how to swallow it. You just suck the juice out and then hold it in your mouth forever. And, as much as I'll give you, you'll just keep stuffing it in your mouth more and more and more. We'll keep working on it :)
- You are making a clicking noise with your tongue a lot - especially when we sing the Days of the Week song ( to the tune of the Adam's family). I started singing that song when I'm changing your diaper, so I can't snap, so I began clicking my tongue. You've picked up on that and love to click your tongue.
- You have started drinking from a straw! Impressive!!
- I went on a women's retreat this past month. Daddy kept you AND Nanna and Grandaddy came and stayed for the weekend to help, too. It was great for you to get to spend so much time with them...and gave me a great break - even though I missed you like crazy and cried almost the whole day I had to leave you. When I got back were a daddy's boy! You love your daddy!! If it's a choice between Mommy or Daddy, you choose Daddy every single time! I love watching you together - I know your relationship with Daddy is very, very special, and very, very important. I'm excited that you love him so much. You have a very good daddy, and I know you'll learn that more and more as you get older.
- We have battled a stomach virus on and off this past month. This is your first virus like this, I think. It was scary!! In fact, you even had it on Mother's Day - which was also Baby Dedication Sunday. Baby Dedication Sunday was very special because you were dedicated with Caroline! See pictures below...

You and Daddy gave me great gifts! I got a hummingbird feeder, a spa gift certificate, and fire extinguishers. I was thrilled about the fire extinguishers!!! :) You know, the gas stove!!!!

You weren't really into pictures...

- You love books! You are bringing books to me and shoving them in my face to read. One of your favorites has parts where you look at your fingers and toes - you are starting to point them out when we get to those pages without me prompting you. I don't know why but now with any book I read, you put your foot up in front of the pages. You are not trying to kick it away, but it's like you think that's a really comfortable place to put your foot.

- I would say your favorite toy right now is your mega blocks.

- You are cracking me up because you are now tucking things to your side while you're in your highchair. Your cup, food, anything that's on your tray. You like to put it to your right side in the seat beside you.

- We went home for a week because Grammie had to have surgery. While we were there you took one first tiny little step! You don't seem too interested in walking yet, but you did take that one step to me from the recliner - it was very exciting!!!

- You are making all kinds of new sounds. One of the words you are saying over and over and over sounds like "good-un".

- I went to get you out of bed this last week one morning and your pants were off!!!! Ha! You have not figured out that you can get your diaper off, thank goodness, but I have no clue about your pants. Maybe you were hot...

- You love to eat pancakes for breakfast, and you FINALLY ate yogurt for me a couple days ago for lunch! I tried for a long time about the pancakes, and finally we got there! You eat one pancake and a fruit (or more like a bite of fruit) almost every morning.

- You are starting to stand more consistently - even though it's true that like I said above, you don't seem too interested in walking. You probably stand maybe 3 times a day alone and then either fall or grab onto something.

- You took a 2nd step at the Sr. Adult picnic last week. You were having a great time in the grass, and you just boldy stood up right in the middle of the yard and took a step forward! We were surprised and excited!
- Sesame Street came on Sunday morning before we got ready for church and you said "woof woof" when dogs came on!!!

There are many other things you are doing. I cannot believe I just addressed your birthday party invitations today! My baby....where did the last year go???? You are growing into such a precious little boy. You have 4 teeth and 2 more are about to break through on top. I cannot believe what a treasure you are. I cannot believe the gift God came me to be your mom. I knew I wanted you and I was excited about you, but I could not have even fathomed the love I would have for you. I love you, and you will always be my baby, even after you turn 1!!!


Your Mommy