Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Joy of the Flaps

I don't know when my first trip to the Public Library in DeFuniak was. But, I can tell you that I was little - no doubt. I loved that library - with the creaky wooden floors, Ms. Coe, that record player phonograph thingie that they'd play for me. I learned to love books in that library with my mom. I want James to love reading - I also want him to love playing outside, love instruments and music, etc.... This past spring we went to one storytime day at the library and had a great time. Kelli and Caroline went with us - it was right around Easter. Then, things got busy, then summer came and they weren't doing storytime. I'm determined that as fall starts again, I really want us to get involved in storytime there. Landon had to go to an Awana conference all day yesterday, so James and I needed something to do that didn't cost any money. Clearly, it's time for us to leave the house when James is going to all the doors and shaking his fist in the air saying, "Go, Go, Go." Trust me, I was ready to go too. So, we loaded up and went to the library. Our library here is really great. There's so much for James to do - a train table with tracks and trains and gas stations and bridges, puzzles, small tables and big fun rugs. It is GREAT there. I can't wait until he's old enough to pick out his own books! So, I got a library card yesterday - I was thinking back on my mom's library card. Ha - I think her number was like 974 or something like that - I can't believe I remember that! Mine is like 10 digits or maybe longer...
But anyway, we checked out 6 books yesterday! All board books. I'm afraid for us to take the nice ones yet. :)
James has loved looking at them! I took some pictures of our books and of James looking at them this morning before church. His favorite, by far, is the Thomas the Train book. That man loves some trains and loves to open some flaps - combine those...he is in heaven.

Such a sweet smiler today!

Another one of his bottom teeth just broke through so he now has 8 teeth! I cannot believe it. And, he's 14 months today! Good grief! Storytime at the library doesn't start back until September, but we will be there ready for stories, crafts, and parades! Don't worry, James! This mommy is a horizon broaden-er!!!

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