Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gymbo, Discipleship, & Brown Bag Specials

Well, we tried something new this morning. I bought a GREAT DEAL Groupon months ago for a month at Gymboree Play & Music. It just seemed like we always were so busy, so I kept not using it. Finally, on the day it was going to expire, I could not STAND losing the money we'd paid for it, so I called and activated it. James went to his first class this morning. It was very interesting. First of all, Ms. Jessica, the teacher, was AMAZING. I don't know where they find these people or how much they are paid, but she was fantastic!! Enthusiastic and even just her voice was so happy and welcoming. I cared...ha...but James didn't... :) He was a little leery at first about being in a brand new place. There were probably 5 other babies there. James was the only walker, and obviously the oldest in the class. In fact, the teacher told me this particular class has younger children in the age bracket, so if I wanted to, I could call and ask them which class might have older children in the bracket. She said James was running, and that was advanced for his age (duh, my child is clearly a genius), so he might fit in better NOT with a younger crowd. I believe this is the truth after chasing after him. The other children couldn't walk yet - they were all crawlers, so they stayed on the mat when their parents put them on the mat. Not James. What did James do most of the time? He went to the corner and shot basketball over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea).... I would go and pick him up and bring him back over to the mat to try to participate, but he would soon take off again back to the basketball goal. Landon would have been so proud :) He was half and half a fan of the big parachute. He liked swinging in it while we sang to him, and he liked walking around on it while they blew bubbles. He liked being under it while we did it up in the air like a tent. He did NOT like it when the babies sat in the middle on top of the parachute and then the parents grabbed the edges and waved them up and down. He had a mild freak out over that. plan is to call tomorrow and see what other classes he might fit well in. They also have lots of these Gymbo clowns, which I find a little creepy, but everyone seems to love :)

Not sure if we'll be able to afford to go back after this little Groupon deal month, but I think James is really going to enjoy it! At least he'll enjoy shooting the basketball...

On another note, we started new discipleship classes tonight at church. Landon and I are teaching Intimate Encounters. I thought it was SO EXCITING tonight. I'm excited about what God is going to do in our own marriage as we learn AGAIN about all this stuff - and just have lots of good reminders. I was so encouraged by the honesty of the couples in the class, too. I love these people so much, and I am so grateful God is allowing us to serve here!!!!! I feel like a broken record to say that, but I mean it. I was, once again, reminded how talented Landon is. I believe he is extremely gifted teaching this material, specifically.

No falls for James today :) Just a busy Wednesday! OOOOH, AND, I found $12 in quarters in our house so we got to eat Sonic tonight! YES!!! The envelopes...they're running dry....yikes. Thank goodness for the $12 in change I found! The skater sweet girl was very kind about my change when I pulled it out for her. Oh, and one more thing. DID YOU KNOW THEY NO LONGER HAVE BROWN BAG SPECIALS AT SONIC? I don't know why, but I do not like this. I am going to their website to tell them (after I look at how many calories was in the enormous meal I ate). Bring back the BROWN BAG SPECIALS!

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  1. Love these updates! You are a great storyteller :)