Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And the Shofar Blew...


= very funny times

Okay, after I write this post, you are going to officially think I am crazy. Like, I think this is beyond funny to crazy, but it's who I am...so I must continue. Last night, Landon and I go to bed at 10pm. We are both really tired - we both ran yesterday, and worked, and Landon was gone Monday evening, so after watching a House Hunters with me (thanks, Sweetheart) we went to bed. Well, we are lying in bed, and I can hear voices talking outside. The neighborhood has become a little livelier since summer has arrived and kids are out of school, which is not necessarily a bad thing, since my parents say it's like Truman Show in our neighborhood. But, this talking is getting on my nerves. I decide to get out of bed and check it out. I squat down on the floor and peer out the bottom of the blinds, and there are two high school (looking) age kids - a boy and a girl - sitting on the curb right across from our house. And, I think they are arguing. So, I decide to open the window so I can hear them. Landon is not asleep yet, and although he is acting not interested - I know he is. So, I open it - just a little bit so as not to make a scene or a lot of noise. Well, I cannot make out everything, but I can make out most things. They are talking about her trying crack, and how she wants to, but how he is not supportive. And, how she goes everywhere with his friends, and they are really ugly to her, but he won't go anywhere with her - now, mind you, this is amidst a lot of cuss words - I mean, A LOT! So...I try to tell Landon to make a loud noise out there - wouldn't that be funny? Well, he won't. So, I decide to go in the other room and get the Shofar. The Shofar is like a horn kind of thing that we got from Israel for Landon to display in his office one day - it's like what they blew when they marched around Jericho - you know, stuff like that. So, I get the Shofar - leaving all lights off because I do not want the kids, my new friends, to notice we are up. I beg Landon to get up and come blow the Shofar out the window because I thought that would be hilarious. But, he won't get up. But, he says if I'll bring it to him in the bed, he'll blow it. So, I scurry over to the window and watch them while he blows it really loud. Alas, they did not notice. Finally, after some more begging of Landon to get up and come to the window, I jerk the Shofar away from him and take it to the window myself. Picture it now: I am sitting on the floor with the Shofar's end propped up on the windowsill and I'm blowing as hard as I can. It does not make so much of a horn noise, but it does make a pretty weird noise, and I can do it a long time, so that's effective, at least. We are laughing so hard, I am starting to cry. It was so funny. Finally, Landon thinks he hears them say, "What in the crap was that?" It was crazy, ya'll - very funny. So, then I go away for a little bit, and then they are gone. The fun was over. I don't think we'll be able to do anything like this when we have children - since they'd be trying to sleep, but blowing a Shofar into the neighborhood street at 10:30 at night is pretty fun - and funny. We are two crazy jokers - and we are having a good time.


  1. Shofar noises coming from your bedroom in the middle of the night? That'll have the neighborhood talking if word gets out.

  2. You can still do this kind of stuff when you have a kid. You just involve your child! Don't you know we'll have Seth doing all kinds of crazy stuff when he's older.

  3. You crack me up...this is just hilarious and I had to read it to Nathan. :) Thanks for a good laugh.

  4. ha thats hilarious. totally something i would do! i wish you had taken a picture somehow. ha