Friday, April 8, 2011

Buzz Lightyear Jammies

Aunt Jo bought James some Buzz Lightyear jammies while we were down in W.H. a few weeks ago. (we had such a great time down there that Landon looked over at the computer last night and asked what I was doing...I was planning my next vacation down to, even though we don't have anything planned...and Landon said, "Oh, wow, we must've come into some money," since I had us staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando :)...but I digress...) SO...he started wearing the pj's even though they're a little big still. I needed to take his picture so Aunt Jo can see how CUTE he is in them :) Sweet Smile! This is a classic James pose. Poised for his next move - always moving on the couch. He loves to wallow around all over it.
Checking out my phone.
Great smile AND, the main can see his TWO TOP TEETH!!!
Um, this was after the picture taking, but I had to go grab the camera again because this bro is such a climber! All he wants to do is climb up his toys. I went and got him down from here after I took the picture. Then, later in the day, see the crack between the tray that the lamp is on and the chair? He got both of his legs stuck in that crack of space. Crazy. He also got stuck underneath one of the kitchen chairs trying to crawl through it and I had to just lift the chair off of him he was so twisted up underneath it!

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