Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy on the John Deere

We took James outside Saturday night after Landon finished mowing the grass but hadn't put up the mower. Landon said, "As soon as we go out there, he's going to go straight for the lawnmower." And he did. He's definitely a boy.

Landon got so much done on Saturday - it was a really good day. He was able to finish sanding part of the deck so he could start staining it. We're going to stain the floor this really dark color below and then paint the top part the same color as all the trim on the house - sort of a beige-ish color. I thought this was a crazy idea (from Lan) until he showed me all the books at Home Depot that showed how good it looked to do, I'm in. I can't wait until it's finished. He really wants to screen in this part that he's staining. If that happens, it will look GREAT.

I'm thankful for a really good husband who is such a hard worker. We've just been having some good days lately :)

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