Monday, June 15, 2009

Praying for Amy

This family above is one of the most precious families EVER! This is my cousin Amy, her husband, Brad, and their children, Kayla, Gabe, and Brayson. I'm doing a call out to all my peeps today - We need some big prayers lifted up for this sweet family I love so much. Amy (who I grew up with and have been close to my entire life) is at Emory Hospital here in Atlanta right now. She is having a tough time and has had a tough couple of months. Their hard journey began when their full term baby, Bethany Hope, passed away at the beginning of May. Since that time, Amy has been battling blood clots - a huge mystery for the doctors. She has now ended up at Emory, where they have taken care of one clot, and before we thought she was going to get to go home...they found another clot. This morning her team of doctors is meeting together to discuss her case and talk about next steps. Meanwhile, her husband, Brad, who used all his vacation time last month when Bethany died, has no more vacation to stay with Amy while she is going through this scary time, and the doctors are trying to get this figured out. He will go back to work today and will apparently be able to fill out some paperwork allowing people to donate their vacation days to him so he can come back to the hospital with Amy. They go to a great church, and many people are supporting them and surrounding them in prayer. Amy is a young wife and momma, as you can see from this beautiful family picture above. It's so hard sometimes to see what God's plan might be when I'm thinking, "Couldn't this family just get a break?!" I know the Father is good, and He is faithful, and He chooses to work through His people. I believe in the power of prayer and know that the more people praying for her, the better. Will you please diligently pray for her? Thanks, friends! I'll keep you updated.


  1. Has her husband looked into FMLA? think it stands for family medical leave act, we have family members of our patients who have to use that.

  2. Hey Karrie - don't know if you'll see this, but he probably could use FMLA, but he wouldn't get paid for it. FMLA only guarantees he would keep his job - not get paid for vacation time he doesn't have...he ended up getting to have people donate leave to him though, so he's good to go!! One lady donated 40 hours - just one person!

  3. Wow - who has that much time saved up? That is a blessing. I usually don't have enough PTO and take time off anyway :-) Glad to read the update!