Friday, June 5, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Alright, just like last Friday (my future nursery...remember?), today is Show Us Where You Live Friday...all about Offices - I would prefer to call ours more of a Study, since it doesn't even have a desk in it. This is the UGLIEST room of our house, so it's not really a fine time for me to want to jump in on the Show Us Where You Live day...but, just keeping it real, so whatever. It does mean, however, that I will now be forced to participate in all other Show Us Where You Live Fridays so that I can show that the rest of our home is not as ugly as this one room....but here we go...

The two pictures above are kind of overview pictures of the room. This room really is more of a Study since there is no desk. We have a laptop we use, and some bookshelves down in the basement with all of Landon's "preacher" books on them, so up here, it's just kind of a quiet Study room. Our couch folds out into a twin bed...which, by the way, looks like a prison bed when folded out. I'm not sure why that is, but you can just see all the bars of the fold out part and then that thin mattress, and it reminds me of a prison (not that I know this firsthand). The little picture on the left by the couch is me in one of my bridal portraits and then the picture on the right by the couch is us on the Bible Cruise with Pastor Johnny. This room is really sort of a catch all for everything - you'll see as we continue...
I had really good ideas about this window and these curtains. I wanted them to be like flowy, down past the ground - you know, like I've seen in magazines. Well, maybe they look okay, but they just don't look like I envisioned. Although, I do think the color matches the color of the pillows on the couch really well.
This is the side of the wall across from the couch - it has mainly my books in it - Nicholas Sparks, Mary Higgins Clark, Max Lucado, etc. You can also see the printer to the left (which the laptop gets plugged into when printing is necessary) and cords on the right that lead over to the DSL and wireless Internet stuff. On top of the bookshelf is a picture of my grandparents, a big group picture of everyone in our group who went to Israel in 2007, Landon's shofar, and our wedding invitation etched in glass on a stand. I think all this stuff will be much more organized when Landon has a church and puts stuff in his church office. Like, the shofar. That will go in his office at the church.
I want to address this picture because it's special. This is the picture everyone signed when we got married. It's special because it was actually nearly ruined in Hurricane Katrina. Our photographer was able to redo the pictures and save the matte with all the signatures. That's why you should always use a permanent marker when doing something like this - you just never know when a hurricane may flood your home :) Anyway, because that was able to be saved, it's really special to me.
Alright, alright, let me get on with the last embarrassment. This is the closet in the room. It's full of boxes - a couple of games (you can see Gatoropoly up there) but mainly Stihl chainsaw boxes (my family owns a John Deere and Kubota dealership back in Florida) with all of my China in them. I don't have a place to store our fine china and crystal, so it has stayed in these boxes the 3 and a half years we've lived here in Woodstock. Even if I can't get a china cabinet to display the china, I can't wait to just have enough room in our kitchen to put the china in cabinets - so we could use it sometimes. I miss just getting to look at it!!
Well, that's it. My next project is going to be painting this room, and I've just decided this while looking at these pictures. It desperately needs it, and I think will help it look a little warmer and cozier, even if this room is just a hodge podge of stuff.
Do not worry. I will be back next Friday so you can see that our house is actually much better than this one room! Happy Friday!


  1. Oh, I don't think your room is that bad!! Lots of potential when you decide what you really want to do with it...and I'll come back to tour next week so I can see your other rooms, too!!

    BTW, I'm so glad that your special wedding photos and matte were able to be saved!!

    God bless!!

  2. Very cute room!

  3. Lots of potential! It's looking good! :)