Monday, August 29, 2011

The Frymire Yard...A Wildlife Refuge?

We had a great morning together. Landon goes in a little later on Mondays because of how crazy Sundays are. We were all sitting at the table eating breakfast (oh wait, James was finished and running around doing his usual running around thing) and Landon saw a deer. Then we saw our hummingbirds coming to the feeder. James and Carol Eubanks would be proud of Landon because he is starting to get to know their personalities - he says one of them is a bully and won't let any of the other come to the feeder. Landon wants to get another feeder so the bully can have one all for his own and the others can eat from their own feeder :) Anyway, here are our birds this morning - to the left of the feeder...if you can see them.

Then, here is the deer we saw. Landon said the mom was back there too, but I never did get to see her.

James made it over just in time to NOT see the deer, but he did get to see the hummingbirds! Are we like on a wildlife preserve or what? I love this sweet baby!!!!

Just got home from Cracker Barrel lunch. Landon and I will doing our usual Monday night support group stuff tonight. It's a good start to the week. Praying I have the discipline and will to do my Biggest Loser Workout while James takes a nap (choices...instead of working online like I need to be - will have to do that tonight after J goes to bed).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy on the John Deere

We took James outside Saturday night after Landon finished mowing the grass but hadn't put up the mower. Landon said, "As soon as we go out there, he's going to go straight for the lawnmower." And he did. He's definitely a boy.

Landon got so much done on Saturday - it was a really good day. He was able to finish sanding part of the deck so he could start staining it. We're going to stain the floor this really dark color below and then paint the top part the same color as all the trim on the house - sort of a beige-ish color. I thought this was a crazy idea (from Lan) until he showed me all the books at Home Depot that showed how good it looked to do, I'm in. I can't wait until it's finished. He really wants to screen in this part that he's staining. If that happens, it will look GREAT.

I'm thankful for a really good husband who is such a hard worker. We've just been having some good days lately :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Plain a Really Good Day

This day hasn't been amazingly exciting, but it's just been good. Landon let me sleep late this morning and took James to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I always miss it if I don't get to go to CB, but the extra sleep was worth it. I slept until 9! When my boys got back home, Landon finished hanging my pictures of James in the guest bedroom. Aren't they beautiful???? I know the pictures I took aren't that great - I could not figure out how to take them without a glare from the light on the glass.

A few days ago we went swimming. James will NEVER wear this hat. He will never wear any hat. Period. I try and try, but pretty much, to no avail. He wore it for a few minutes before we left for the pool, so it cracked me up and I wanted to capture it.

Doing a cool dance move...

Then, this afternoon, Landon had the opportunity to go speak to Ken Aldridge's football team. James and I went along, and after Landon talked to them, we went to eat at the Outback - yum! When we got home, we skyped with my mom for a while :) We've stopped feeding James bottles now (we were down to morning and night but have stopped that), so I let him have some of Mrs. Karen's chocolate cake before he went to bed. 2 pieces later.... he was happy as a clam. Good grief! He loves that cake - but not the icing. Just the cake part.

It's been a good day! James is in bed and now we're catching up on some tv and I'm working on a new project :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

SUYL - Baby Shower Ideas

I am joining Kelly's Korner today for Show Us Your Life...Baby Shower Ideas. The greatest shower ideas I've gotten were from the ladies who gave me my own baby showers last year. I had 3 showers. Links are below from where I posted about each of them!

Shower #1: Woodstock Friends

Shower #2: Bethabra, Our New Church Family

Shower #3: RB&Co Co-Workers

God has blessed us with amazing friends, an awesome church family, and fantastic co-workers. Just looking back at these posts makes me smile. I had no idea what was in store :) Ha. I am blessed.

Daddy is WAY MORE FUN than Mommy!

Landon was playing with James tonight in his tent (right before he hung up some pictures for me and then promised me that he would never hang pictures for me again - that we would hire someone if need be, but that he could not handle it), and I ran and got the flip camera because it was so funny. I can be pretty fun with James, but Landon thinks to do the funniest stuff with him sometimes. Things I cannot even think of. I'm so thankful James has such a GREAT daddy. He definitely is one loved baby (I have to keep calling him a baby until he's like 25 years old...Just FYI).

Why am I the One SWEATING to Death at Gymboree???

We had a fun time at Gymboree today. I took 3 short videos of James that are SWEET - but a little boring unless you are James' mommy or grandparents :) He did well today at the class since it was a true Level 3 class - only 3 children there today (lots of # 3's in this post...weird), so that was good because James got lots of attention. He has no interest in doing anything on the mat that is organized, really. Although he did enjoy pushing the air tube with the other 2 babies across the floor. He really hates almost anything with that big parachute - which is like the signature Gymboree class item to me. He doesn't want to sit on it while we fan the edges up and down. He doesn't want to ride around in it while I pull him. He doesn't want to sit under it and play peek a boo. He is out. He LOVES shooting balls in the basketball goal. Or not just balls - anything really. We have 2 more weeks of our Groupon deal left to go. I'm hoping Landon can go with us next week or the next so he watch James in action. By the time that class is over, I am SWEATING. Whew! It's a lot of work to try to get your 1 year old baby to participate in organized activites. AND, I forgot my socks today and had to pay $2 for a pair of socks :( James had a great time sliding and going through tunnels, so it was worth it. AND, we ate Chick-Fil-A at the mall afterward and that man is LOVING some Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets - I could not be prouder!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out, Old Trashcan

Big day at the Frymire's. Couple of incidents - not huge incidents, just regular incidents. I had to go in for a work thing around lunchtime today, so Ms. Karen was coming over to watch James at 10:30am. I worked some this morning, needed to get myself ready, take care of James, get James' stuff ready for while I was gone, etc. It was a busy morning. Ah, but James felt it wasn't busy enough. He's been doing FUNNY stuff lately. A few nights ago he busted in the bathroom while the water was running for his bath and before I could stop him, he threw the Grinch in the bathtub. Apparently, he must've needed a bath. Then, I was cleaning the toilet a couple days ago. I was backed up into the doorway of the toilet room so that he couldn't get in - I was actually trying to hurry and finish up before he could see what I was doing. He presses his body up next to mine like he's trying to get in, but then I realize he's forcing his hand in the crack between my arm and leg where I'm squatted down. He is dropping a bottle of lotion he found through the crack onto the floor by the toilet. He must've thought I needed it in there. So...back to this morning.

Already he got into some Triscuits in the pantry and brought them in the bathroom with one sticking out of his mouth. I told him he could have the triscuit, but we had to leave the bathroom - no eating in the bathroom...gross. He likes to play with the syrup bottle. He eats fruit and two frozen pancakes every morning for breakfast, so he knows about Aunt Jemima. He likes to carry the syrup bottle around with him. BUT, we just got a new one - a jumbo size since he's eating the 2 pancakes every morning - so when he pulled it down off the shelf of the pantry, guess what? It busted on the floor. Oh, it was plastic - and it was just a big crack in'er the less...friends, it was sticky. I put it most of it in the old, smaller bottle of syrup that was almost gone, and the rest of it is in this tupperware:

It was difficult to get off the floor. I tried several times and still could see a syrup "sheen" on the wood floor. Ah, but before I could really scrub it clean, I decided to take a break and put some makeup on and start getting ready. James played on his own for a little bit and then came to find me. We came back in the kitchen together about 10am to get a snack for him. I walked in and found it. What, you ask? I'll tell you what. Tomatoes. James has been getting in the garbage - I keep telling him yucky and gross, and don't do it. While I was in the bedroom, he pulled out two rotten tomatoes from our garden that I had thrown in the trash. He either tried to eat them or just pulled them apart and mashed them all over the kitchen floor. I did not get a picture. I thought about it...but I was in a hurry. Hence...a need for a new trashcan.

Dear Old White Trashcan,
You are cheap. You are flimsy. You are not getting the job done anymore. Thank you for your service in our home, but your time here is done. I cannot risk my baby touching raw meat in the trashcan. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Welcome, New Trashcan!
You are a delight to me! You have many impressive features. Thank goodness Bed Bath took those expired coupons. I plan to have you for many years. Please, please stick with us. You must be able to win over the baby, though, and if you cannot outsmart him, you will not be able to stay.

I am hopeful because you have a lock.

AND, HAHAHAHAHAHA....(imagine me laughing maniacally....) it has worked so far. I feel like 1% bad that he is confused as to why he can't open it, and I feel like 99% victorious as a parent. HA.

Then a few pictures just playing...

Sweet, sweet smile even though the photographer (me) cut off his head.

Welcome, New Trashcan. You are wanted and loved here.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Joy of the Flaps

I don't know when my first trip to the Public Library in DeFuniak was. But, I can tell you that I was little - no doubt. I loved that library - with the creaky wooden floors, Ms. Coe, that record player phonograph thingie that they'd play for me. I learned to love books in that library with my mom. I want James to love reading - I also want him to love playing outside, love instruments and music, etc.... This past spring we went to one storytime day at the library and had a great time. Kelli and Caroline went with us - it was right around Easter. Then, things got busy, then summer came and they weren't doing storytime. I'm determined that as fall starts again, I really want us to get involved in storytime there. Landon had to go to an Awana conference all day yesterday, so James and I needed something to do that didn't cost any money. Clearly, it's time for us to leave the house when James is going to all the doors and shaking his fist in the air saying, "Go, Go, Go." Trust me, I was ready to go too. So, we loaded up and went to the library. Our library here is really great. There's so much for James to do - a train table with tracks and trains and gas stations and bridges, puzzles, small tables and big fun rugs. It is GREAT there. I can't wait until he's old enough to pick out his own books! So, I got a library card yesterday - I was thinking back on my mom's library card. Ha - I think her number was like 974 or something like that - I can't believe I remember that! Mine is like 10 digits or maybe longer...
But anyway, we checked out 6 books yesterday! All board books. I'm afraid for us to take the nice ones yet. :)
James has loved looking at them! I took some pictures of our books and of James looking at them this morning before church. His favorite, by far, is the Thomas the Train book. That man loves some trains and loves to open some flaps - combine those...he is in heaven.

Such a sweet smiler today!

Another one of his bottom teeth just broke through so he now has 8 teeth! I cannot believe it. And, he's 14 months today! Good grief! Storytime at the library doesn't start back until September, but we will be there ready for stories, crafts, and parades! Don't worry, James! This mommy is a horizon broaden-er!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a Dump! Where is Oscar???

This is James' new favorite book. I bought it at a consignment sale several months ago. It was a board book, and the cover was missing and at least the last page. It was packaged in a ziploc bag with several other books. I bought the package for another book that was in there, and Elmo Loves You happened to be in the bag. James has LOVED this book - even without a cover and at least one or maybe more pages missing at the end. His favorite pages are the ones with the Count and the one with Oscar the Grouch saying "What a Dump" about his trashcan area (ha, I don't know what to call it). Last week I went to a consignment sale at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds with Jeanette and Kelli and decided to look for a new copy of the book. I made a beeline for the books right when we got in the door, and I found it! I couldn't find a board book, but I did find one that looks a lot like the one above. I flipped through a few pages, felt sure it was right, and decided to get it. You know you are a true mommy when you almost cry with happiness finding Elmo Loves You at a consignment sale - I just knew how much James loved it already, and how much he would love it EVEN MORE if I found one that was complete. So, I bought the book. I brought it home. We sit on the couch. James is excited. I begin to read. Um, so, I finish the book, and I realize....there was no Oscar page. WHERE IS THE OSCAR PAGE???? That is the most important page of the book to us. If the book doesn't have a page with Oscar saying "What a dump!" then we are out. Just no. So, I am very confused. Landon says maybe Oscar is not really P.C., so they took out his page. I don't know, but I'm not pleased.

I must make this promise to James. James, my sweetest baby in the whole wide world, I will find the Elmo book with Oscar's page. I will find the book for you to read. If it's the last thing I do - if I don't find it until you are in college - I will look and look and look. I will not rest. I will locate Elmo Loves You with the proper pages. You will have Oscar. Don't worry, Baby. Mommy will get it for you.

If you can assist me with this search (i.e. you have this book at home and no longer need it...) contact me immediately, like yesterday! My baby's happiness is depending on it! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gymbo, Discipleship, & Brown Bag Specials

Well, we tried something new this morning. I bought a GREAT DEAL Groupon months ago for a month at Gymboree Play & Music. It just seemed like we always were so busy, so I kept not using it. Finally, on the day it was going to expire, I could not STAND losing the money we'd paid for it, so I called and activated it. James went to his first class this morning. It was very interesting. First of all, Ms. Jessica, the teacher, was AMAZING. I don't know where they find these people or how much they are paid, but she was fantastic!! Enthusiastic and even just her voice was so happy and welcoming. I cared...ha...but James didn't... :) He was a little leery at first about being in a brand new place. There were probably 5 other babies there. James was the only walker, and obviously the oldest in the class. In fact, the teacher told me this particular class has younger children in the age bracket, so if I wanted to, I could call and ask them which class might have older children in the bracket. She said James was running, and that was advanced for his age (duh, my child is clearly a genius), so he might fit in better NOT with a younger crowd. I believe this is the truth after chasing after him. The other children couldn't walk yet - they were all crawlers, so they stayed on the mat when their parents put them on the mat. Not James. What did James do most of the time? He went to the corner and shot basketball over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea).... I would go and pick him up and bring him back over to the mat to try to participate, but he would soon take off again back to the basketball goal. Landon would have been so proud :) He was half and half a fan of the big parachute. He liked swinging in it while we sang to him, and he liked walking around on it while they blew bubbles. He liked being under it while we did it up in the air like a tent. He did NOT like it when the babies sat in the middle on top of the parachute and then the parents grabbed the edges and waved them up and down. He had a mild freak out over that. plan is to call tomorrow and see what other classes he might fit well in. They also have lots of these Gymbo clowns, which I find a little creepy, but everyone seems to love :)

Not sure if we'll be able to afford to go back after this little Groupon deal month, but I think James is really going to enjoy it! At least he'll enjoy shooting the basketball...

On another note, we started new discipleship classes tonight at church. Landon and I are teaching Intimate Encounters. I thought it was SO EXCITING tonight. I'm excited about what God is going to do in our own marriage as we learn AGAIN about all this stuff - and just have lots of good reminders. I was so encouraged by the honesty of the couples in the class, too. I love these people so much, and I am so grateful God is allowing us to serve here!!!!! I feel like a broken record to say that, but I mean it. I was, once again, reminded how talented Landon is. I believe he is extremely gifted teaching this material, specifically.

No falls for James today :) Just a busy Wednesday! OOOOH, AND, I found $12 in quarters in our house so we got to eat Sonic tonight! YES!!! The envelopes...they're running dry....yikes. Thank goodness for the $12 in change I found! The skater sweet girl was very kind about my change when I pulled it out for her. Oh, and one more thing. DID YOU KNOW THEY NO LONGER HAVE BROWN BAG SPECIALS AT SONIC? I don't know why, but I do not like this. I am going to their website to tell them (after I look at how many calories was in the enormous meal I ate). Bring back the BROWN BAG SPECIALS!

Using a Spoon & Oscar the Grouch

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tasty Monday...actually last Thursday?

So...I've been MIA for a long time in the blog world. I normally don't like to do things unless I do them ALL THE WAY, and it makes me mad how wishy washy I've been on this blog. I really want to talk about unimportant things all the time just like I used to...but's just not so much of a priority anymore. Then, I joined FB, and that totally took the blog down the drain. I so, so, so want to be a blogger again...sort of. Sort of not. So, maybe I'll try tonight. Maybe I won't tomorrow.

Please no expectations. of the things I've struggled with most after becoming a SAHM is cooking. I feel weak in this area because Landon's family cooks GREAT - which I really enjoy when we go home and eat their food, but sometimes I feel a little "less than" when I'm attempting to fry okra or cook some chicken and dumplins....etc. One of the recipes Landon used to talk about when we first married was a recipe his sister used to make called Pizza Hotdish. I remember making it, and it just wasn't that great. I don't know why. So...years later (um, I mean now), in an attempt to be sweet Betty Crocker waiting at home with a ribbon in my hair, a pearl necklace and apron on when my husband arrives....I decided to re-look up a new recipe for this old favorite of Landon's and attempt it. Well...who knew? It was pretty dad-gum good. Most people do a Tasty Tuesday on their blog. Um, this is like Tasty Monday, I guess, but really is like Tasty last Thursday because that's when I made it. I just wanted to share it while I'm blogging about unimportant things TODAY. Who knows about's the recipe:

1 lb lean hamburger
1 onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped (dude, I don't even know what this is, so I just put some garlic powder - ha)
25 oz spaghetti sauce
8 oz tomato sauce (again...right...I just combined 25 and 8 and put in one big jar of Prego)
1/2 cup water
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp oregano
salt & pepper
1 16oz package egg noodles
1 12oz can cheddar cheese soup
1 16oz package pepperoni (uh, I only used 8 oz and it was plenty...)
1 8 oz package mozzarella cheese
1 8 oz package cheddar cheese

1. Prepare egg noodles as directed on package. Drain.
2. Add cheddar cheese soup to egg noodles and mix.
3. Meanwhile, brown hamburger with onion and garlic. Drain grease.
4. Add spaghetti sauce, water, garlic salt, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, and oregano.
5. Simmer about 5 minutes.
6. While heat is still on, add in half the package of pepperoni one at a time to make sure the pepperoni doesn't stick to each other. Pepperoni will become limp, and this will let you know it's ready.
7. Great a 9x13 pan.
8. Add meat mixture to noodle mixture and stir in 1/2 of the mozzarella and cheddar cheese.
9. Place meat and noodles in greased pan.
10. Cover top of casserole with remaining pepperoni like you top a pizza.
11. Sprinkle the rest of remaining cheese on top.
12. Bake at 350 degrees until bubbly and cheese melt and is starting to brown slightly.

Ya'll, this was Goooood. Even Landon said so. Even James ate it and ate it in fistfuls :)

Oh, and even though I'm writing about something unimportant, I need to include a James Update.

James Update: James fell on the front steps today. Poor baby. If his mommy had been more attentive instead of trying to pull a dumb weed out of the flower bed. He fell on the side of his face. I was afraid when I picked him up off the sidewalk that there would be blood everywhere. Thank the Lord (literally, I'm thanking the Lord), there wasn't. There was some blood where it scraped his nose and part of his upper lip. His face is a little red on that side, and it skinned a little bit of his hand...I know I was really lucky. I was lucky he didn't knock out a tooth. We have tricky front steps, and I should have been watching him better. Bad mommy award for today :( I'll try better tomorrow!