Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter. Our church service was fantastic - although Landon and I were both so tired that there was NO WAY we would have had the energy for Sunday night - so thankful we just got time to spend with our families :)

The Easter Bunny did visit James! Here's what he brought:

James was so funny about this cup. He likes cups (which is like me. I used to buy a new cup when I finished taking a really hard test in college each time). ANYWAY. He is drinking great out of a sippy cup with water for every meal. Still drinking out of his bottle for milk though, of course. Usually the first thing he does when he wakes up is drink his milk. Well, Easter morning, Landon needed to go on to the church, so I wanted him to look at his EB stuff. So...he cracked me up because the cup was the first thing he grabbed, and he started trying to drink it. And then he just seemed"Mom, uh, where's my milk? Then you give me an EMPTY CUP in my basket? At least you could have put some water in this!"

You can see his bottom teeth great in this picture. He has his two top and as they coming down more and more we can see them more often...but not all the time yet.

Isn't this a GREAT picture of Landon and James? OH my word - it is so sweet!

As you know, I LOVE it when there's something on his behind....!

Taking a few pictures before church that morning. He wasn't a huge fan.

Family pic after church. He was pretty much over it...and we were tired. It wasn't fantastic, but we got one.

Later that afternoon, after eating lunch and James getting a sweet present at Nanda's, we headed to Athens for Landon to visit someone in the hospital. We had to stop at Krispy Kreme (after we tried to stop at Raisin' Canes and it was closed for Easter). James actually wore the hat for a little bit! He was so funny in it. We did NOT give him a doughnut - I am not against it, but it had been a crazy day already - really long for him - and I didn't think we needed anything making it any more difficult. Doughnuts are for another day....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could Someone Just Let ME BE THE NARRATOR???

So, back when I was in college, my church did the musical, God For Us. There is AN AWESOME narration part in the middle of them musical. I really wanted to do the narration. I memorized the narration. I said it over and over. In the car. While walking on campus. All the time. In bed at night. In the shower. To Steph. But, alas, I was not allowed to do it. I have had that particular narration memorized for years now - literally, years. NEVER have I gotten the opportunity to perform it. Then, a while back, I heard the "That's My King" video. It was almost the exact same narration. I'm just saying that for Easter this year, this narration comes to my mind. He has been EVERYTHING to me on this list. Thank God for my salvation. And could somebody, JUST SOMEBODY, invite me to their church to do this narration???? :) PLEASE!!! It's on my ipod favorites and when it plays, the song after it is one of my favorite songs we learned in Israel, and it's in Hebrew. It cracks me up how it goes from one to the next. I tried to copy the lyrics of the narration, but guess what, it won't work, so I'm putting the video in. The wording is almost the same. HAPPY EASTER. He is MY KING!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yard Work Part 1

So...we FINALLY started working on our flower beds in the front. Seriously. I know, it's been like over a year since we moved in. I didn't want to touch any dirt when I was pregnant, you know, plus having a baby, plus moving into a new house, plus Landon being a pastor for the first time, etc, etc, etc. SO FINALLY we got to work on it! We had two great friends (one from our church and one from my work) who helped us with our plans and gave us great advice. Last Saturday we knew we had to DO IT or there would be no other good time for at least a month and a half. I know the neighbors were breathing huge sighs of relief and waving to us extra big because we finally were helping our flower beds not look like trash. It was a successful day. Lots of work done (mainly by Landon). Can I just say it is really hard to get to help Landon anymore in the yard. Mainly just have to take care of James and "hang out" with Landon outside. We haven't put our pinestraw back yet...but it's coming. I promise, neighbors, hold out, it's coming!! We have to put some black stuff down for the weeds first! ANYWAY, Landon worked HARD, James behaved decently, and we got it DONE!!! Pics below...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Steph Comes to Town

We had a great time with Steph this past weekend!! So thankful she FINALLY came up to visit us :) :) James loved her, and thanks to her, he makes a new sound with his mouth ALL THE TIME. :) She also introduced him to sunglasses, but he did refuse to wear them even though we bought them for him. Maybe in time...

John Deere Day

YAY, spring has returned! My thoughts while taking the picture below: "Please, please don't eat that leaf before I can get over there to get it from you."

Buzz Lightyear Jammies

Aunt Jo bought James some Buzz Lightyear jammies while we were down in W.H. a few weeks ago. (we had such a great time down there that Landon looked over at the computer last night and asked what I was doing...I was planning my next vacation down to, even though we don't have anything planned...and Landon said, "Oh, wow, we must've come into some money," since I had us staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando :)...but I digress...) SO...he started wearing the pj's even though they're a little big still. I needed to take his picture so Aunt Jo can see how CUTE he is in them :) Sweet Smile! This is a classic James pose. Poised for his next move - always moving on the couch. He loves to wallow around all over it.
Checking out my phone.
Great smile AND, the main can see his TWO TOP TEETH!!!
Um, this was after the picture taking, but I had to go grab the camera again because this bro is such a climber! All he wants to do is climb up his toys. I went and got him down from here after I took the picture. Then, later in the day, see the crack between the tray that the lamp is on and the chair? He got both of his legs stuck in that crack of space. Crazy. He also got stuck underneath one of the kitchen chairs trying to crawl through it and I had to just lift the chair off of him he was so twisted up underneath it!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

9 & 10 Month Update

Dear James,

I've been so BUSY CHASING YOU AROUND everywhere that I never finished your 9 month I'm going to combine 9 and 10 months. You know what that means...this will be EXTRA long :) You are changing so fast I cannot even keep up. Where did my baby go? I see a little boy but no baby!

You took your first big boy bath!! You got to be too much to handle in that baby bathtub in the sink, so we had to move the BIG tub. Since this picture was taken, we've invested in a bath seat - you were EVERYWHERE in there and I could not handle it. You hate for water to be in your face while I wash your hair, but other than that, you love being in the tub.

Here's your wild man hairdo after bath...

You love to play with your car - making the "vroom" sound for everything, not just cars :)

Whoo -hoo!! You are standing up GREAT. Not by yourself yet, but very confidently while barely hanging onto things. You are proud of yourself in this picture!

Are you going to be a pianist? You love to stand up at the piano and play the keys. Since we took this picture, I've had to move the bench into the study because you pulled it down on yourself trying to pull up on it.

We made our first trip to Winter Haven with you last month - right at your 9 month birthday. We had a GREAT time seeing everyone and letting you meet them. You got PLENTY of love that week, and I think you were lonely when you got home and it was so quiet!

Here you are with Granny and Richie!

On the way back from Winter Haven, we stopped in Gainesville to take your picture some and show you the campus. Love and indoctrination for the Gators can never begin too early, you know.

YAY! Steph came to visit us. You had a GREAT time playing with Steph, and having her fly you around like an airplane the whole time...I know her arms were tired by the time she went home.

And, Grammie and GatorPa came to visit! Not many pictures from their you can see. You are really hard to get still. We had a great time while they were here. It was a very short visit, but short is better then nothing!

This is a classic James pose to me. On the move. Never resting.

We just went to the Public Library for the first time last week!! YAY!!! Mommy has such great memories of the public library with Grammie when I was little. I want you to have those same memories! We went for storytime and made a craft and danced to music! :)

This picture I actually took on your 10 month birthday. You are so cute I cannot stand it!!

Let's see....what have you been up to these last two months?? I have LOTS to say...and it's not very organized since I waited TWO months to a deep breath! Here we go...

- You vomited in your first public place...Chili's. We went to eat, and I think, tried to let you try too many new things :( You had just had your milk, so you threw up all the milk EVERYWHERE. Daddy was holding you, and it was quite a scene. You and Daddy just had to go straight to the car, and then I stayed behind to help clean up and gather our stuff. You taught us a valuable lesson about trying new foods in public. The lesson is: Don't ever do it if you just drank all your milk!

- All of a sudden, you started EATING. Eating like you were hungry. Eating like you'd been hungry your whole life and were making up for lost time. It was SHOCKING, but great!!!! You've slowed down some, but all in all, you are eating pretty decently - much better than before. I've even stopped tracking your milk intake! Some of your favorite foods are bananas and cookies. I'm trying lots of new foods with you - you seem to like nutrigrain bars, cheerios, cheese...but you are a pretty picky eater. Like, one day you love something, and the next day, you refuse it. The one thing I cannot get you to like it yogurt. Dr. Evans really wants you to eat YoBaby yogurt...and so far, no go. I'll keep trying tho!

- Everyone said I should just "get ready" when you started crawling because it was going to be so much work. I do think it's so me work, but so far, it's my FAVORITE!!! It's so fun you following me and crawling from room to room entertaining yourself. We've just got to get those cabinet locks on....

- You are doing GREAT with your toys. You are pushing the Noah's Ark animals around in your car, you are pushing the red button on top of your pop toy. You actually are trying to put the legos on top of each other - just a little bit. You are trying to do the stacking toys, and stick the shapes in the shape sorter, BUT what's really funny? You won't let go. Once you get it in the correct shape, you won't let go to let it fall. Or, you won't let go once you get the ring stacked. You just pull it back off. You also are playing so well with your drum. You know how to push the star to make it come on!!

- You LOVE your books. Some books better than others, but your favorites right now are an Oscar the Grouch trashcan book, which has not been a good example because we are now having a problem with you getting in the kitchen trash :( You even have started crawling over to me with a book, I assume, showing me you want us to read!

- I think you are definitely strong willed. A month and a half or so ago, Mr. Don was in the nursery with you one Sunday night. I came to get you, and they were telling me that Brady tried to come over and play with you and Mr. Don and that you pushed Brady!! Yikes! Clearly you wanted all the attention for yourself, huh? You might as well learn now, the world (unfortunately) doesn't work that way for any of us. You have to share toys...and people!

- At 8.5 months, you stood in your crib for the first time. The mattress is lowered all the way, and so far, you haven't climbed out. You are a big climber though. You have a zoo toy thing that helps you stand up, and you fell over the top of it as you climbed up it.

- You are cruising around GREAT!! You have not stood yet though, alone. You are very confident standing with assistance and are a crawling machine.

- You love to play in the dishwasher. I try to get things done in the dishwasher while you aren't in there with me, but it's hard. And it's not even that you want to just touch the stuff - you want to crawl on the door and try to get in!

- A while back, Daddy got a little tree he's been trying to grow in a really small pot. It's been in our kitchen and was on a folding chair. I was cleaning up and looked over at you. You were sitting on the floor completely surrounded by dirt. Everywhere. You were not eating it - I think it must have just happened you were too shocked to eat it...YET. It was really funny - the first really messy thing I think you've done.

- You are doing some fun tricks. Kissing us - sometimes - when we ask you to. You are biting less and less. You can say bye bye, but you say it at random times. You said it at a correct time when Grandaddy was here visiting to go to basketball games with Daddy and we were at Cracker Barrel eating. When the waitress walked away, you, plain as day, said "Bye Bye."

- You've had some little accidents, but nothing crazy yet, thank goodness. The most dangerous things you've done have involved the stove. Again, one day, I was cleaning up the kitchen, and I didn't think there was any way you could reach the oven door. I was wrong. I hear a WHAM and look around. You pulled the oven door down on yourself. :( You were able to step part of the way on the drawer handle with the pans below the oven, and reach the oven door handle. yuck. It scared me to death! You were okay, but you did hit your head, and I learned then to keep the oven door locked AT ALL TIMES. Most recently, I didn't think there was any way you could reach the dials of the oven, but guess what? Last night while I was cooking, I looked and you had climbed up onto the oven drawer door and were standing on it touching the dials...nearly touching the was SCARY. And showed me I need to get some of those protector things :( ASAP.

- You are starting to share your things. One night I was putting you to bed, and I was singing Jesus Loves James. You kept taking out your paci and giving it to me in my mouth. It was really funny.

- You are playing peek a boo - but you are the one doing the hiding of your face! You got behind Nanda's desk the other day and did it, and you played peek a boo with Grammie from behind the fireplace fence at our house last weekend.

- We've had some major sleep issues the past two months. When we went for your 9 month appt, I was telling the dr. I had started rocking you to sleep all the time again since you had croup and it scared me so bad. She told me now would be a great time to sleep train you. began. Most people said it took 3 days to form a pattern. Well, it took us a week and a half. I thought I was going to lose my mind. But I knew I could not cave and start from scratch again! You screamed and screamed and screamed - it was CRAZY!!!! But, you got the hang of it...finally!! And, it's so worth it!!! You lie right down with Winnie when I put you in your bed, and just go right to sleep. I know you are sleeping better, so I am really thankful we made it through.

- We had a great trip to Granny's. You stayed with Granny and Grammie for two nights while Daddy and I went to Orlando. You did GREAT!!!! It was so exciting at Granny's with everyone visiting all the time - especially Hannah, Jenna, and Faith! You always love other kids so much. I think because we were gone, though, it did ramp up the whole separation anxiety thing. That is a problem sometimes - not always - but definitely sometimes. When Steph came to visit us, she kept you for a while so we could go to a deacon thing at the church. She said every 30 min or so, you would go to the garage door and stand up against it and cry. Don't forget...I always will come back for you!!!! I tell you this all the time, and I'll keep telling you!

- You are talking a lot - mainly nonsense, but you have said first words. Your first word was "Dada". Your second word was "Bye". And your third word sounds to me like 'Yay". You are even getting better at saying the words at appropriate times. You definitely know Dada. AND, you FINALLY said MAMA!!!! Finally!!! Good grief! On 04/10, you said Mama at church at then again that night when we got home :) YAY!

- You are crazy funny about crawling to duck under things and around things. You would rather climb over toys/people/anything, or duck under something that find a clear path. I don't know what this means, but it's funny and sort of frustrating to watch. The other day I had to pull the kitchen chair off of you because you crawled up inside it at the bottom and got tangled up. It's like you want everything to be a tunnel or obstacle course.

- You are CLAPPING!!!! And, you are trying to do the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider. You are clapping GREAT.

- At your 9 month checkup, Dr. Evans said you were 'all boy'. While we waited for her to come in, you crawled back and forth and back and forth and back and forth over the crinkly paper on the table.

- You are starting to try to eat random things all over the floor...anywhere. I finally had to move the ottoman in front of the fake plant in the living room because you keep eating the fake moss. Big pieces - you just shove them in your mouth and then crawl away. I have to shove my fingers in your mouth and pull out whatever's in there. I'm always watching your mouth to see if it looks like something's in it that shouldn't be - it's hard to tell because your little cheeks are a little chipmunky - so I sometimes can't tell if there's something in your mouth. You've even tried to eat candle wax. I let you play with a big yankee candle in the bathroom for a second, and then I looked and you had a huge chunk of wax in your mouth - where it came from, I don't know, but good grief.

- I've started to try to figure out some things that we can do together during the week. We went last week with Aunt Kelli and Caroline to the Public Library for storytime. You weren't so sure about the music, but you liked everything else - well, you liked watching the other kids and crawling around and playing with the train table :) It was really fun. We (meaning I made) made a bunny mask for Easter for you. We also went to MOPS at Hebron for the first time. I'm working on a play group for our Bethabra friends, but I was interested to see how a MOPS group worked, so we went to check it out. We had a lot of fun - you were great in their nursery!

- Your stats from your 9 month checkup:

Weight - 18 lbs 7.5 oz. (16%)

Height - 30.5" (96%)

Head Circumference - 17.5 (24%)

You are long and lean...still!

- Oh, and we switched you to a convertible car seat, still facing the rear. And guess who it's from??? Some of our favorite friends, the Foster's!!! They didn't need theirs anymore, so they passed it on to us. I think about how much I love them everytime I put you in it. I can't wait until you can turn around to face the front, but it's not yet :( You haven't quite outgrown your infant carseat, but we're just keeping it in Daddy's car all the time now - you have probably an inch to go and then that will be it. You are so tall that you are outgrowing the carseats quickly!

ALRIGHT. I feel like I'm missing stuff since I am trying to combine two months, but I know it's okay. You are just growing and changing every day. I wish you weren't quite so fascinated with the power outlets at home, but hopefully your interest will wane. :) You are a delight to me, and you keep me very busy. Very, very busy. Daddy takes you to breakfast - just you and Daddy - every Friday morning and I get to sleep late. It sure is a special time for you and him. Daddy even got you a pancake, but you wouldn't eat it!!! Soon it's going to be your 1 year birthday!! Can you believe only 2 months left. My goodness. Time is flying. I'm so thankful to Jesus for a healthy and growing and ACTIVE baby boy!!! I love you, Sweet Baby!!!! Mommy thinks you are very special.

Your Mommy

JOY Breakfast

A while back we had a Sr. Adult breakfast at our house or our JOY group (which I think stands for Just Older Youth) :) We had such a great turnout and a really great time. Since I have been slacking on my blogging, I have not posted any pictures, but I wanted I'm trying to catch up, and probably not even in the right date order :( Nevertheless, we had a super morning with some of the sweetest people we know. We are blessed to be at Bethabra.

James, enjoying crawling around through the breakfast festivities...

Susan, Sally Jo, and Carolyn...
Catherine and Lilian...
Kathy, Sue, M.J., and Scram...
Obviously, Landon and James (doesn't James look thrilled - he was over it by this point and ready to take his morning nap)...
Gloria (MeMaw), Mary, Janet, Evelyn, and Eric, Kelli, and Caroline...
Rayford, Gerald, Vera, and Jerry...
Great group, huh? Are we lucky or what??

Winter Haven!

Last week we went on a trip to Winter Haven! We had such a great time. James got to meet my granny, and he is the first great grandbaby (and I am the first grandchild). It was a really special time. The only thing was that my dad (GatorPa) could not go because of work :( We enjoyed spending time with everyone, and then........Landon and I went BY OURSELVES for a couple of days to Orlando!! We left James with my mom (who was on spring break and down at Granny's) and Granny. Here are a ton of pictures...I just couldn't decide which ones to post...and believe it or not...there were more I did NOT post! James with his Grammie and Great Granny (who my mom wants him to call GG (like GiGi...for Great Granny) Here's Landon and me at the Rain Forest Cafe. We had such a wonderful time in Orlando. The weather was PERFECT - we ate outside everytime (and I thought of you, Malissa!!!!), went to all of our favorite restaurants, went to Universal, and SLEPT. The first night I slept 12 hours! I know - it was crazy! It was really, really great. It's amazing how Lan and I used to do things like this all the time before James came along, and it was like whatever. Now we appreciate it SO MUCH MORE. We did miss James though, and I was so happy to see his little smiling face after two days of being gone!
James and Uncle George...
James and Aunt Jo...
James and his second cousins, Grammie, and Aunt Jo, and me, of course...
James and Uncle Stephen...
James and Aunt Becky...
Our family the morning we left...
Granny, Richie, and James...
We stopped in Gainesville on the way back through so we could take some pictures of James on the campus. Again, the weather was PERFECT, so it was a great stop.

All in all, a fantastic trip! Looking forward to this weekend with STEPH here!!! Steph hasn't visited us since we lived in Woodstock (actually when we first moved there), so we are looking forward to visiting with her.