Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

Today I am showing our Master Bedroom - and I love our bedroom, so I'm happy about that! It is pretty small, because our townhouse is not huge, but when we bought furniture for it after the hurricane, we decided to go ahead and buy what we wanted to keep for years...and just cram it all in the bedroom for now! I always have wanted a cherry sleigh bed, always. I was so excited to pick this furniture out, and I hope we have it for all the years we are married! I don't have a whole lot to say...except I really like this room :) See pictures below...

I really love the picture of us below. My friend Joy is an awesome photographer and took some pictures of us recently - we needed some new shots for Landon's resume. When I saw the pictures, and I saw she had taken this one, it reminded me so much of this Willow Tree (isn't that what it's called?) statue. I call them "the people", so I can't remember what they are really called! Anyway, Landon gave me "the people" last Christmas - we've been through lots of stuff in our marriage, and it is really special to me - he wrote me a neat verse and note on the bottom. I'm not a huge collector of little trinket-y I do NOT want to collect all the Willow people...I only want the pregnant lady when I have a baby. But, I do like them. So, "the people" are special to me and the picture is special to me - I just think in my mind it signifies a really good time in our life.
Chest of Drawers...Bathroom to the left...closet to the right...
Bravely, I will show you this closer up view of the closet. You can see our towels stacked up on the shelf straight ahead - we don't have a linen closet!
And, that's it! I do love this room - but I will be excited to have a larger master bedroom - which we'd always had before living here. I think our massive furniture will fit better in a bigger area. Happy Friday!


  1. Looks like a magazine!! So pretty!

  2. Rich colors! And so clean??!?:)

  3. So beautiful! My husband and I had the same Willow Tree figurine, it was supposed to be our cake topper for our wedding but ended up just sitting next to it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We are more a like then I realize when I read your posts. I just wish I could keep my house as clean and organized as you do! I too wanted the Willowtree pregnant lady - which I got pregnant with Floe. And I also have a "people" one Michael gave me - but not the same one you have. And we too bought furniture after the hurricane to cram into our too small house (dining room furniture though). But one day, right?

  5. I LOVE your furniture! Thank you for sharing and you did a great job.

  6. I think we have the same bed as you =) Cherry, sleigh, yum....