Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Current TV Shows

So, basically, the TV situation is bad now that our shows have gone off. We don't watch that many shows to begin with, but we LOVE American Idol and Lost. Well, now both of those have gone off....until NEXT YEAR, I think. This is very unfortunate. we are back to the second choice shows that always come on the season after all of our favorites have been on. One of these shows is....Wipeout. I do not mind watching this show - in fact, I enjoy watching it, but mainly because Landon likes it so much - oh, and if people act really arrogant, I like to see their faces get muddy. Below is a picture of the Big Balls - one of the highlights of Wipeout. It's funny because the obstacle courses don't really look that hard, and it seems like I would be able to jump from one ball to the next...but the people never can! Here's a rundown of the shows I'm watching for summer (not religiously - just taped on the DVR until we get free moments):
(In random order)...

1. Wipeout

2. House Hunters

3. What Not To Wear (ya'll, Blossom was on there last week!!!!! - she's an adult now!)

4. House re-runs

5. Deadliest Catch

We watch these shows together (well, except for House Hunters and What Not to Wear. Landon sometimes watches these with me, but it's rare - I like for him to watch House Hunters and then choose which house they should pick - 1, 2, or 3...)

Okay, and let's just address this, too. Does it drive you crazy if bunches of shows are on your DVR all the time? It drives me crazy - but I've gotten a lot better about it. I would like it if that thing was clear ALL THE TIME! But, Landon will save stuff on there for months - like the last Lost season finale....or Gator National Championship game....stuff like that. I love to delete things...and trash things...and that gets me in trouble sometimes with things like mail and other important paper stuff that I throw away. The latest thing we've lost is a reflector vest thing that Landon wears if he runs to church really early in the morning. I KNOW I DID NOT THROW THIS AWAY. But, we cannot find it anywhere. I mean, we have searched hi, low, everywhere. Landon thinks we may have some way left it in St. Augustine. I don't know. This has nothing to do with TV...sorry.

So...I want to know...what shows could you recommend for me right now in this TV watching slump? What are your current faves?
Basically, to me, the second rate shows have arrived...and this is just unfortunate. I miss you Kate, Sawyer, Juliette, Jack, Hurley, Jin, Sun, even you, Ben, and I miss Paula (yes, even Paula), Simon, what's the new judge's name???....Kara, right, and Randy! What will our life be like when you come back on next year?

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  1. You could watch Bones on Mental is a new show that is also on Navy NCIS on Let me know what you think.