Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yard Work Part 1

So...we FINALLY started working on our flower beds in the front. Seriously. I know, it's been like over a year since we moved in. I didn't want to touch any dirt when I was pregnant, you know, plus having a baby, plus moving into a new house, plus Landon being a pastor for the first time, etc, etc, etc. SO FINALLY we got to work on it! We had two great friends (one from our church and one from my work) who helped us with our plans and gave us great advice. Last Saturday we knew we had to DO IT or there would be no other good time for at least a month and a half. I know the neighbors were breathing huge sighs of relief and waving to us extra big because we finally were helping our flower beds not look like trash. It was a successful day. Lots of work done (mainly by Landon). Can I just say it is really hard to get to help Landon anymore in the yard. Mainly just have to take care of James and "hang out" with Landon outside. We haven't put our pinestraw back yet...but it's coming. I promise, neighbors, hold out, it's coming!! We have to put some black stuff down for the weeds first! ANYWAY, Landon worked HARD, James behaved decently, and we got it DONE!!! Pics below...

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