Sunday, September 8, 2013

A New School Year

Why do I feel sadder about school starting this year than I did last year?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled about the start of school.  James is CLEARLY older than when school ended last time, and he is CLEARLY a rambunctious boy, and I can tell he is just READY for more friend interaction, to learn MORE than I am teaching him here, etc.  We had such a wonderful experience last year in K-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and so I knew this year would be awesome, as well.  I've been making some phone calls lately, for work, and it's been sort of nightmare-ish trying to schedule those around James - so school starting is a wonderful routine that I am looking forward to in scheduling my work!
ALL THAT being said, time is passing.  He is getting older, and while I am beyond grateful that he is smart and growing like a normal 3 year old, this mommy would like to turn time back sometimes.  We had a wonderful open house and first day of school.  Here are a few pics.
James' good friend, Finn, goes to school with him, too.  Finn is in a different class, but these two friends are excited to be at school "together"!
And, well, already kickin' it back like a boss on the open house day...two James in his class - James F. and James G.  Interesing.

This is such an improvement from last year because last year, James wouldn't even stand with his new teachers...but look...this year - yay!  Standing with Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Jessica for a picture!
Now, here's the first day.  This play doh picture is by the time James was like (nonverbally): um, okay, mom, how about you get on out of here...I'm trying to make friends and play this play doh.
Ready to go inside!
Some new friends and some familiar faces (thank goodness!)
Praying for his teachers this year and his friends.  We sure love his school, and I am so grateful for the opportunity he has to go there.  Looking forward to a great year!

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