Friday, September 27, 2013


Ah, the excitement never ends around here :)  (not complaining, just making a statement). James has been in rare form lately - just BUSY, BUSY, and I wanted to remember some of the funny things he's been doing.
Yesterday morning I was on the phone with my boss.  I knew I just needed like 5 min to ask her a quick question about something.  Just like ALWAYS (most of the time) happens, as soon as I got on the phone with her, James comes busting in there and wants me to hand him some money that he sees on top of our dresser.  Normally we never have ANY cash around the house.  I am in the debit card generation and my generation carries no cash - we use our debit cards for a 2.50 purchase at the gas station.  However, we came across $60 and it was sitting (3 $20's) on our dresser.  I let James take the money so that he would be quiet for a few minutes.  He trots off to the living room, which is fine with me, and all is quiet.  I finish with Tamara and get off the phone, and come into the living room.  I find James, seated in the middle of the rug with the big people scissors, and he is cutting apart the 3 $20 bills.  I am not even kidding.  I guess no one ever told him you don't cut money apart.  Right...I was able to tape it back together, but I have not actually tried to use the money anywhere yet, so we'll see. 
James has been big into Scooby Doo for a while.  First of all, why are there so many different Scooby's on now?  It is ridiculous...and on top of that, why in the world is there like an "adult" Scooby doo? I figured out quickly that we wouldn't be watching that one.  ANYWAY, James loves Fred.  And James loves that Fred is always setting a trap.  So, James has now made it his mission in our home to set traps all the time, everywhere. 
This cord below is a trap he had wrapped around the chairs outside until Landon took it down.  Landon has the other end plugged into an outlet (picture under this one), and had his laptop plugged in outside.  I come out on the porch yesterday to find James dipping the end of the plug into his bubble solution - can you say electrocution risk?  Another teaching moment...(and a teaching moment for mom and dad not to leave random things plugged in...)

Alright, here's another trap.
And another one.
Now, this one is pretty elaborate.  A trap and a charging station, says James.  This is two belts wrapped up in the dresser handles and then he brought his bike and put the belt through part of his bike.  He let me know the bike was "charging".  I think he likes electrical stuff...electrical engineer maybe?
The last thing is something dumb I did in Bible study the other night.  I wanted to play the ladies a song that had really been speaking to me.  I had the song on my phone, so I played it from there.  I did it at the end of Bible study and then was going to close us in prayer.  I don't know tons about the music stuff on my phone, but I was afraid another song was going to play.  I was trying to push the pause button and turn the iphone down and push another button just to make sure everything was stopping.  I then start praying, and the first I said was something like, "Father, thank you so much for loving and accepting me with all of my faults and in my sinfulness."  And then, I hear Siri say, "You're welcome" OUT LOUD.  I had accidentally pressed the button for Siri to come on, and when I started praying, she thought I was talking to her.  HA.  It was really funny - and bizarre.
Headed with Landon for him to do a wedding today!  It's a beautiful day here for an outside wedding!   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From 1 to 3 (for a few days)

Some of our favorite friends here entrusted their two children to us for a couple of days while they went to the hospital to have a 3rd baby!  We had a great time here...despite me sweating the entire time.  One child to three children means a lot more sweating for a momma!  Here are the boys during "mandatory rest time".  Ha.
And, here they all are loaded up in the van :)
So precious!
Silly boys...

I had forgotten what a good helper a sweet baby is at this age!  
Thankful for friendships God grows!

Donuts, Chuck E Cheese, & Homecoming

Loved being home for a short visit a couple of weeks ago.  Landon was invited to speak for his home church's 75th anniversary.  Enjoyed seeing our families!
Even got to be home for Madison's Chuck E Cheese b'day party!  James is big into putting on his "goggles" right now during all pictures.

Sunday after church we stayed to eat lunch and tried to take some family pictures...yeah right :)

James & Aunt Wendy...and back to the goggles...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dot Mom

I just got back from a fantastic weekend.  Everything I’d hoped it would was.  I learned, worshipped, and hung out with one of my favorite people. 
Last year I decided I wanted to go to this dot mom conference put on by Lifeway.  When I asked what some of the other ladies thought, several of them felt that since we’d seen Beth Moore in the spring, it would be too much to ask the ladies to pay for this conference, as well.  I knew that it looked sooooo awesome though (especially for a young mom), and I desperately wanted to go.  Lacey expressed an interest in going with me, so we just did it.  We left for Chattanooga yesterday morning and made the EASY 2.5 hour drive.  Now, let me just tell this.  I have never been the “driver” on a real trip.  I was driving a pregnant woman – which makes me beyond nervous, AND, it was our first trip together so I was afraid Lacey wasn’t going to say what she really needed (i.e. bathroom, something to drink, snack) when she needed it.  We arrived in Chattanooga in plenty of time to get parked at the conference center downtown and eat some lunch before the thing started.  Lacey and I decided that we would drive through downtown and find some lunch after we located the convention center.  I was so nervous about all the parking and directions that before I realized what I was doing, I had already driven into the convention center parking garage.  I was so thankful it was easy to find that I just busted up in there.  Well, we all know that when you bust up in a parking garage, it’s not easy to bust stayed.  That was my first failure for the pregnant woman.  I promised lunch – which clearly growing babies need – and then instead I ducked into a garage to park our car.  Luckily (sarcasm), there were absolutely no restaurants around the convention center to eat at.  It’s the first downtown area I’ve EVER been to that didn’t have just random restaurants all around.  Weird.  So, we had a lovely brunch in the Marriott hotel restaurant.  Weird.  The conference began.  I will address some spiritual stuff that I learned later.  Lauren Chandler was leading worship and it was AWESOME.  Good night.  We did the Explicit Gospel series at church and loved hearing her husband, Matt, preach. What an incredibly gifted couple! 
So, yada yada, the evening ends and we are ready to head to our hotel.  Let me tell you what would have been ideal.  If we had been staying at the Marriott – which was attached to the convention center – that would have been ideal.  Then, my car could have STAYED and we could have just brought some luggage in and up to our room.  HOWEVER, that was not the reality.  The reality was that I waited too late to book a hotel room and all the Marriott rooms were booked.  Someone at the dot mom table at the Beth Moore conference told me there was a really nice Hampton Inn within walking distance and that I should check that out.  Perfect.  After checking it on Trip Advisor to make sure it was not disgusting (and it wasn’t), I booked a room.  The GPS told me that walking distance was half a mile from the convention center.  I asked Lacey (who brought her stuff in a backpack) if she thought she could walk to the hotel or if she wanted me to drive us.  She was game to walk.  Now, at this moment, I knew it was not a good idea.  I knew that asking a pregnant woman to strap on her backpack and walk half a mile in the dark in an uncharted territory of a downtown we’d never been to was not fantastic.  But, I thought....just half a mile...SURELY we can make it.  Well, wouldn’t you know it.  Here’s Lacey with her conference bag in one hand (with her purse stuck inside) and her backpack strapped on.  Here’s me with my purse, my conference bag (my purse was too big to stuff inside), and my big monogrammed carry around bag (um, why didn’t I choose something with WHEELS???) with my pillow stuffed down in it so it can’t even zip.  I have to keep switching arms because the bags keep making a red mark on my arm.  I have the phone out with the GPS (walking directions) and we ride the elevator down from N6 and head the right way.  Well, let me just tell you, Ms. little Siri, sometimes you are not helpful.  When you keep saying “Proceed to the route” that is NOT helpful.  When you keep calling out 20 different directions at once because you can’t figure out where I am...that’s unhelpful.  We get like 1 block from the hotel, and I just can’t tell if the arrow’s moving the right way toward the Hampton Inn or the wrong way...away from it.  Then, some guys get out of a car and start walking toward us.  At this point I am MAD that I did not bring my gun with me just in case, but hello, I would have had to say, “Oh, excuse me boys, before ALL three of you rob us, could you let me put my things down so I can get out a gun and be ready to defend us?”.  Nope.  They go ahead and pass us and we are safe.  Sigh of relief.  And then, my bag weighs like 100 lbs, and poor Lacey is out of breath (as is my ownself), and I can’t tell which way the arrow is moving...and I am starting to panic.  Where in the world is my ex-surveyor husband (um, I just mean ex-surveyor, not ex-husband...he is my current husband) when I need him???  Oh, right, not at a conference for moms.  At home keeping our sweet boy.  Right.  So, I say to Lacey, “Look, I think we should go back to N6 and get in the car and drive to the hotel.”  Lacey is awesome and says she’ll do whatever I want (and is thinking in her mind that she will never travel with me again since I am putting her life and her unborn child’s life at risk on the downtown streets of Chattanooga).  What’s so funny is that I had been so worried about getting to the hotel all day.  I wanted to go when it was light but there just wasn’t time.  I wanted to check in before the conference started but it wasn’t check in time yet.  So, we booked it with our marks on both arms and now arms shaking...back to the car.  Now we are safe.  I get the A/C on (clearly the most important thing) and lock the doors.  We finally get to the hotel – after having to get on the interstate again.  Which I find highly interesting since that was where the walking directions were taking us, as well.  So, yeah, I guess we would have been booking it with our stuff walking down the interstate in Chattanooga downtown.  Perfect.  We get to the hotel and it’s a parking garage situation like any downtown hotel.  I pull into a parking garage for the hotel and think it’s going to be a “take a ticket” deal.  Nope.  You have to have something special.  Then, I look and there are people pulling in behind me.  Of course there are.  I am able to finagle the car and get us parked in a handicap space.  I NEVER park in a handicap space because I am not handicapped.  But, let me confess, that I did park there last night.  I was stressed, there were no more spaces, and I needed 10 min to go check us in.  I made Lacey stay in the car, which was weird in itself, in case someone tried to tow us. 
I get into the Hampton Inn.  There’s a family in front of me.  They are paying in cash and they have refreshments from the little store.  The hotel clerk is calculating their charges on a little calculator – like the first kind of calculator you ever had to take to school.  He is taking forever, and then finally, their total is over $600.  Fine, whatever.  (Lacey’s still in the car).  Well, they are paying in cash.  The lady gives him 6 $100 bills, and he proceeds to lay them all out on the counter and mark all of them with a marker to make sure they are not counterfeit.  I’m losing it....I’m tired, stressed, worried about my friend I’ve left out to dry in the car in a handicap space, and I just need my room key.  But, I’m deep breathing and trying to just be calm.  Then, the man disappears – the hotel man disappears.  He finally arrives back about 100 hours later and keeps going in and out with these people’s bags.  They had dropped off their bags before check in and went sight seeing and then needed their bags back.  Oh my heavens.  None of this is a big deal except that I feel I am responsible for Lacey since I brought her and I am tired and I just want us to get up in our room and be safe and go to sleep.  Finally, I get checked in, go out to the car where, thank goodness, Lacey is still there, and we park in the underground dungeon-ish parking, which is fine.  Great.  Our room was fabulous (except that it was a king bed and I really thought I requested two doubles but when I looked at my receipt...WRONGO...apparently I wanted Lacey and me to sleep together), and when we woke up this morning it was raining.  Aside from the trekking down the interstate issues, thank goodness we did not walk because both of us had just fixed our hair the day before – duh.
I learned:
1. Don’t count on Siri for the GPS walking.  She can’t handle downtown areas very well. 
2.  Get with my ex-surveyor husband and have him help me look at a REAL MAP and map out my route from conference center to hotel before I go on a trip like this.
3.  Never, just don’t, ask your friend to walk when it’s dark in a downtown you don’t know anything about.
4.  And, if you’re going to have to drive anyway, stay somewhere that has a Starbucks close by.
Now, for the spiritual side of things.  This will be a jumbled mess, but I want to write what I learned while it’s fresh.
The first breakout session I went to was on Marriage & Sex.  It was just fantastic with a couple that had a story a lot like ours.  Not only did they talk about marriage and sex, but they also talked some about having sons and safeguarding your home.  In their home, they have a rule that they collect the boys’ electronics (like access to the internet stuff) at night before bedtime.  It’s just a routine they have, and I thought it was awesome.  They talked about creating a safe place so that your son would want to talk about sexual struggles – when a life leads with grace, not judgment, it makes the home a safe place.  And, that it’s our job, as his parents, to help him guard his heart and mind.  Goodness.  Fantastic.
The evening big session was taught by John Croyle.  He was awesome – soooooo from the South.  He wasn’t trying to politically correct and mousy about everything he said, and it was just great.  Really refreshing.  He talked about loving and believing in your children.  That we as moms are queens and we need to teach our daughters that they are princesses.  He said something like we need to teach our sons what to look for in a woman – in a wife – and that it’s not to have on short shorts with “pink” written on the butt.  I thought that was AWESOME.  He said God is faithful when you teach your child character.  He said you should know who your child’s five best friends are and if you don’t, that’s a problem.  He talked about daddy’s serving mommy’s and vice versa so that the children could see what a marriage looked like – because they most likely WILL model the marriage they’ve seen. 
Another impactful session to me was by Angela Thomas.  She said,
1.  I am called to keep Christ at the center of my home.
2.  A home where children are growing up where the spirit of God hovers – hovers while they brush their teeth, eat their cereal, etc., and that I should be asking God to fill my home with His presence.  I am responsible to build the boundaries that keep evil out of my home.  She only allowed games rated E – no teen or mature – in her house.  I will have to give an account to the Lord for how I took care of the children He entrusted me with.  And, try to be fun – if you are going to have tough boundaries, at least be pretty fun to hang out with. 
3.  My laughter and joy is a ministry to my children.  she talked about being on the phone with a friend and being invested in the conversation and excited about her chat and kept telling her children, be quiet, wait a minute.  She said she realized she had it backwards.  She should have been excited to be with her children.  WE should treat our family like friends and our friends like family – ha.  I think this is so true most days.  Minister to your children like you would your friend.  She said one night when she woke up because her child was crying, she felt so angry, and then she realized, why are you so mad about being a mom?  How convicting.  She wasn’t mad.  just needed an attitude change. 
4.  There’s no more life impacting picture than my kids watching me be changed by God.
I went to two awesome breakout sessions today, both by David Thomas (I think), a counselor with Daystar, located in Nashville.  The first one was Understanding the Emotional Development of our Kids. 
He went through numerous instructions and examples that were really insightful – too many for me type out.  About needing a safe place to channel anger and emotion – and if they don’t have it, that’s usually the kids who end up having a substance abuse prob or internet porn problem.  At the end he gave ideas for furthering emotional development:
1.  Games (the UnGame, Chit Chat)
2.  Imaginative play/Role play – let our child dress us up
3.  Books/Media – Kevin Henkes, Eric Carle, Cynthia Rylant, Max Lucado, movies like Toy Story 3 that show emotions we can discuss with our children
His second breakout was on Wild Things – about having a boy.  I had tears in my eyes through nearly the whole thing because I am just so privilege to be a mom.  I am so privileged to be raising a son, and I am so thankful to have tools to hopefully help him become a godly man.  And, just thinking about the daddy James has - I am so thankful!  Landon is a wonderful daddy for James - knowing his own brokenness and faults and willing to learn and LOVES James.  Anyway, he broke the stages of development down and then talked about how to handle them.  It was fantastic – talked about what James needs at his age – boundaries, open space, consistency – a multisensory approach when giving instructions.  And not too many words!  I loved when he got to the 9-12 year olds because he talked a lot about preparing for adolescence.   He talked about dad and son taking a trip to talk – and having an open dialogue – even reading Preparing for Every Man’s Battle together...and then, as things started to happen – celebrating those events.  Celebrating that he was becoming a man – nothing to be ashamed of, but exciting – exciting to see that God was developing him into a man just like it’s supposed to happen.  I loved some of the guidelines he gave about supervision and guidance at this age, about asking good questions to a friend’s mom before he’s allowed to go to their house, and about talking openly about certain issues.  And that most of the time, doing an activity while talking about serious stuff makes it way less awkward for a boy to talk. 
The last speaker was Jen Hattmaker.  Are you kidding me?  I had heard of her, but I had no idea how gifted she was.  She talked about how all we are doing in this society is being afraid.  Being so fearful that our children will be hurt or discouraged or rejected or will fail.  She said I want to raise kids who will GO FOR IT – not who are afraid of what’s under every rock.  The world is not safe.  Our kids have to be prepared for hardships and suffering.  Are we raising them to be safe or to be disciples – are you kidding me??????????????????????????  So convicting.  Parent diligently, not fearfully.  I don’t want to be the reason my children choose safety over courage – if my child says he’s called to Ethiopa then I want to be his biggest supporter.  I’m behind you and you can do it!  Scared moms raise scared kids.  Disciples raise disciples.  Someone’s gotta do the work to save this planet.  We weren’t saved to serve saved people.  Live it or you have no hope of leading it.  We are called to imitate Christ.  Say to our children, “Follow me as I follow Jesus.”
It was beyond fantastic.  It was refreshing – and such wonderful music – and such great teaching.  Whew! I am tired, but I am so glad we went.  Planning already for next year when they’ll be in Nashville.  Don’t worry dot mom, I’ll be there – with hopefully more than just one next year!! 
Thanks, Lacey, for hanging in with me.  I hope you had a good time.  I hope you weren’t too terrified of walking in the dead of night in an unfamiliar downtown, not being close to any restaurants at all, having to sleep with me in a king sized bed, and I could go on.  Thankful for times when God allows friendships to grow closer.  So thankful God brought Lacey into my life as a friend and allowed us to experience dot mom together!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Big Helper

James and I made a yummy dinner the other night together - calzones!  Yummy! 
He was such a big helper with rolling out the dough, putting on the pepperoni, cheeses, and sausage...a three year old is a really fun helper age.
Doing a quick inspection before it goes in the oven...
I meant to take an after picture, but then we ate it all!!! 

A New School Year

Why do I feel sadder about school starting this year than I did last year?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about the start of school.  James is CLEARLY older than when school ended last time, and he is CLEARLY a rambunctious boy, and I can tell he is just READY for more friend interaction, to learn MORE than I am teaching him here, etc.  We had such a wonderful experience last year in K-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and so I knew this year would be awesome, as well.  I've been making some phone calls lately, for work, and it's been sort of nightmare-ish trying to schedule those around James - so school starting is a wonderful routine that I am looking forward to in scheduling my work!
ALL THAT being said, time is passing.  He is getting older, and while I am beyond grateful that he is smart and growing like a normal 3 year old, this mommy would like to turn time back sometimes.  We had a wonderful open house and first day of school.  Here are a few pics.
James' good friend, Finn, goes to school with him, too.  Finn is in a different class, but these two friends are excited to be at school "together"!
And, well, already kickin' it back like a boss on the open house day...two James in his class - James F. and James G.  Interesing.

This is such an improvement from last year because last year, James wouldn't even stand with his new teachers...but look...this year - yay!  Standing with Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Jessica for a picture!
Now, here's the first day.  This play doh picture is by the time James was like (nonverbally): um, okay, mom, how about you get on out of here...I'm trying to make friends and play this play doh.
Ready to go inside!
Some new friends and some familiar faces (thank goodness!)
Praying for his teachers this year and his friends.  We sure love his school, and I am so grateful for the opportunity he has to go there.  Looking forward to a great year!

My Nigerian Family

So...this is last Sunday.  But, let me back up and tell the entire story of how this came about.  We have a precious Nigerian family that goes to Bethabra.  They came during VBS after Landon and I began at Bethabra, and they add so much to our congregation.  Sometimes they wear their traditional outfits.  A while back, I mentioned to Stella how much I loved their outfits and how much I loved it when they wore them!  Stella nodded her headed like she knew just what to do about that.  Next thing I know, they are bringing me my very own outfit - ya'll, I would call it the right thing, but I can't remember what it's called - I know the hat part is called a "gehli" or something like that. 
I was pretty nervous this past Sunday when I wore it to church.  I was so afraid the family would not be there for some reason.  But, of course they were!  Stella arrived right before church and fixed my hat for me - it's actually just a long, long, rectangle of fabric that she EXPERTLY wrapped up on my head...unbelievable. 

I would definitely be the whitest Nigerian there has ever been - ha.  It was such a privilege to be given a dress like these sweet ladies, and for the opportunity to take a picture with them and feel like part of their family...priceless.  I cannot even imagine what it's going to feel like in heaven - red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight!  It's going to be incredible!

More Random

Alright...another quick mainly picture post that I'm trying to CATCH UP.
Carolyn finished the furniture cushions - they are awesome!!!
James and Mommy eating breakfast at DQ one morning.  That is literally the only restaurant where I like the white gravy.  I've never like white gravy in my entire life - no matter who made it - until DQ.  Anyway, James wanted it one morning and we had time.  I'm trying to take time to seize moments that I know we won't get back and revel in sweet times with my baby.  Time is passing so fast!
We met Hope, Adaira, and Aaron one morning at the park and had such a great time.  I am so thankful for Hope's precious friendship.  

James saying "thanks" to Grammie and GatorPa for a Longhorn giftcard they sent a while back for an occasion...yummy chili cheese fries!
Made muffins to take to Sunday School teachers last Sunday.  So thankful for those solid people and their influence on others!

The Last Couple of Weeks

I called this post "the last couple of weeks" when I started writing it a couple of weeks ago - ha.  I need to just post pictures and GET CAUGHT UP!
James eating his breakfast some random morning...note his long sleeve pajama shirt.  I bought him some long sleeved pj's and he then began wanting to wear them - even though I was trying to save them til fall.  Teaches me NOT to show him new clothes I've bought him.
And, ready to rock n roll...only in the garage.
Playing with fun legos...
YAY!  A late b'day present - a CARS backpack - just in time for school to start!
Look at the beautiful fruit bouquet someone sent thoughtful!
Mmmmm....don't tell Daddy I was letting him play with the makeup as a distraction for a few minutes.  AND, we've talked lots about makeup being for girls, so no worries.  Just funny...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Though You Slay Me

I have some different thoughts rolling in my head tonight.  Isn't it interesting, with children, how many times we connect the Father's love for us with our love for our children?  I don't know about you, but I have experienced this a whole bunch - and am sure I will continue to do so.

This has been an interesting past month.  A wise friend of ours heard about our past month and said we were living life on life's terms.  Ha. Isn't that the truth?  We have had some challenges - traveling back and forth to FL, a death in our family, medical issues, etc.  That's just naming a few and keeping it surface level. 

Carolyn finished the porch cushions and they are gorgeous!  We were sitting out there yesterday - and it was a gorgeous day.  The Part 2 of painting our deck is beginning.  Landon painted the floor a beautiful dark, dark brown, and now we picked out a color for the railing, and he's begun that project. 

James and I were watching him get started on it, and we were all just chatting.  James was playing with the ipad on the couch outside and I was talking to Landon about who knows what.  Landon was sitting on the ground painting away. Then, James said, "Daddy, do you need any help?" For some reason, it was like all in my mind was quiet and I was just thinking what a precious moment it was.  Now, I vacillate back and forth sometimes between complete discontentment and complete contentment. We were sitting on the couch the other night eating Pizza Hut pizza on paper plates, and as I looked as Landon and James, I thought there's no way my life could be any more complete.  I mean, I hope we add to our family one day, but just was thinking how blessed I am.  Simple.  Pizza hut pizza.  Simple.  He asked his daddy if he could help him.  So, Landon said, "Sure, Son, come over here and you can help."  He got him all set up to help.  Showed him what to paint.  Talked about how to use the brush.  James began painting.  All was peaceful.  UNTIL...James started painting the floor.  The floor that's already been painted the beautiful brown.  Landon jerked his own shirt off and started mopping it up, trying to get the light, light brown paint off the dark brown paint on the floor of the deck.  James didn't quite know what was wrong, but he knew he'd made a mistake, and his face looked stunned.  I knew whatever Landon said next would be crucial.  Landon said, "James, why did you paint the floor?  Did Daddy show you to paint the floor?"  James said, "No, Daddy.  I just did it."  And then, Landon grabbed him up and hugged him tight and said, "Well, that's okay.  It's nothing we can't clean up.  Easy to clean up or paint over."  And James little face just looked relieved.  Looked like he could breathe again. 

And again, like has happened to me a lot in the past and I'm sure will continue to happen to me in the future, I could hear my Father speaking to me.  He was saying, "I know you want to help me.  And I know sometimes you don't know the best way.  Sometimes you accidentally paint the floor in an attempt to help when that's actually not the instruction I gave you.  I fully love and accept you.  I can mop it right up. You are not a mistake.  Don't stop painting just because you are scared of doing it wrong."  Boy, kids are moldable.  I can see how easily we can mess James up - and we will.  Unintentionally.  Doing the best we know how.  One thing I want him to know is that he is always accepted and loved by us - unconditionally.  Through mistakes like painting the floor, our arms are open to comfort, even when he's learning a lesson. 

Sometimes I feel like I try to hard and paint the floor...trying "help" God out in ways He didn't ask me to help Him.  Sometimes I feel like I just want to throw in the towel, and I can't do anything right.  And the enemy always whispers, "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence...", and he whispers it in any doubtful area of my life.  And then, usually, Jesus sends me a sign.  Well, I take it as a sign. 

I was getting ready for church this morning and James wasn't awake yet (unusual).  I remembered that someone had posted a song I really wanted to hear because I thought the words were intriguing.  I played the song and ended up in the bathroom floor on the rug having a come to Jesus meeting before I even got in the van to go to church.  Father had words for me this morning.  He wanted me to know that if I'm sloppy with the paint or I get it on the floor, or if I'm just messing everything up, He's enough.  And, this isn't the first time He's given me this message.  He's given it to me numerous times.  One time in particular when I thought my life was over and I wouldn't survive.  But I did.  I did because He was enough.  He told me "I came for you just so that I could be enough for you in this situation. Trust me."

The song is a song by Shane & Shane called Though You Slay Me. 
Though you slay me - still I will praise you. 
Though you take from me - I will bless your name. 
Though you ruin me - I will sing a song of worship
To the One who is all I need.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Lego

Well, what would a trip home to FL be without a visit to the Emergency Room?  This was the first time anything like this happened, and I even though it's long since happened now, I know I need to document it so we can laugh in the future about it (still not laughing now).
Landon had already gone back to GA and left James and me in FL for a few more days.  It was Sunday afternoon and Mom, Dad, and I decided it would be a great idea to head over and visit Grandma and Grandpa for a little while.  We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house just like normal.  And, then things went awry.  Unfortunately.  The first thing James did was go to the hall closet and get the toys out.
These American Red Bricks are a big part of the toys at Grandma's house.  We have all been playing with them for many years.  Now James likes to get them out when we go over.  There are 3 tube things (my mind is drawing a blank about what they are called) in the floor of the closet.  They are a mix of the red brick stuff, tinker toys, and a few mini legos.  James got them all out and dumped them in the middle of the living room floor.  We are still greeting Grandma and Grandpa, hugging, taking a seat on the couch, etc.  All of a sudden, James was choking.  I was right beside him in the floor but was focused on the greetings.  He was making a crazy gagging noise - the one where you can tell no air is getting in or out.  So, in an uncharacteristic moment for me, I did not panic, but just acted.  I grabbed him and began doing the Heimlich.  Then I could hear him gasping for air and coughing and choking more.  I let him try to get it out.  Then, he swallowed it.  He screamed and freaked out as it was going down because whatever it was was painful and NOT supposed to go down your throat.  Meanwhile, everyone is frozen in the living room, standing, and ready to help.  I picked him up and carried him in the bathroom so that I could be alone with him.  I sat him up on the counter and squatted down on the floor beside him.  As I began to question him about what happened, he told me the exact story.  See, there was a green plastic - very little - cup mixed in the with the legos.  Sort of a tea cup.  James put a mini lego in the tea cup and pretended to drink it.  Except when he pretended, it fell in his mouth by accident, and he began choking on it.  James used to be really bad about putting stuff in his mouth, but for a long time now, he's been much better about that.  Once I could see he was okay, we headed back out into the living room where everyone was sitting on the couch, stunned, eyes wide, and waiting to see what was going to happen.  Mom suggested we go to the ER so that they could x-ray, and I agreed.  So, after staying 5 minutes and having a lovely, quality time, visit with Grandma and Grandpa, we left and headed to the Crestview ER.  They quickly got us back (oh, and by then, James was completely fine and whined about how I wouldn't let him eat any crackers for a snack all the way to the hospital) and began to check him over.  A lady came in and took an x-ray.  James was still as could be for the x-ray - a real trooper.  He and I played on the hospital bed (all over it, on the floor, jumping off of it, etc.), played Subway Surfer for a while, and finally decided to go ahead and call Landon to update him.  We facetimed Landon and when he answers, he doesn't say hello, but rather just begins "Hey There, Delilah" really loud on his guitar and singing the song, because apparently I have caught him in the middle of a jam session with Walker Bramlett.  He then realized that we are somewhere strange and stops serenading us.  I explain the situation just as he doctor is coming in to talk to us about what they've found. 
The doctor explains that they see nothing on the x-ray.  They see nothing because you can't see plastic on an x-ray.  I still was glad to they did the x-ray because they wanted to make sure nothing else looked wrong in there.  So, they said we had to wait.  The funniest thing was when they brought the x-ray in for us to look at.  The x-ray lady had told James she was taking his picture.  When they put the x-ray up to look at it, James, as serious as a heart attack said, "THAT IS NOT MY FACE."
So, we headed home with lots of warnings of things to watch for and the assurance that "most of the time", it passes in a few days.  And, that's what happened.  That's right, I combed through James' bathroom business for 3 days until I did find the lego.  And let me tell you, it was a huge celebration.  Each time we've been to Grandma and Grandpa's since then, James has assured us, "I will not eat a lego there." And, he hasn't. 
I know that I have a boy and that there may be more excitement like this coming for me.  I can still hope that this is the extent of the excitement though.  Here's to hoping that this will be our only lego eating ER visiting X-ray taking incident EVER.