Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could Someone Just Let ME BE THE NARRATOR???

So, back when I was in college, my church did the musical, God For Us. There is AN AWESOME narration part in the middle of them musical. I really wanted to do the narration. I memorized the narration. I said it over and over. In the car. While walking on campus. All the time. In bed at night. In the shower. To Steph. But, alas, I was not allowed to do it. I have had that particular narration memorized for years now - literally, years. NEVER have I gotten the opportunity to perform it. Then, a while back, I heard the "That's My King" video. It was almost the exact same narration. I'm just saying that for Easter this year, this narration comes to my mind. He has been EVERYTHING to me on this list. Thank God for my salvation. And could somebody, JUST SOMEBODY, invite me to their church to do this narration???? :) PLEASE!!! It's on my ipod favorites and when it plays, the song after it is one of my favorite songs we learned in Israel, and it's in Hebrew. It cracks me up how it goes from one to the next. I tried to copy the lyrics of the narration, but guess what, it won't work, so I'm putting the video in. The wording is almost the same. HAPPY EASTER. He is MY KING!!!!

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