Monday, August 29, 2011

The Frymire Yard...A Wildlife Refuge?

We had a great morning together. Landon goes in a little later on Mondays because of how crazy Sundays are. We were all sitting at the table eating breakfast (oh wait, James was finished and running around doing his usual running around thing) and Landon saw a deer. Then we saw our hummingbirds coming to the feeder. James and Carol Eubanks would be proud of Landon because he is starting to get to know their personalities - he says one of them is a bully and won't let any of the other come to the feeder. Landon wants to get another feeder so the bully can have one all for his own and the others can eat from their own feeder :) Anyway, here are our birds this morning - to the left of the feeder...if you can see them.

Then, here is the deer we saw. Landon said the mom was back there too, but I never did get to see her.

James made it over just in time to NOT see the deer, but he did get to see the hummingbirds! Are we like on a wildlife preserve or what? I love this sweet baby!!!!

Just got home from Cracker Barrel lunch. Landon and I will doing our usual Monday night support group stuff tonight. It's a good start to the week. Praying I have the discipline and will to do my Biggest Loser Workout while James takes a nap (choices...instead of working online like I need to be - will have to do that tonight after J goes to bed).

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