Monday, June 29, 2009

Lettuce - Friend or Foe?

OH MY! Look at this lovely salad! Yummy, yummy! I don't know if you are a salad lover like me...but I am a salad lover and connoisseur. I want to pose a question and get your opinion - do you think this is strange or normal? Let me just take you back to the other night...
Landon and I are eating at Cheddars while at the SBC in Louisville. I was thinking of ordering a side salad with my meal (I was getting spasagna - you know spaghetti and lasanga). First of all, this was only the second time I had eaten at a Cheddars, and the first time was about 4 years ago, so I couldn't remember that anyway. When I go to restaurants I've never been to before, I like to ask our waiter/waitress what items on the menu are specialties of that particular restaurant. This specific night, I did not ask about the entire menu, but I did question my salad choices. I asked which was better, the house salad or the Caesar. Well, the waitress and Landon both seemed to stare at me like I had two heads. She didn't know, so I then said, "Well, which one do you like better?" To which she stated, "Well, if I were you, I wouldn't even get a salad." At this point, I could tell we were headed down a dead end path. Did she say she wouldn't get one because she, herself, does not care for salad? Or, did she say she wouldn't get one because all salads at that restaurant are disgusting, and she tries to encourage customers away from them for fear of sickness....possible food poisoning....WHAT? So, I say, "Well, never mind, I won't get a salad." Then, Landon says, "No, you should get a salad if you want one" (This obviously meant that he thought the waitress was speaking from her personal opinion, because I'm sure he did not wish for me to die of food poisoning). So, by now, I feel like I've been taking up way too much of our time deciding on this (which is very unlike me anyway) so I tell her to please bring me the side house salad, with ranch dressing. When she walks off Landon says, "That was kind of a weird thing to ask, you know." Okay, people - was it really that weird? Was it really that weird to be at a restaurant I have barely been to before and ask the waitress to help me out with some specifics of the menu? I, personally, think it was very normal, but that's just me. She does bring the salad. It was decent, but it did have some issues. Most of the salad was the part of the lettuce (as you can see below) that is pretty disgusting - white, chunky, hard parts that no one wishes to eat.
So, I realize this post is not of the utmost importance, but I just wonder - am I weird? Was it weird for me to ask the waitress that question? You can tell me the truth, my peeps...and until then, I'll have to keep asking the same kinds of questions...


  1. ok, it's always dangerous to chime in to marital disputes, but here goes...

    In Bethany's defense: As a former waiter, I would usually try to tell people what I thought is the better choice. At the very least, you can say both are good, and I was usually happy to give my preference. If it happened to be a food I didn't like, then I would say "most people prefer X" or "I hear X is really good". The waitress' response was quite strange.

    In Landon's defense: it seems that asking about the difference between a side House and side Caesar salad is a little extreme. It would make more sense if it was the difference between two more exotic-type salads, rather than two basic salads that in all honesty aren't that much different from restaurant to restaurant unless it's an upscale place.

  2. Hey-I think that your question was perfectly legitimate. And by the way, Matt loves that nasty white part of the salad (it's his favorite part).