Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Plain Weird

We were watching American Idol last night and I realized when Landon hit the info button that the screen said this:

Um, weird. Are you kidding me? It actually says "and some other people". That was not a joke. Whoever is in charge of doing the info on the show should be getting in trouble for that - I don't know if that's a Fox thing or a Dish Network thing...but um, weird. I love to watch American Idol with "Ellen Degeneres and some other people"......right...

Landon - my Preacher

So, on the Bethabra website, they have started to post Landon's sermons. Fun, huh? He is doing a GREAT job preaching, and learning to juggle a whole different kind of life. It's been stressful for us - I think especially with all the changes we know are coming, plus me working and having a pretty bad's just been a lot at once. He is doing such a great job though, and I wanted to put this link out here so you can listen to him if you ever want to. You can find Pastor Landon's sermons here:

I am super proud of him. I'm really thankful for how far God has brought us.


Well, you know we are in a new town, new home, new church, pretty much all new life, except for Landon and me - we are not new to each other. Back months ago, maybe a year or so ago (I cannot remember - life is a blur), I decided to start buying the AJC on Sundays and using coupons. I did a pretty good job with this while I was doing it. I would go to QT (a gas station) on Sundays after church on my way home and buy 2 papers for the price of 1. I would cut the coupons, look at what was on sale in the grocery stores, and then shop for the week. I don't think I ever was a pro, but I was getting there. Then, life started to get busier. This couponing business is hard work. It takes time. Or, it did for me, anyway. Once we started getting busier, and especially once we started talking to Bethabra, then Thanksgiving, then K's wedding, then Christmas - that was it - it was over for the coupons. Now we have moved. James is on the way. Money is getting tighter, and haha, if I even think it's tight now, you should see our budget for after he comes - since I don't know if I'm going to be able to continue to work part time in my job from home, it's looking BAD, I mean in the RED. Yet, it doesn't make sense for me to continue my VERY long commute to work and back, pay for gas, pay for childcare, try to be a good pastor's wife, etc. I just can't do it. So, while I'm really hoping the job thing is going to work out from home part time with my company, I don't know if it is or not, and I'm trusting that God knows this and will bring something along in His perfect time. I have a pretty hard time trusting Him most of the time, so that's tough for me, but I pretty much have no choice - it's not really in my hands at this point. Sorry...that was a rabbit trail (isn't that what it's called?). Back to the coupons. The point is, I need to be saving us as much money as I possibly can. Therefore, I needed to get back into couponing again. Our weekends/Sundays are SO BUSY, I keep forgetting to try to find the AJC somewhere. We received a flier in the mail that we could get a great deal on the AJC, so I called them to get the deal. I figured then at least I would get one Sunday paper to get the coupons out of, and I wouldn't have to remember to go to the store. Well, when I called, I found out that the AJC doesn't deliver to my county - okay, excuse me, then WHY did I get a flier in the mail for home delivery? Whatever. So, then, they ask if I would like to get it in the mail - they say it will come a couple of days late, but I'm thinking, so what - I don't care if it comes a few days late, I just need the coupons. So then, my genius self asks, "The coupons will come in it still, right?" NO, THEY WON'T. IF YOU GET THE PAPER BY MAIL ORDER, THE COUPONS WILL NOT BE IN IT. So, nevermind about that. Alright, finally, I decide last Saturday to scout out Walgreens when I go to pick up a prescription. They did not have the AJC (what a shock), but they did have some Athens paper, and it had a lot of the same coupons in it - I decided to buy it. While I'm checking out, I ask the lady helping me about why in the world they don't have the AJC. She says she doesn't know but that Ms. Debbie knows and can help me. Ms. Debbie steps outside with me and proceeds to explain that they do not carry the AJC at Walgreens because the man who used to deliver it to all the Walgreens in our county was stealing the money or something, so he got in trouble and now no AJC for Walgreens. But, Ms. Debbie gave me the jackpot of information. She said the only place I can buy the AJC in my county is at the Dollar and More, and that on the side of the store in big letters or something it says, "We have the AJC." People, this weekend (hopefully) I am going to the Dollar and More to get the AJC. Ah, how my life has changed. Things used to be simple. I must do this for the sake of my family and affording to live. I especially do not understand all of this because my county is not crazy far from Atlanta - I would think people in my county actually want to get the AJC. It used to be a quick run into QT on my way home from have searched all over creation to figure out where I can get this newspaper in my new town. It has not beat me. I have found it. I will use coupons.
If you live in my new town and read this, and you know of a more convenient place or way for me to get the AJC....let me know. I am very interested :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been a LONG feels like...since I've updated. Maybe that's just been because we've been busy - I don't know. Landon's parents came to spend the weekend with us. We did lots of visiting and lots of eating. We had a great time with them. They brought a bunch of clothes for James...oh my word, they are so cute! I wanted to take some pictures of them, but I just haven't had a chance to do it yet. We did order the furniture from JC Penney last week, and it was in by mid-week. Because it was cheaper to pick it up at the store, that's what we did. We all loaded up and went to get it on Saturday together. Then, Landon and his dad put it together for us Saturday afternoon. I LOVE the crib...I also love the dresser - but I did think it was going to be bigger. Since it's a convertible crib, and James will hopefully use it for a long, long time, I thought when it said "triple dresser" that meant like a serious dresser. It's smaller though, more of a child furniture thing - but that's okay - it's still fine, and I'm still really glad we got it. Here are a few pictures of the furniture being put together and finished products.

The boxes - they were big!

Putting together the crib. They did a great job - and I'm glad because James has to be safe in it!

And, the dresser - I wanted to get the lamp out and put it on the dresser because that's exciting to me :)

You can see that I put the quilt over the crib, but I can't put anything else inside since there's no mattress yet...but I love it - I love the wall color and the way the quilt and crib look with it.

So, the furniture situation was a big success. Now to decide on other room decor. I have the three pictures to put up on the wall, so I'm sure I'll do that - I think I want to put those little shelves and then set the pictures on top of the shelves, but I'm not sure - I might just want to hang the pictures straight up on the wall. For another wall, I'm going to do one of those wall vinyls that says a verse - I'm pretty excited about this idea, and I really like how it looks in rooms. Here's an example of one - this is not the one for James' room - I'm not ready to reveal that one yet...but just so you can see what the wall art looks like. It's like a big sticker. I'm excited.
Then, I'll just need a few more decor things and we'll be set for the decoration stuff. Uh, now we'll just need...let's see....THE BABY...and all the stuff WE ACTUALLY NEED FOR THE BABY.
I had a dr. appt. yesterday. I'm 25 weeks today. The appt. went great. I was able to ask a lot of questions about the ultrasound from last time - it's funny because I felt so shocked that it was a boy that I didn't really ask much of anything. Well, I made up for it this time. He answered all my questions and reassured me that things are going great. Next time I have to take the sugar test - and drink that stuff - and we'll do another ultrasound. Praise the Lord that I have made it so well this far. I saw at the top of my blog that I have like 105 days left...yikes, that is not very long.
I registered us (that means me and Landon :) for some Northside classes. One for the maternity tour, one class for nursing, and one for infant CPR. I was going to register for a birthing class, but I've decided against it. After hearing someone's opinion (that I trust and value), I know I want an epidural, I just want all pain to go away, so it's not like I want to know focal point business or pain management techniques. I don't care - just give me the drugs and let's get it over with - and then James will be here!
It's funny because I felt so shocked when I found out the baby was a boy. Now, I feel like I can't really imagine anything else - James is part of the family already, and we can't wait to meet him (uh, but we want him to stay inside as long as he will so he'll be ready!). We've been reading him some books, and Landon just ordered the Diggingest Dog to read - I read it yesterday, and it is GREAT. I loved Dr. Seuss, so I don't know how I missed out on that one.
On the agenda for this week is church tonight, and then the weekend. I know you will not be able to believe it...but NO ONE IS VISITING US THIS WEEKEND! I'm hoping we can put up curtains and pictures and register at Target! What in the world does a normal weekend look like?? I don't know...but I cannot wait to find out, and I hope it involves lots of SLEEPING!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Registering: The Real Story

Well, we have one down and one to go. We are planning to register at Target and Babies R Us. We did Babies R Us this past Friday night. Let me just tell you - as if you probably don't already know - registering takes a lot of energy. No matter how much research you've done, advice you've gotten, no matter how many times you've walked that store before going to is still stressful (if you disagree with need to let me know). I had gone with Mandy to walk through the entire store and took 4 and a half (small) notebook pages of notes. I had emailed all my breast feeding momma friends and asked for advice and tips on what you need/don't need. Still, it was stressful. With all of Landon's hand situations going on, plus just lots of busyness at the church, I was afraid he was going to be too tired to go last Friday evening. I knew I couldn't go with him if he was tired and couldn't be engaged. We had to be a serious team, and seriously work together to pick out stuff for James. After a TERRIBLE Costco date experience that I cannot even speak of (just think of a catheter hanging out of a person's pants really, really openly while we're eating and then think of my fork breaking off in my pizza and me biting into it and thinking I've broken my tooth), we headed for Babies R Us. I even unloaded EVERYTHING in my purse that I knew was weighing me down. That is serious, ya'll.

While the lady talked to us, gave us a booklet, some coupons, a plastic-y rewards card, etc., one thing she kept saying was, "Just have fun. Don't let this stress you out. " I thought, "Good grief, stop saying that. I'm excited to do this, and we're going to have fun - we're not even stressed." I wanted to start in the front corner of the store, working our way down each aisle (shocking, I know). Well, that means we had to start with the bottles. This could have been the most confusing section to start with for us. Okay, I'm not trying to be graphic here but did you know there are different stages of the nipples? There is Stage 1, slow flow, Stage 2....and some more I don't even know about. And, there are probably 6 different brands of bottles. Then, the bottles are different sizes. WHAT IN THE WORLD? Mandy and I briefly discussed this section, but we didn't really go over it. Now, I know I'll hopefully be really successful with the nursing stuff and not have to use a bottle much - we'll see - I must have these products though, just in case. We ended up buying a starter kit of the Playtex drop in kind, which I think was a very good choice. Then, I've heard so much about those Dr. Brown bottles, I wanted a couple of those. FINALLY, we finished in that crazy section. We wound our way around the store, I should say, a small part of the store. We collapsed and set up the strollers (which was kind of embarrassing because we have no idea what we're doing).

We started in the store at 7:30 on Friday night. At 9:15, Landon said we should leave before they closed at 9:30. We had probably gotten through half of the store, but we had at least made the big decisions (stroller, pack n play, swing, bouncer, high chair thing). So, we left. We were exhausted.

I went back on Saturday and finished up for us. No big decisions, so it wasn't a huge deal. I do not have a clue, though, when we'll have time to do Target. I'm hoping sometime next week. I think I'm going to double register for stuff in both stores, and then take it off the registry in the other store if we receive it (did that make sense?). The only thing I don't want to double register for is the stroller - I love that thing, and it's the one I really, really want. They don't carry it at Target at all, so I'm not going to register for a stroller there.

So, if you want to look at our it is!;jsessionid=GnSqLv1hLvc5rXdThnKTPpYMfgJnxf2HVLH1tffyzBmmcFCsBjn8!-1086404702?_flowExecutionKey=_cC3296E2C-9D30-4732-1DC0-21B9D162D2A5_k8B991B97-3FF6-770A-EA0C-A2CA09E6902E

Okay, and who really knows if that link will work.

That's it for today's update! It's been a very busy week - church stuff seems to get busier and busier for Landon. I'm taking him on a special surprise date tonight.... :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Embarrassing Moments

For our company e-newsletter this month, I've decided to do a feature on Most Embarrassing Moments. It made me think about two embarrassing things that have happened to me in the last few years, and I wanted to share them - why? I don't know. Just bear with me. I know that some really embarrassing things have definitely happened to me in the past - like when someone (I will not share names) pulled my Velcro chorus skirt down in the middle of an intersection in Dothan when I was in high school. That was embarrassing. It was embarrassing when I asked someone who had a child what her husband did for work, and she told me she wasn't married. Ah, but my two main stories.

About a year and a half ago, I was getting ready for our New Principal's Meeting. I coordinate some of our meetings at my job, so the New Principal's Meeting is one of them - this meeting is where a few folks who work for RB&Co. are invited to become shareholders in the company (uh, I think that's what it is). So, I was getting ready for this meeting. Even though this is a smaller meeting (much smaller than any of our others), any kind of meeting planning is a lot of work. Having food brought in, making sure the room is unlocked, set up correctly, you know, just a lot of details. Well, the morning the meeting was beginning, I stopped at Starbucks to pick up coffees. I cannot remember what those big jug things are called - they have a cute name - but I was getting those paper-y carafe things to take to the meeting. I was picking up 4 of them. I took two of them to my car and came back to get the second load. It was rainy that morning and yuck outside. I had on khaki trousers and brown high heels. I walked back into the store, and they had a rug like this:

Not exactly like this (it was bigger and black) but a lot like this. Well, I got my heel caught in one of the holes, and I fell down. Not a graceful fall down, but a fall where you are yelling, "Oh, oh, oh, oh" the whole time because I was just hoping I could catch myself some way. I am now on the floor. Well, guess what? Not one person got up to help me. This probably serves me right because Landon and I have seen some people fall before and had no clue what to do to help them and have just stood there. This is what happened with me. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, but was probably just 10 seconds or so, I got up off the floor, and I was okay, and I really wanted to cry. I got up to the counter to get my second load of stuff - well, the employee did not even ask if I was okay! So, I said, "Excuse me, did you just see me fall down over there?" Then, she said, "Do you want cream to go with these coffees?" It was like they were afraid I would sue them, so she wouldn't even acknowledge that she had seen me fall. It was embarrassing, and even when I got in the car, I couldn't cry about it because I had to go straight to work and couldn't have crazy makeup smeared down my face. Sometimes being an adult is hard.

Landon and I have witnessed a lot of embarrassing moments for people. I think we are jinxed or something sometimes. Here are just a few things we have seen happen:
- One time we were at a wedding out of town. It was around Christmas. We happened to be parked at this church right in front of an outdoor nativity scene with plastic people. It was nighttime, and we were leaving the wedding. Landon starts the car and the headlights come on. They are shining brightly on the already lit up nativity scene. All of a sudden, here come a man going to his car. Instead of walking on the sidewalk, he tries to cut through some way between the front of our car and the nativity. Well, he fell down right in front of our car inside the nativity. It was very strange. He fell among all the plastic people.

- Another time we had been at Woodstock for Sunday night Service. After the service, I was talking with someone and facing the front of the church. All of a sudden, a man was walking by the steps at the front (a bunch of hard wood steps), and he fainted. He slammed his head down on those steps and just laid there. Landon had to go into security mode and get help, etc. We were both so freaked out and stressed after it happened that we decided to go to Cracker Barrel. We sat down at Cracker Barrel and started looking at our menus. All of a sudden, craziness breaks loose. A man fell trying to get up from his table, but he grabbed onto other tables to break his fall. The other tables slid across the floor, throwing the salt and pepper shakers, lanterns, on the floor where they busted right by/onto our legs. That was one crazy night.

- We have had to stop for 2 (I feel like 3, but I can only remember 2) motorcycle accidents and help with them. I am serious.

The other embarrassing thing I was going to share was when I sent out a company newsletter on behalf of our CEO to the entire firm and it was supposed to say "Attached is the End of the Year Firm Newsletter", and instead I wrote, "Attached is the End of the Firm Newsletter". It was a nightmare. I had only been at RB&Co. for about 4 months then, so it was TERRIBLE. Russ was GREAT about it, but it was awful. For like 2 years I could not even talk about it without crying and my face getting hot. Now, I like to tell the story to the newest employees so they can see that even if you make crazy mistakes for the CEO OF THE ends up alright in the end...people have grace at my work. :)

Jesus Calling

Have you ever used this devotion book? I know you are probably like...duh, yes, I've been using it for years. Obviously, I have been living under a rock since this book came out - I say this because I started asking some people if they had Jesus Calling, and almost every single one of them said, yes, and that is was a GREAT devotional book. So, I ordered one. It came back last month sometime. I have SUPER early mornings, and since we moved, I have struggled more with doing a devotion time, because it seems like so much hectic-ness has gotten in the way. I get up at 5am, leave the house at 5:40am, get home close to 5:30pm, anyway, you get the drift (a.k.a. my excused). The point is, it's been a struggle for me to figure out this new schedule. I put this book in our bathroom, and every morning since it came in the mail, I sit on the edge of the bathtub in the morning after putting on my makeup and read the devotion for the day. Let me just tell you. I LOVE this book. She writes it like it's Jesus actually talking to me. The days are very short, but they are so good, usually I read the day 2 or 3 times before I put the book down.

Check out these excerpts I love from the past couple of weeks:

March 3
I love you for who you are, not for what you do. Many voices vie for control of your mind, especially when you sit in silence. You must learn to discern what is My voice and what is not. Ask My Spirit to give you this discernment. many of My children run around in circles, trying to obey the many voices directing their lives. This results in fragmented, frustrating patterns of living. Do not fall into this trap. Walk closely with Me each moment, listening for My directives and enjoying My Companionship. Refuse to let other voices tie you up in knots. My sheep know My voice and follow Me wherever I lead.
Ephesians 4:1-6, John 10:4

March 9
Rest in My radiant presence. The world around you seems to spin faster and faster, till everything is a blur. Yet there is a cushion of calm at the center of your life, where you live in union with Me. Return to this soothing Center as often as you can, for this is where you are energized: filled with My Love, Joy, and Peace.
The world is a needy place; do not go there for sustenance. Instead, come to Me; learn to depend on Me alone, and your weakness will become saturated with My Power. When you find your completeness in Me, you can help other people without using them to meet your own needs. Live in the Light of My Presence, and your light will shine brightly into the lives of others.
Galatians 5:22; 1 John 4:12

Wait, I lied - I have to tell you one more! Maybe my favorite one for right now...

March 10
You are Mine for all time - and beyond time, into eternity. No power can deny you your inheritance in heaven. I want you to realize how utterly secure you are! Even if you falter as you journey through life, I will never let go of your hand.
Knowing that your future is absolutely assured can free you to live abundantly today. I have prepared this day for you with the most tender concern and attention to detail. Instead of approaching the day as a blank page that you need to fill up, try living it in a responsive mode, being on the lookout for all that I am doing. This sounds easy, but it requires a deep level of trust, based on the knowledge that My way is perfect.
Psalm 37:23-24; Psalm 18:30

Aren't those awesome??? Isn't it a great book? It has really helped me start great conversations with the Father in the morning, just sitting on the edge of the bathtub while I'm getting ready. The way she writes helps me feel like I'm just sitting right up in His lap, and He's just brushing my hair out of my face and telling me stuff so gently while we rock back and forth. He is a good God. I'm so happy I found this book (finally...apparently after years of everyone else having it). I have an extra right now, so I'm trying to decide who to give it to....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Weekend

Alright. Time for a post. I have to make this quick though because I have to use the restroom (which is becoming my life). We had a great weekend with Olivia and Bryan. I ate and slept plenty, so that was great. We didn't do much (well, except for Bryan who took a crazy hard test Saturday morning). On Saturday afternoon, after his test was over, we went to see Alice and Wonderland. That movie was pretty weird - I don't know exactly how weird because I slept through a lot of it. I am having a hard time staying awake at the movie was like just so dark behind my 3D glasses. And, get this? We got to keep the 3D glasses this time - must be why the tickets were more expensive. Here's a picture of Olivia and me before the movie:

Meanwhile, Landon was running around trying to make sure they had not let anyone into the theater. He likes to be the first one. We are usually pretty early for movies for this reason, and he is a very nervous person about getting a good seat, getting food at exactly the right time, putting certain amounts of seasoning on the popcorn, etc. Once he gets settled down, he is fun and normal, but although usually I am the stressful one, he is very stressful at the movies, and I have to be the calming influence :)

I was amazed at one of the hidden talents Bryan and Olivia have. So, I watched them buy their popcorn to share. Then, they asked for an extra bag. They poured part of their popcorn in this extra bag - you know why? SO THEY COULD PUT THE SEASONING ON IT IN THERE AND THEN SHAKE IT UP. They are serious popcorn experts. Bryan must've been at the little seasoning machine for like 5 minutes perfecting their bags (I am not making fun, merely admiring this quest for seasoned popcorn perfection). Landon went to get popcorn for us right before the movie started. He put some seasoning on it, but we didn't get an extra bag. Olivia shook it up for us when he brought it back up. Ya'll, it literally looked like a machine was shaking it. She is a pro. She was able to shake it while it was this full, side to side, side to side, and it shook down pretty well. I was impressed with this.

And, finally, here's my Week 22 picture. It's blurry because I accidentally switched the camera off of the auto focus setting, so Landon couldn't figure out what was wrong (nor could I when I looked at it). But, here I am. I could go into lots of detail about weird stuff that's happening to my body - but I'll spare you. Let me just tell you this though. I got some serious business labor details from a couple of my co-worker friends, and I really appreciate it. I need to know what I'm walking into, people! I don't want to watch any videos of anyone, I just want to hear about it so I'll know what's coming.
That's it for now - I have something else I want to tell you, but it'll have to wait til tomorrow...thank goodness for Friday! Kristy came on Tuesday afternoon to help me with decoration advice I'm ready to shop for some curtains on Saturday!! (maybe). I'm planning to cook Swiss Chicken tonight for dinner - YUM. And, I went to Motherhood Maternity today and got a few more clothes - now maybe it won't totally look like I'm wearing a uniform to work everyday (btw...we don't wear uniforms at my work).

Friday, March 5, 2010

James' Crib and Bedding

Well...we've decided on James' crib and bedding. I know people have lots of opinions about this stuff. Some people think it's a waste of money because their babies never slept in their cribs. Some people think it's a great investment. I know people feel different ways. We are planning to follow Babywise (but not to some crazy extreme like Nazi parents), and that's what we've seen the really great parents around us do. I know at first James will probably sleep in our room in the pack n play, but I anticipate him being in his room on a schedule (unless there's some unforeseen issue....I always feel like mothers are laughing at me when they read my plans about James)...hopefully quickly :) So, also taking a risk, because I'm excited, I wanted to share the crib set and bedding we've picked out. These two big items (the bedding and the furniture) were things we picked out that, unfortunately, were NOT at Babies R Us or Target (the two places we're planning to register)...which meant...we'll be buying those ourselves. We're planning to register EVERYTHING ELSE though, so hopefully we'll get lots of useful stuff. Who knew having a baby was so expensive? (everyone but me). Oh yeah, and if you don't like this, sorry. James likes it so we told him we'd get it for him. I've already ordered the bedding, and it should be here Saturday. We have not ordered the furniture yet - that's a lot more expensive, so we're going to have to continue to save for a little while before we get it. Alright, alright, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here's what we (and James) love and are getting.

Here's the furniture. We're planning to get the crib (which converts into a double bed) and the dresser (which we'll use as a changing table at first and then as a dresser - we'll just have to put a mirror over it). I really wanted a sleigh crib. Those jokers are expensive. I found this though, and I love it. I love how the crib is really big and bubbly. This is my definite favorite from all I've looked at. We're planning to get it from JC Penney.

Alright, and here's the bedding. Landon and I had a time trying to compromise on something. I don't like quiltish looking patchy stuff all that much. I mean, a quilt's a quilt, but I didn't like it for all these bedding choices. I kept picking out girly stuff that had scroll and paisley designs. I realize I am having a boy. James. I want to do him right. I want to be a good boy mom (within reason - I am not picking up bugs). So...we compromised on this set. I already ordered it, and it's supposed to come tomorrow! :) We ordered a few of the extras that went with it, but not all of them.
We ordered the 4 piece bedding set.

The valance for the window in the room.

The wall art. And, I think I'm going to place this on some shelves we put up in the room.

The lamp to put on the dresser.

And the diaper stacker. Okay, for some reason, I am like the most excited about the diaper stacker. Why? I have absolutely NO IDEA. But, it's just the truth.

ALRIGHT!! That's it for now! Mandy went with me to Babies R Us yesterday, and we walked down every aisle and talked about things. I was able to take 4 pages of notes - in a small notebook, now, let's not get crazy. I feel so much better about registering - in fact, I feel EXCITED about registering!!! I did not realize though how many things babies do need - and things that I want James to have! I'm even more excited and not so overwhelmed now that I'm ready to conquer Babies R Us.
Bryan and Olivia (Landon's younger sister) are visiting us this weekend. Bryan has to take a test close by here in Atlanta, so they are coming to spend a couple of days with us. It's funny how pregnancy has changed me some. I used to be travel coordinator and event planner for all visitors, but now, who in the world cares? Ya'll just come on up. What will we eat? I don't know. What will we do? I don't know. I'll tell you this though - we will EAT good and we will SLEEP good. And, other than that, I'm pretty much open :) I'm excited to see them today.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling all Moms

I need some advice. After my overwhelming trip to Babies R Us on Saturday, I need your help. If there are things you couldn't live without...or things you could totally live without...can you help me? I need some lists, girls! You know how I like to have everything organized, and this part of things just feels so overwhelming because I don't know what I'm doing!!! can comment or you can email me...but please help! Strollers, swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, snap n go's, pack n plays....yikes!! I want to choose the very best EVERYTHING (but not necessarily the most expensive :), and I want to choose things that I can re-use with a girl one day (if this experience goes well and we have another baby :) I figure we will probably register in the next couple of weeks - why wait now that we know it's a boy!? me cut through all the fluff and get the GOOD stuff. Thank you!!

It's a....

I cannot believe we are having a boy! It was a huge shock at the dr. office last Thursday. I have an older doctor, so although I'm sure it's an old wives tale, when he said he thought it was a girl last month (I think because the heartbeat was faster), we just took him at his word, I guess. I think Landon and I both anticipated a girl....and when the ultrasound showed a, were we surprised! Boy, I want to be a good mom. I feel even more unsure about how to be a momma to a boy....just because I'm a girl and only had a sister. I am excited to have a sweet boy, and we already know his name will be James. We're having a tougher time with middle name, so we're working on that. My parents came on Friday, so I hung up two balloons (like the one above) - a girl balloon and a boy balloon. Then I had them open a present with the following little outfits to tell them whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl.

One thing we have already's hard to find cute boy clothes. And, let me just tell you something, IT WILL BE MY LIFE'S MISSION. I told James, "You don't worry, sweetie. Your mommy is going to find you the sweetest little boy clothes - if I have to look high and low, I will find them, and you will not be dressed in ugly clothes." And, I can't wait to part his hair in a little side part :) OOOH....he is going to be cute. The ultrasound was amazing. He moved around a lot, although he wouldn't turn his little face around so we could see it clearly. We got one profile shot, but that was it. So far, everything looks good. Thank you, Lord!
We had a great time with Momma and Daddy here. On Saturday, we looked around at Babies r Us...and I mean, just looked around. It was overwhelming there!! We had a great time with them on Saturday, and Dad even helped Landon do some house stuff that he was having a hard time getting to with his hurt hand.
On Sunday morning, Jason and Jeanette gave us this pretty gift:
Is this cute or WHAT? She even clipped the card on with a clothespin. I had to take a picture of it right there in the Sunday School class. They have done so many thoughtful things for us - this present had a sweet newborn outfit (that was really cute).

And finally, here I am. This is at 21 and a half weeks. I'm definitely starting to look bigger...and there's no question I feel bigger. I feel sort of like an alien. But, it will be worth it for sure when our sweet James arrives.