Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bump In the Night...uh, Morning?

In the mornings, Landon knows that my body is "soft". I know that probably sounds strange to you, but that's what I feel like. When I've just woken up, anything that happens to my body has a much greater impact than if it happens like at least 30 minutes into the day. For instance, if I sneeze right after I wake up, that feels like trauma - or if I burn myself with the flat iron, that feels a lot worse happening when my mind and body still feel a little fuzzy. Is any of this making sense??

...Meet Our Bathroom Door...

This morning, Landon had to go to a Bible Study that started at 6:00am. Usually, when I leave for work, he is still in bed, but this morning he was up and awake, getting ready to go. I get up at 5:40am and do not have extra time to dawdle; I have to be out of the house at 6:15. So, this morning, my alarm goes off at 5:40, and Landon is in our bathroom. Okay, no problem. The door was shut and the light was on in there. Well, obviously, I needed to come in and start getting ready to go, brushing teeth, washing face, and so on. Well, thinking that just like me in the mornings, his body is "soft" and he doesn't want to be startled, I lightly tap on the door. Keep in mind, where I am, in the bedroom, is still very dark. Well, not a second after I tap on the door, Landon opens the door - so I think, "Great, he must have heard me, so he's opening the door for me to come in." Nay, nay, my friends. He opened the door and turned off the light to come out of the bathroom because he was finished in there. He did not even realize I was awake yet. He ran smack into me. Stepped on my foot - I mean, was pretty much mowing me over. We did not have a repeat of the infamous night I had some crazy panic attack in the middle of the night at my parents' house, thank goodness - we've grown a lot since then, but it was pretty scary, especially when your body is "soft". Anyway, it was not a great scene - but then, like I said, it wasn't as bad as some other scary moments have been before. So, that's how the morning started out - with Landon mowing me down outside the bathroom door and me scaring him to death. He goes, "Why were you just standing outside the bathroom door???" I said, "I was quietly tapping on the door before I came in so I didn't scare you." Yikes...what a start to a morning....

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