Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, you know we are in a new town, new home, new church, pretty much all new life, except for Landon and me - we are not new to each other. Back months ago, maybe a year or so ago (I cannot remember - life is a blur), I decided to start buying the AJC on Sundays and using coupons. I did a pretty good job with this while I was doing it. I would go to QT (a gas station) on Sundays after church on my way home and buy 2 papers for the price of 1. I would cut the coupons, look at what was on sale in the grocery stores, and then shop for the week. I don't think I ever was a pro, but I was getting there. Then, life started to get busier. This couponing business is hard work. It takes time. Or, it did for me, anyway. Once we started getting busier, and especially once we started talking to Bethabra, then Thanksgiving, then K's wedding, then Christmas - that was it - it was over for the coupons. Now we have moved. James is on the way. Money is getting tighter, and haha, if I even think it's tight now, you should see our budget for after he comes - since I don't know if I'm going to be able to continue to work part time in my job from home, it's looking BAD, I mean in the RED. Yet, it doesn't make sense for me to continue my VERY long commute to work and back, pay for gas, pay for childcare, try to be a good pastor's wife, etc. I just can't do it. So, while I'm really hoping the job thing is going to work out from home part time with my company, I don't know if it is or not, and I'm trusting that God knows this and will bring something along in His perfect time. I have a pretty hard time trusting Him most of the time, so that's tough for me, but I pretty much have no choice - it's not really in my hands at this point. Sorry...that was a rabbit trail (isn't that what it's called?). Back to the coupons. The point is, I need to be saving us as much money as I possibly can. Therefore, I needed to get back into couponing again. Our weekends/Sundays are SO BUSY, I keep forgetting to try to find the AJC somewhere. We received a flier in the mail that we could get a great deal on the AJC, so I called them to get the deal. I figured then at least I would get one Sunday paper to get the coupons out of, and I wouldn't have to remember to go to the store. Well, when I called, I found out that the AJC doesn't deliver to my county - okay, excuse me, then WHY did I get a flier in the mail for home delivery? Whatever. So, then, they ask if I would like to get it in the mail - they say it will come a couple of days late, but I'm thinking, so what - I don't care if it comes a few days late, I just need the coupons. So then, my genius self asks, "The coupons will come in it still, right?" NO, THEY WON'T. IF YOU GET THE PAPER BY MAIL ORDER, THE COUPONS WILL NOT BE IN IT. So, nevermind about that. Alright, finally, I decide last Saturday to scout out Walgreens when I go to pick up a prescription. They did not have the AJC (what a shock), but they did have some Athens paper, and it had a lot of the same coupons in it - I decided to buy it. While I'm checking out, I ask the lady helping me about why in the world they don't have the AJC. She says she doesn't know but that Ms. Debbie knows and can help me. Ms. Debbie steps outside with me and proceeds to explain that they do not carry the AJC at Walgreens because the man who used to deliver it to all the Walgreens in our county was stealing the money or something, so he got in trouble and now no AJC for Walgreens. But, Ms. Debbie gave me the jackpot of information. She said the only place I can buy the AJC in my county is at the Dollar and More, and that on the side of the store in big letters or something it says, "We have the AJC." People, this weekend (hopefully) I am going to the Dollar and More to get the AJC. Ah, how my life has changed. Things used to be simple. I must do this for the sake of my family and affording to live. I especially do not understand all of this because my county is not crazy far from Atlanta - I would think people in my county actually want to get the AJC. It used to be a quick run into QT on my way home from have searched all over creation to figure out where I can get this newspaper in my new town. It has not beat me. I have found it. I will use coupons.
If you live in my new town and read this, and you know of a more convenient place or way for me to get the AJC....let me know. I am very interested :)


  1. Wow really? I would have though it would be easy to find. Start writing emails to the companies of products you love, like or purchase alot. They'll usually send you an envelope of coupons. I'm off the coupon habit too.

  2. I thought that you can get the AJC @ Wal-Mart? Maybe wrong but I thought you could. Jeanette Wakeman was trying to do a coupon ministry @ church not sure what is happening there. GOOD LUCK!