Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The SBC...It's All About the Business

Alright...well, the SBC wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be - it was definitely interesting, and I was definitely glad to go and get away with Landon, but it was not exactly a church service for 2.5 was a business meeting. A serious business meeting with serious rules and lots of voting. I may have more to comment later. Right now I'm still processing it in my head...Below is our choir singing...
On the far left in this picture is our good friend April (Cliff is behind the piano but you can't see him in this picture)...
Here's Newsong singing...
A picture of Pastor on the big screen...I do have to say this - someone types out in HUGE letters everything that's being said and they put it you can see. Well, bless the person's heart, it did not go that well. And, I'm sure it's a lot of pressure...but good night! It was pretty bad and point is below...We were so proud of Pastor Johnny - wow, we love him!
Okay, I wanted to show everyone voting, below. They hold up these yellow ballots and everything passes with a 2/3 vote. Before they vote, they allow people to get up and debate at microphones throughout the center - it is very interesting - definitely the most entertaining part of the convention.
This is my last picture...and the most fun one. We ate at Olive Garden one day for lunch - and it just reminded me that I have not shared about chilling my mint at the end of my meal. You know how when they bring you the bill you are given a mint? Well, back in high school Steph and I went to Olive Garden a lot (mostly after going to the beach, right Steph?). Anyway, she invented slapping your mint up against the side of your glass so that it would get cold before you ate it - it was a very good idea. That was when Olive Garden did not have smooth edge glasses though. Now, since they have changed glasses, the only way to chill your mint is to put it UNDER your glass for a while...BUT DON'T FORGET IT'S THERE! (that's easy to do!) You should try it...below is a picture from the top of my glass, and you can see my mint under it. You should try this - it really adds something special the Olive Garden free dessert mint.

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