Friday, March 5, 2010

James' Crib and Bedding

Well...we've decided on James' crib and bedding. I know people have lots of opinions about this stuff. Some people think it's a waste of money because their babies never slept in their cribs. Some people think it's a great investment. I know people feel different ways. We are planning to follow Babywise (but not to some crazy extreme like Nazi parents), and that's what we've seen the really great parents around us do. I know at first James will probably sleep in our room in the pack n play, but I anticipate him being in his room on a schedule (unless there's some unforeseen issue....I always feel like mothers are laughing at me when they read my plans about James)...hopefully quickly :) So, also taking a risk, because I'm excited, I wanted to share the crib set and bedding we've picked out. These two big items (the bedding and the furniture) were things we picked out that, unfortunately, were NOT at Babies R Us or Target (the two places we're planning to register)...which meant...we'll be buying those ourselves. We're planning to register EVERYTHING ELSE though, so hopefully we'll get lots of useful stuff. Who knew having a baby was so expensive? (everyone but me). Oh yeah, and if you don't like this, sorry. James likes it so we told him we'd get it for him. I've already ordered the bedding, and it should be here Saturday. We have not ordered the furniture yet - that's a lot more expensive, so we're going to have to continue to save for a little while before we get it. Alright, alright, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Here's what we (and James) love and are getting.

Here's the furniture. We're planning to get the crib (which converts into a double bed) and the dresser (which we'll use as a changing table at first and then as a dresser - we'll just have to put a mirror over it). I really wanted a sleigh crib. Those jokers are expensive. I found this though, and I love it. I love how the crib is really big and bubbly. This is my definite favorite from all I've looked at. We're planning to get it from JC Penney.

Alright, and here's the bedding. Landon and I had a time trying to compromise on something. I don't like quiltish looking patchy stuff all that much. I mean, a quilt's a quilt, but I didn't like it for all these bedding choices. I kept picking out girly stuff that had scroll and paisley designs. I realize I am having a boy. James. I want to do him right. I want to be a good boy mom (within reason - I am not picking up bugs). So...we compromised on this set. I already ordered it, and it's supposed to come tomorrow! :) We ordered a few of the extras that went with it, but not all of them.
We ordered the 4 piece bedding set.

The valance for the window in the room.

The wall art. And, I think I'm going to place this on some shelves we put up in the room.

The lamp to put on the dresser.

And the diaper stacker. Okay, for some reason, I am like the most excited about the diaper stacker. Why? I have absolutely NO IDEA. But, it's just the truth.

ALRIGHT!! That's it for now! Mandy went with me to Babies R Us yesterday, and we walked down every aisle and talked about things. I was able to take 4 pages of notes - in a small notebook, now, let's not get crazy. I feel so much better about registering - in fact, I feel EXCITED about registering!!! I did not realize though how many things babies do need - and things that I want James to have! I'm even more excited and not so overwhelmed now that I'm ready to conquer Babies R Us.
Bryan and Olivia (Landon's younger sister) are visiting us this weekend. Bryan has to take a test close by here in Atlanta, so they are coming to spend a couple of days with us. It's funny how pregnancy has changed me some. I used to be travel coordinator and event planner for all visitors, but now, who in the world cares? Ya'll just come on up. What will we eat? I don't know. What will we do? I don't know. I'll tell you this though - we will EAT good and we will SLEEP good. And, other than that, I'm pretty much open :) I'm excited to see them today.


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