Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a Dump! Where is Oscar???

This is James' new favorite book. I bought it at a consignment sale several months ago. It was a board book, and the cover was missing and at least the last page. It was packaged in a ziploc bag with several other books. I bought the package for another book that was in there, and Elmo Loves You happened to be in the bag. James has LOVED this book - even without a cover and at least one or maybe more pages missing at the end. His favorite pages are the ones with the Count and the one with Oscar the Grouch saying "What a Dump" about his trashcan area (ha, I don't know what to call it). Last week I went to a consignment sale at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds with Jeanette and Kelli and decided to look for a new copy of the book. I made a beeline for the books right when we got in the door, and I found it! I couldn't find a board book, but I did find one that looks a lot like the one above. I flipped through a few pages, felt sure it was right, and decided to get it. You know you are a true mommy when you almost cry with happiness finding Elmo Loves You at a consignment sale - I just knew how much James loved it already, and how much he would love it EVEN MORE if I found one that was complete. So, I bought the book. I brought it home. We sit on the couch. James is excited. I begin to read. Um, so, I finish the book, and I realize....there was no Oscar page. WHERE IS THE OSCAR PAGE???? That is the most important page of the book to us. If the book doesn't have a page with Oscar saying "What a dump!" then we are out. Just no. So, I am very confused. Landon says maybe Oscar is not really P.C., so they took out his page. I don't know, but I'm not pleased.

I must make this promise to James. James, my sweetest baby in the whole wide world, I will find the Elmo book with Oscar's page. I will find the book for you to read. If it's the last thing I do - if I don't find it until you are in college - I will look and look and look. I will not rest. I will locate Elmo Loves You with the proper pages. You will have Oscar. Don't worry, Baby. Mommy will get it for you.

If you can assist me with this search (i.e. you have this book at home and no longer need it...) contact me immediately, like yesterday! My baby's happiness is depending on it! :)

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