Monday, June 29, 2009

Lettuce - Friend or Foe?

OH MY! Look at this lovely salad! Yummy, yummy! I don't know if you are a salad lover like me...but I am a salad lover and connoisseur. I want to pose a question and get your opinion - do you think this is strange or normal? Let me just take you back to the other night...
Landon and I are eating at Cheddars while at the SBC in Louisville. I was thinking of ordering a side salad with my meal (I was getting spasagna - you know spaghetti and lasanga). First of all, this was only the second time I had eaten at a Cheddars, and the first time was about 4 years ago, so I couldn't remember that anyway. When I go to restaurants I've never been to before, I like to ask our waiter/waitress what items on the menu are specialties of that particular restaurant. This specific night, I did not ask about the entire menu, but I did question my salad choices. I asked which was better, the house salad or the Caesar. Well, the waitress and Landon both seemed to stare at me like I had two heads. She didn't know, so I then said, "Well, which one do you like better?" To which she stated, "Well, if I were you, I wouldn't even get a salad." At this point, I could tell we were headed down a dead end path. Did she say she wouldn't get one because she, herself, does not care for salad? Or, did she say she wouldn't get one because all salads at that restaurant are disgusting, and she tries to encourage customers away from them for fear of sickness....possible food poisoning....WHAT? So, I say, "Well, never mind, I won't get a salad." Then, Landon says, "No, you should get a salad if you want one" (This obviously meant that he thought the waitress was speaking from her personal opinion, because I'm sure he did not wish for me to die of food poisoning). So, by now, I feel like I've been taking up way too much of our time deciding on this (which is very unlike me anyway) so I tell her to please bring me the side house salad, with ranch dressing. When she walks off Landon says, "That was kind of a weird thing to ask, you know." Okay, people - was it really that weird? Was it really that weird to be at a restaurant I have barely been to before and ask the waitress to help me out with some specifics of the menu? I, personally, think it was very normal, but that's just me. She does bring the salad. It was decent, but it did have some issues. Most of the salad was the part of the lettuce (as you can see below) that is pretty disgusting - white, chunky, hard parts that no one wishes to eat.
So, I realize this post is not of the utmost importance, but I just wonder - am I weird? Was it weird for me to ask the waitress that question? You can tell me the truth, my peeps...and until then, I'll have to keep asking the same kinds of questions...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Today I am showing our Master Bedroom - and I love our bedroom, so I'm happy about that! It is pretty small, because our townhouse is not huge, but when we bought furniture for it after the hurricane, we decided to go ahead and buy what we wanted to keep for years...and just cram it all in the bedroom for now! I always have wanted a cherry sleigh bed, always. I was so excited to pick this furniture out, and I hope we have it for all the years we are married! I don't have a whole lot to say...except I really like this room :) See pictures below...

I really love the picture of us below. My friend Joy is an awesome photographer and took some pictures of us recently - we needed some new shots for Landon's resume. When I saw the pictures, and I saw she had taken this one, it reminded me so much of this Willow Tree (isn't that what it's called?) statue. I call them "the people", so I can't remember what they are really called! Anyway, Landon gave me "the people" last Christmas - we've been through lots of stuff in our marriage, and it is really special to me - he wrote me a neat verse and note on the bottom. I'm not a huge collector of little trinket-y I do NOT want to collect all the Willow people...I only want the pregnant lady when I have a baby. But, I do like them. So, "the people" are special to me and the picture is special to me - I just think in my mind it signifies a really good time in our life.
Chest of Drawers...Bathroom to the left...closet to the right...
Bravely, I will show you this closer up view of the closet. You can see our towels stacked up on the shelf straight ahead - we don't have a linen closet!
And, that's it! I do love this room - but I will be excited to have a larger master bedroom - which we'd always had before living here. I think our massive furniture will fit better in a bigger area. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The SBC...It's All About the Business

Alright...well, the SBC wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be - it was definitely interesting, and I was definitely glad to go and get away with Landon, but it was not exactly a church service for 2.5 was a business meeting. A serious business meeting with serious rules and lots of voting. I may have more to comment later. Right now I'm still processing it in my head...Below is our choir singing...
On the far left in this picture is our good friend April (Cliff is behind the piano but you can't see him in this picture)...
Here's Newsong singing...
A picture of Pastor on the big screen...I do have to say this - someone types out in HUGE letters everything that's being said and they put it you can see. Well, bless the person's heart, it did not go that well. And, I'm sure it's a lot of pressure...but good night! It was pretty bad and point is below...We were so proud of Pastor Johnny - wow, we love him!
Okay, I wanted to show everyone voting, below. They hold up these yellow ballots and everything passes with a 2/3 vote. Before they vote, they allow people to get up and debate at microphones throughout the center - it is very interesting - definitely the most entertaining part of the convention.
This is my last picture...and the most fun one. We ate at Olive Garden one day for lunch - and it just reminded me that I have not shared about chilling my mint at the end of my meal. You know how when they bring you the bill you are given a mint? Well, back in high school Steph and I went to Olive Garden a lot (mostly after going to the beach, right Steph?). Anyway, she invented slapping your mint up against the side of your glass so that it would get cold before you ate it - it was a very good idea. That was when Olive Garden did not have smooth edge glasses though. Now, since they have changed glasses, the only way to chill your mint is to put it UNDER your glass for a while...BUT DON'T FORGET IT'S THERE! (that's easy to do!) You should try it...below is a picture from the top of my glass, and you can see my mint under it. You should try this - it really adds something special the Olive Garden free dessert mint.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Headed to...the Southern Baptist Convention

Okay, here's a question for you. Who loves church so much that she'd go all the time, 24/7, if she could? Okay, I'll tell you - IT'S ME!!!! I am SUPER excited to be going to the Southern Baptist Convention for the first time. The convention is in Louisville, KY this year. We are leaving today at lunchtime to try to get there for Pastor Johnny's closing sermon at the Pastor's conference. So...I know it will be hard for you, but there will probably be a few days without a post. Do not worry though, as soon as I return...I'll have pictures!! I'm excited about being in a constant church service for over 2 days - except that I hear there is business stuff in kind of business. And, my pastor, Johnny Hunt, is the President of the SBC! Landon went to the SBC back in 2007 in San Antonio when he was mentoring with Pastor Johnny, but I couldn't go (uh, didn't have enough vacation time to go there - could only go for the biggies like Israel, New York, etc.)

One more thing that is totally unrelated to the SBC. Who does not love big rings? I love some big rings. Did you know you can get big rings (and other jewelry) at Forever 21 for SUPER CHEAP? But, I must tell you that the jewelry is final sale, you cannot return it. I bought some rings this weekend for $5 each, and I am excited about them.

Aren't they cute? I'm pretty excited about them - you should check them out. I cannot wear the clothes at Forever 21 - in fact, I'm not even sure I'd ever darkened the door of the store before. But, I heard a hot tip that you could get cheap jewelry there - so....yes, I found it....but you must be sure about it since there are NO RETURNS. BTW...I cannot figure out how to get both those rings on the same line...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday know what day it is! Today is Laundry Rooms/Play Rooms (I think) but I don't have much to offer. Below is a picture of our laundry "room" (really a closet). In our Crestview house, we had a larger laundry room which was really nice...maybe again one day! This little closet is very functional though, and as you can see, we keep lots of cleaners up there...
I thought, though, that since I missed out on living rooms and kitchens, I might just post some pictures of those rooms! Below is a picture of our kitchen. It's probably one of my favorite rooms. I know it's small - trust me, I know it's small because I have to use the stove as a counter top half the time so I have enough room! But, I love all the colors! We painted this room Duron paint color Bagel - and I really like it. You can see my Cottage Garden Bowl from Southern Living up on top of the cabinets.
This is a closer up picture of the stove area. I love the flat top stove. When we moved here, the townhouse was brand new and had a gas stove. I hate gas stoves - I had one in Slidell, and I just couldn't deal with that stress the house was also wired for an electric stove, we bought this one and sold the gas stove in the paper. Best move ever - even if we did probably lose some money. I think the kitchen is very cozy :)
Below is my favorite new area. I have a friend (Bonnie) at work who has a lamp in her kitchen. I really wanted to have a lamp in my kitchen, but I just didn't think it was big enough....but....I decided to do it anyway. I had this small lamp, so I put it in the corner with a candle and my cookbook holder - I think it looks great. I understand it is probably not all that functional since the kitchen is already small...but I don't care. I love to turn the lamp on and just stare at it in the corner (but I can't leave it on too long because it was cheap and I'm afraid it will catch on fire!).
Okay, here's the view of our kitchen table coming from the living room. I love this high table...although I will admit it's not that comfortable to sit at for a long time. And, you cannot see it, but there's a bad spot on the table that I accidentally made by leaving a sachet on the table for like a month, and the oils leaked out...(Landon says we can't have anything nice when I'm around - but he is just joking). Landon bought me the clock on the left a couple Christmases ago - I love it! And, although you really can't see it that well, we have beautiful crown molding (or is it moulding?) throughout the living room and kitchen - it's one of my very favorite things!
Here's a view of the eating area looking from the kitchen.
And, against the wall on the living room side of the eating area, is our baker's rack. I'm not sure why I wanted to show this to you because it's messy...I sell Southern Living, and I don't have a good place to store the stuff I have, so it's all piled on the bottom of the baker's rack. This baker's rack has been a great storage place for us though since there's not very much storage room (at all!) in our townhouse.
Now, on to the living room. I took these pictures a while back...and I don't know why this one is so small - haha! But, I can't make it bigger or it gets squint...I love the picture above the fireplace - I pretty much love everything about this room - and the kitchen, and our master bedroom. The only thing I'm not sure about is the iron work around the tv, but I think it looks better in person and not in this crazy small picture. Oh yeah, and I remembered what the paint color is down here - remember how I couldn't remember it when I was showing the bathroom that's striped downstairs? It's Gobi Beige...

Okay, and why this picture below is really big...I have no clue. This is a view on the other side of the living room - you can see the front door to the right. I love our palm tree, and I love that lamp - uh, pretty much I love it all since we picked it out new after the hurricane.
Alright, that's it for me today! Thanks for looking at my laundry "room", kitchen, and living room! Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sucrets and Personality Differences

HA - I am cracking my ownself up with this picture. WHO REMEMBERS SUCRETS? I didn't even know they made these anymore. We are at Publix the other night on the medicine aisle, and I see these! My dad used to have these on top of his chest of drawers with his wallet, I mean...billfold...(by the way...if you really think about the word "billfold" don't you think it's a weird word...bill...fold?) Anyway, on top of the chest of drawers, in the little place he kept his billfold and keys, he had this tin of Sucrets. So...I haven't seen Sucrets for like 20 years (literally) and then while Landon was looking at the medicines at Publix...I SAW THEM. It was a blast from the past. They are still in a tin - like they are trying to market a retro look. This cracks me up. I just had to capture the moment. I understand the picture is a little blurry, but I was trying not to look like the craziest joker in the world taking pictures on the medicine aisle of Publix - uh, weirdo. Next on the agenda....
I took this picture of Landon because I just want to highlight our differences. This is what makes us match together well. I am a detailed person, but I do not like to linger in grocery aisles for long (Steph, I think you remember this probably from our A.P.T. days). For instance, if I need some medicine, although I want to get the right kind, I will NOT stand in the aisle for very long and look - I just grab some and move on. Landon's personality is completely different. If we are not in a hurry, he wants to investigate, really dwell on, think about, be sure he is choosing the perfect item for his needs. YIKES...IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!! (in a way like I love him a lot, I mean). We were about to go to OK Cafe on the way to the hospital the other night, and we decided to stop in Publix and get some medicine for Landon because he had been coughing. We are staring intently at the Robitussin section, oh yes, and at the Mucinex, trying to decide which one will perfectly rid Landon of his symptoms. Dude, I just cannot do it. He picks each one of them up, slowly, and painstakingly looks at the ingredients, then puts it back and chooses the next down the row to inspect. He asks me what I think....what do I think? I DON'T CARE...I DON'T CARE...LET'S JUST LEAVE (even though we are not in a hurry). There is no reason at all for me to be so impatient - we have plenty of time. It's just a difference in our personalities. He wants to know, "Well, if you get sick after me, will you take this medicine?" I DON'T CARE - YES, IF WE CAN LEAVE RIGHT NOW, I'LL TAKE IT - I'LL TAKE ANY DRUG YOU WANT! Landon is thoughtful about these kind of things...and he likes to sniff out all options (like a drug dog). This is a good balance between us because I just like to mow down the aisles as fast as possible and get out of there! (this is the opposite of how I am at Macy's or Ann Taylor though). Another aisle this happens on is the cereal aisle or even the ice cream aisle. Sigh...patience, patience, patience. Why don't I ever have any...and why am I always in a hurry???? I have to take a lot of deep breaths. I asked Landon for his permission to talk about this, because I didn't want him to feel like I was making fun of him. He, actually, is the smart one for taking time to investigate the ingredients, dosages, etc. and choosing the very best medicine/cereal/ice cream for his needs. Thanks, Lan (and the Lord), for helping to grow me....yuck.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amy's Going Home!

I know this is not the best picture of Amy's family (and she may not love that I put this one up here...) but it's the only other one I have of them! And, there is one extra little girl in this picture, cousin Hannah! The rest are Brad, Amy, Kayla, Gabe, and Brayson. I just heard from Amy - Brad is wheeling her out to the car to GO HOME!!! Here's the update: They felt like going back in to remove the clot again would be too traumatic for the vein, so since the clot is not growing at all, they are letting her go home, on the blood thinners. They are hoping the blood thinners will continue to do their job, not allowing the clot to grow, and eventually helping it to go away. She will still have to go once a week to have blood drawn, and will still see the hematologist, and will go for an ultrasound in a month, but they really feel like things are under control. What a praise that she will get to see her babies in just a few hours!! Pray things will go smoothly at home with her health - pray the clot will not grow and the blood thinners will work. Thanks for praying! I'm so happy she's heading home right now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cappuccino Punch

I've been thinking about how to spice up the blog. I'm thinking it might be fun to put some of my favorite recipes on here once in a while. So...let's start with the cappuccino punch I made for Mandy's shower a couple Saturdays ago. It was AWESOME! I actually had never made the punch before. I had it at a bridal shower about a year ago and got the recipe from the hostess. But, I had to wait until an appropriate time to make the punch - I mean, it's not like I just whip up a punch for Landon and me for dinner at night...So...this was my first try at making it - it was delicious! Oh, and if you don't like coffee, you obviously won't like this. Here's the recipe:

Cappuccino Punch

2 oz instant coffee
16 oz can chocolate syrup
1 cup sugar
4 cups boiling water
2 cups cold milk
2 QT cold milk
1 QT ice cream (I used fudge ripple)

Combine instant coffee, syrup and sugar in boiling water. Let dissolve and cool. Add 2 cups of milk and chill in fridge up to 3 days. When ready to serve, place ice cream in punch bowl, pour chocolate coffee mix over ice cream and add 2 QTS of milk. Stir gently and serve.

I got lots of compliments on this punch!

And, as an aside, I don't have any news on Amy, but I'll let you know when I do! Right now she's still in the hospital, just waiting for more answers. I visited with her last night, and Brad arrived while I was there - so her husband is back with her! Please keep praying!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Praying for Amy

This family above is one of the most precious families EVER! This is my cousin Amy, her husband, Brad, and their children, Kayla, Gabe, and Brayson. I'm doing a call out to all my peeps today - We need some big prayers lifted up for this sweet family I love so much. Amy (who I grew up with and have been close to my entire life) is at Emory Hospital here in Atlanta right now. She is having a tough time and has had a tough couple of months. Their hard journey began when their full term baby, Bethany Hope, passed away at the beginning of May. Since that time, Amy has been battling blood clots - a huge mystery for the doctors. She has now ended up at Emory, where they have taken care of one clot, and before we thought she was going to get to go home...they found another clot. This morning her team of doctors is meeting together to discuss her case and talk about next steps. Meanwhile, her husband, Brad, who used all his vacation time last month when Bethany died, has no more vacation to stay with Amy while she is going through this scary time, and the doctors are trying to get this figured out. He will go back to work today and will apparently be able to fill out some paperwork allowing people to donate their vacation days to him so he can come back to the hospital with Amy. They go to a great church, and many people are supporting them and surrounding them in prayer. Amy is a young wife and momma, as you can see from this beautiful family picture above. It's so hard sometimes to see what God's plan might be when I'm thinking, "Couldn't this family just get a break?!" I know the Father is good, and He is faithful, and He chooses to work through His people. I believe in the power of prayer and know that the more people praying for her, the better. Will you please diligently pray for her? Thanks, friends! I'll keep you updated.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Today is....BATHROOMS! We have 2.5 bathrooms in our house. Two full baths upstairs and one half bath downstairs on the living room level. I did not even take pictures of the guest bathroom - although it does have my Southern Living shower curtain in it. But, I did take pictures of the master bathroom and the half bath downstairs.

This is our master bathroom, connected to our bedroom. First, just let me say that I accidentally had the camera on a weird setting. It's so easy to do that with our camera because it has a twisty thing on the back...anyway, the pictures are a little yellow-y because of the can tell when I correct it though because those pictures look different. This is the view coming into our bathroom. The tub and shower are on the left, and our vanity is on the right. The bathroom is painted Duron paint color Tobacco Road (and so is our bedroom because I liked it so much). We tried a darker green in the bathroom, but it just seemed too small with that dark of a color, and we tried something lighter...but it was disgusting looking, so finally we just painted it my favorite, Tobacco Road.
This is a closer up picture of the sconces and picture on the wall. The picture says, "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be." I got the sconces and pictures at Old Time Pottery (I think!). You can also see our hunter green towels. This was the only set of towels in our bathroom until two weeks ago when I bought a 2nd set (dark brown) at Costco. We finally have two sets of towels to switch out!

Here's a picture of the bathtub...that we rarely use. I use it once in a while, and should use it more often! I love my Southern Living Rosedale plant holders and keep my lotions in them. To the left is bath salt and body butter.

This is the valance above the bathtub. I should have ironed it before putting it up...but I didn't, so I think a lot of times when I go into the bathroom how that thing really needs to be ironed (for about 3.5 years)...

This is a picture of the vanity (and myself). I could NOT figure out how to just get the vanity without getting me in it!! I tried standing at the door, but the bathroom wasn't big enough for me to get at the right angle. Anyway, obviously all the junk we use is on the counter...but hey, just keeping it real. And, at least it's straightened up. You can also see my nightgowns/robes hanging on the back of the door.

Moving along to the downstairs half bathroom....I LOVE THIS BATHROOM!!! I painted it a color a couple shades lighter than Tobacco Road, but I cannot remember the name right now! Our entire downstairs (except the kitchen) is painted this color, and I love it!! It gives the rooms a lot of warmth, but yet is not so dark that they feel claustrophobic. My friend, Malissa, helped me stripe the bathroom. She came over on a Sunday afternoon, and we worked all afternoon and evening to do it. We striped it with the darker maroon color - and it was quite a task. First, we had to use a level/yardstick thing to put dots on the wall at the top, middle, and bottom every five inches. Then, we had to draw straight lines. Then, we had to tape it. Then, we finally painted - and it took like a million coats to do it because the paint was so dark. I think the funniest thing about it was how small that bathroom is, and how all over each other we had to be in it together. Most of the time, one of us was on the middle step of the stool facing one way, and the other was on the bottom step facing the other way, both working away with our backs to each other. It gets HOT, let me tell you! But, it turned out GREAT!

Here are my Southern Living sconces on the back wall behind the toilet (You can see I fixed the picture setting now)...

Here's a view of the sink and mirror.
And, that's finally it! I hope you enjoyed the bathrooms today! Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Limit One....Coupon Confusion!

Alright. First of all, disregard that in the coupon example above it says, "Valid for use in Canada only". This is a coupon I got off Google images to help me explain my issues....I hope if you know me, you know that I try to be an honest person. I never (usually) try to deceive anyone or get something for free that I shouldn't. So, I need some help. As I mentioned a while back, I've been using coupons - buying the paper on Sundays, using the coupons out of it only when combined with sales Kroger, Publix, or WalMart have. So...this is sort of like a double savings - using the coupon + the item already being on sale. I've been having a problem though and getting confused about some things. Okay, one really good thing about shopping at Publix is that if they have a buy one get one free sale, you can use two coupons for that. So, last night at the store, they had Yoplait yogurt on sale - 20 yogurts for $10.00. Well, I have coupons for that. So, I try to give the cashier 6 coupons that all say "Buy 6 Yoplait yogurts, get $.40 off". Well, I thought I could give her 6 coupons. Like, if you took an individual coupon and put it on one yogurt, I would have bought 6. Then, if you took another coupon and put it on another yogurt and counted, you would still count 6. Well, they informed me I could not do this. I know that was confusing and you may not have understood. This next thing should be easier to understand. Just like I have circled above, most of the coupons say, "Limit One coupon per purchase per visit". Well, if I have another coupon - like the other day with Soleil razors - I had a $3.00 off coupon that said the message above, and then I had a $2.00 coupon that said the message above. Well, because they were two different coupons, I used them both - and they let me, but I felt like she was looking at me like I was trying to be shady. I'M AN HONEST PERSON! I just want to take the greatest advantage of the coupons I can, and I'm trusting the cashier to tell me if I can't use certain ones! This coupon business is fun, but very confusing. So, last night I shopped at Publix and paid $17.55 for the groceries - and I saved $14.56. This is very good - but not good enough! I really want to always save at least 50%, but hey, I'm doing the best I can, and I'm improving! But, I just want you to know I'm not trying to be tricky or dishonest....
And one more thing. Did you know that after you buy all that food and get great deals, you actually have to eat it?? Our pantry is very full right now from all the things on sale I've been buying :) Uh, newsflash, we do need to eat the food for it to be worth it. So, I set out stuff to make chicken pot pie in the next few nights - maybe tomorrow night. Just need to get some chicken to boil first. Then, I need to work on the big boxes of chicken broth I bought - we just do not have enough room in our kitchen to store all these items! We must eat at home more! But NOT TONIGHT - haha....we're going to Brad and Joy's house for dinner tonight...maybe we'll eat at home tomorrow night...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the Shofar Blew...


= very funny times

Okay, after I write this post, you are going to officially think I am crazy. Like, I think this is beyond funny to crazy, but it's who I I must continue. Last night, Landon and I go to bed at 10pm. We are both really tired - we both ran yesterday, and worked, and Landon was gone Monday evening, so after watching a House Hunters with me (thanks, Sweetheart) we went to bed. Well, we are lying in bed, and I can hear voices talking outside. The neighborhood has become a little livelier since summer has arrived and kids are out of school, which is not necessarily a bad thing, since my parents say it's like Truman Show in our neighborhood. But, this talking is getting on my nerves. I decide to get out of bed and check it out. I squat down on the floor and peer out the bottom of the blinds, and there are two high school (looking) age kids - a boy and a girl - sitting on the curb right across from our house. And, I think they are arguing. So, I decide to open the window so I can hear them. Landon is not asleep yet, and although he is acting not interested - I know he is. So, I open it - just a little bit so as not to make a scene or a lot of noise. Well, I cannot make out everything, but I can make out most things. They are talking about her trying crack, and how she wants to, but how he is not supportive. And, how she goes everywhere with his friends, and they are really ugly to her, but he won't go anywhere with her - now, mind you, this is amidst a lot of cuss words - I mean, A LOT! So...I try to tell Landon to make a loud noise out there - wouldn't that be funny? Well, he won't. So, I decide to go in the other room and get the Shofar. The Shofar is like a horn kind of thing that we got from Israel for Landon to display in his office one day - it's like what they blew when they marched around Jericho - you know, stuff like that. So, I get the Shofar - leaving all lights off because I do not want the kids, my new friends, to notice we are up. I beg Landon to get up and come blow the Shofar out the window because I thought that would be hilarious. But, he won't get up. But, he says if I'll bring it to him in the bed, he'll blow it. So, I scurry over to the window and watch them while he blows it really loud. Alas, they did not notice. Finally, after some more begging of Landon to get up and come to the window, I jerk the Shofar away from him and take it to the window myself. Picture it now: I am sitting on the floor with the Shofar's end propped up on the windowsill and I'm blowing as hard as I can. It does not make so much of a horn noise, but it does make a pretty weird noise, and I can do it a long time, so that's effective, at least. We are laughing so hard, I am starting to cry. It was so funny. Finally, Landon thinks he hears them say, "What in the crap was that?" It was crazy, ya'll - very funny. So, then I go away for a little bit, and then they are gone. The fun was over. I don't think we'll be able to do anything like this when we have children - since they'd be trying to sleep, but blowing a Shofar into the neighborhood street at 10:30 at night is pretty fun - and funny. We are two crazy jokers - and we are having a good time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Shower

This past Saturday my HR team hosted a baby shower for one of our team members, Mandy. I was able to help with the shower, and it went really well. My job was invitations, hash brown casserole, chocolate chip banana muffins, and cappuccino punch (which was my FAVORITE!), and getting balloons the day of the shower (which almost all popped by the time the shower was over because they overfilled them...). The shower was held at our boss, Patty's house, on Saturday morning from 9:30-11:30am. Mandy got some great gifts. The food was awesome. Patty made a french toast casserole that was delicious! I'm so excited for Mandy having her first baby - Isabelle Faith. She is due at the beginning of August, and I'll be doing most of Mandy's job while she is out on maternity leave. Anyway, below are some shower pictures....

All the girls eating the GREAT food :)
Mandy with sweet little booties for Isabelle
Yummy cappuccino punch - uh, VERY YUMMY
Food table...but missing french toast casserole and egg casserole and quiche...
Hostesses...from L to R: Patty, Mandy (guest of honor :), Sarah, Bethany
Do ya'll think I look kind of crazy and hunched over in that picture? Maybe not, but it looks like it to me.