Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

It's sad that these are the only pictures I have to show from Christmas Day. We had a great Christmas. It was a quieter Christmas than usual at my parents' house since Krista and Matt were on their honeymoon. We had a great time though. Christmas at Landon's family's house was exciting, as usual, with kids running around, opening presents, etc. We headed to Lan's family's house after attending the Christmas Eve service at church. I love the Christmas Eve service - it is something I hope we'll always be able to go to together - a tradition that began in my family a long time ago. It just feels like in the midst of chaos, and family, and eating, it's a time to sit down and be still and remember and focus on the real thing. ANYWAY, then we headed to Lan's family's to open presents and eat together. Christmas morning we hung out with my parents and opened gifts, then headed to Lan's family's house for lunch, then back to my parents' house where we went to the Rave to see a movie. We got great stuff and had lots of surprises for everyone. It was a really great Christmas. Sometimes I'm a good picture taker...and sometimes this Christmas was more...NOT. Here are two pictures I have of us...but they're not fantastic.

Here's Landon with his golf putting thing I gave him.
Here's me with a hilarious gift from my parents. It's a black apron that has a pearl necklace built in the top of it - haha - so you can look good when your husband gets home after slaving in the kitchen all day! HA. The apron also goes with a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning. These are hilarious because they are girly, girly, girly - they have toile and ruffles on the bottom. Isn't that wild? I LOVE them!
Christmas was a success...I'm still unpacking our stuff at home - we can only get so much done in one day! And....not sure if I should mention the tree in the picture behind me. This tree is quite a story. It's a new tree my parents bought last year to use for the wedding reception in a HUGE reception hall. My mom decided (after they'd already decided not to put the tree up at home this year) that she wanted that tree up, and she wanted to try to put it in the living room...not in the really high foyer. Well, the ceiling in there is 9 feet. Well, the tree is 9 feet. So, it looked sort of like the Griswald family Christmas tree....remember how it busted through their windows in their living room? It wasn't that crazy, and it actually fit a lot better than I thought it would...all in all...Christmas was good :)

Mia's, Other Eating, and my BF

One of my favorite things about going home to visit (besides seeing family, of course) is EATING at all my favorite places in town! I would say my top 3 favorites are: Coach n' Four, Hideaway, and Mia's. Oh, and if we drive to DeFuniak (where I went to elementary and middle school and where Landon's family lives now), I love to eat at Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant and Ed's Restaurant (a.k.a. Tastee Freeze). This past trip home I was able to eat at Coach n Four, Hideaway, Mia's, and Mom and Dad's - definitely a success (but I was home a week and half, and you can get a lot of eating done in that amount of time).

On the Monday after the wedding, we met Steph for lunch at Mia's. Okay - I love Steph AND I love Mia's AND we used to eat there in high school all the time, so it's a nostalgic sort of place for me. I always have to choose between 3 favorite things when I eat there. Chef salad (without roast beef, olives, and something else I can't remember right now) with ranch dressing, Stromboli with ham and cheese, or small lasagna (because small lasagna comes with a side salad - large does not - and I always want the side salad). Oh, and no matter what you order, you have to order bread sticks. A large order - never a small. These are the best breadsticks I have ever had...anywhere...and I would challenge ANYONE who thinks they have had better somewhere else. Moving from Florida to Louisiana and to Georgia, I have searched for a comparable breadstick. No. It cannot be found. If you have found one you claim to be the best, I would love to try it out and see for myself. Here's a picture of the best breadsticks in the world.
And, see the two sauces? You must get ranch and then the hot sauce - not like "hot" like Tabasco, but "hot" like spaghetti sauce that is warmed up rather than cold. These things are amazing. I had not been able to spend any real time with Steph in uh....more than a year, I think. Probably more like a year and a half....I can't remember the last time we were able to spend a couple of hours together. Landon and I have had so much going on - we were able to tell her everything that's been happening. I realize now that I didn't let her talk very much (sorry!), and so we probably need another couple of hours so I could actually listen to what's going on with her. Steph and I have many memories together - not only in high school but also at UF. We lived together at the APT. Just remember, Steph, "Watch for Lizards coming and going out". We have so many inside jokes that we could not remember them all if we tried. Sometimes it's sad to become an adult. There are great things about adult life, but there is nothing like those high school and college days when you have no clue what paying a bill is like :) Steph, thanks for being my BF even though we're not as close as we used to be! I always know I can call you ANYTIME about ANYTHING and you will do whatever I need. That is a rare friend. You can call me phone numbers are..."Hope to see you over the summer"...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update #2: The Wedding

The Wedding weekend was packed, and I've realized that I have some very random pictures...but none while the wedding was actually going on. I had big jobs, you know, so I had to just put the camera down and take care of business. are some random pictures I'll explain :)

When I arrived home, Krista's train was on our bed. So...clearly, if we were going to spend the night there (and we were), it was going to have to be moved. But, it was a painstaking process because you had to try not to wrinkle it or touch it or let anything else touch it is on the bed when the whole process of moving it started...

So...Dad or maybe Landon - I can't remember which - gets the idea to hang the thing off the top of the staircase. He used straps to strap things down in the back of a truck to hang it in three places off of the banister. This was a very clever idea, except that the train kept reminding me of something every time I saw it...and then Krista told me what it was. It was like in Silence of the Lambs, where he kills that guy and strings that big banner thing up in the weird cell. I hate that movie. I have watched it twice in my life, and I have to have YEARS of a break in between because it's so scary. So...we had a weird Silence of the Lambs sort of theme going on with Krista's train in the foyer for a couple of days.
On Thursday evening, Krista and her bridesmaids (uh, not me - I am too old and tired) who have all been friends through high school and college went to Destin to eat out and have fun together. Here's a picture of three of them before they left. Look at these great crowns Krista made for them - cute, huh?

Here I am the morning of the wedding having my hair done...
Here's the finished product...I thought she did a GREAT job...
And, here's Krista's hair - halfway done - this was a funny look...
And, here's the front of her hair when she was finished...but still tiara-less and veil-less. I didn't get anymore hair pictures because by then I was in a huge panic about leaving and being late to the church. And, not just because I'm type a. But, because the hair thing took way longer than it should have! But, we were lovely...the price you pay for beauty, I guess.
And, here's the one picture I have of Krista in the bride's room at the church in her dress. Gorgeous, huh? Don't worry...I'll have more...soon...

The wedding day was BEAUTIFUL! I didn't realize how many responsibilities the dad gum matron of honor has. Ya'll, I had to keep the ring!!!!! Matt's ring! I was so worried about it that I took pictures before the wedding with it on my thumb. Can you even imagine if I had forgotten to put that thing on and the preacher went to get the ring from me....uh, hello, no. Then, the whole moving the train situation. How do you constantly whisk around and move the train, but also not be a distraction to what's going on with the wedding. For instance, they go over to light their unity candle. I go with them to help with the dress. I get the dress in position and then come back to my place. Well, guess what? They decide not to stand there the entire song and want to come straight back to their places. So, then, I had to bust right back over there and help with the dress again to get back to her place. But, I mean, what was I supposed to do? Stand there with them at the unity candle? Say, "Uh, hey guys, why don't you have a candle here for me to light?" Anyway, and then, the bouquet passing off....good was a light to remember! I didn't fall down though, or do anything that was crazy embarrassing, or have any wardrobe malfunctions, so whew, it was okay.

Krista and Matt went on a western Caribbean cruise, and I'm pretty sure they had a great time. We were all so tired after the wedding and reception and clean up...we slept and napped as much as possible the next few days. It was very exciting though and a great, great time for our family to welcome in Matt!

Update #1: The Barbie Cake and Bridal Lunch

I think this Christmas may be the most stressed I've ever been trying to get home. With Krista's wedding and Christmas all at once - plus we were trying to buy a house and get ready for Landon to start a new job - wow, it's been a lot. The Thursday before the wedding, I hosted a bridal luncheon/lingerie shower for Krista at The Wild Olive at home. I really wanted to have one of those bridal barbie cakes for the shower. Well, I called our lady at home who usually makes our cakes, but she was so busy that she didn't have time to make it for decided to have one made here, at Cakes by Darcy, and attempt to travel home with it. I talked with them about this decision when I ordered they cake, and they gave me some specific instructions of how to make sure I cared for the cake on the way home. I was supposed to work the Wednesday before we left to go home, but I had so much to finish up before leaving that I went ahead and took the day off. I don't know if "off" is the right word since I worked like a mad-woman until we left that afternoon, but I did not travel to Ronald Blue & Co. for my job that day, I mean. After running tons of errands Wednesday morning (this is Wednesday, December 16th, BTW) I picked up the cake. Well, guess what? I bought 2 different Rubbermaid containers hoping the cake, in the box, would fit in one of them. IT WOULDN'T. I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way back to Woodstock and got another container. STILL TOO SMALL. I put the cake in the fridge (after removing a shelf) and left it until Landon got home to deal with it (because Landon takes care of problems like that at our house). So, Landon gets home. He begins to load the car. We finally end up in the garage with 3 Rubbermaid containers, 2 coolers, a cooler full of ice, and a barbie cake. I know this is a long story. I want you to gather the agony I was in over worrying after paying a lot for this cake that it was going to get messed up. Finally, Landon took the barbie out of her box, and we cut some of the sides of the base of the cake off so that we could fit her down in the biggest Rubbermaid. that Rubbermaid had to fit down in the biggest cooler. We put ice around it and the lid would barely close, if at all. At this point, I've nearly lost my mind. Landon is more patient with things like this - I think he must see it as sort of a puzzle he's putting together. NOT ME. Landon, my hero of a husband, gets this cake all the way to Crestview, with not a strand of Barbie's hair messed up. The bridal luncheon went great the next afternoon...see pictures below :)

The infamous barbie cake with my beautiful sister...THE BRIDE
Here's Krista's maid of honor, Nicole, holding the gift Krista gave us all. SUPER CUTE monogrammed bags with our names on them!
Here's Krista and me - she's getting ready to open my present!
All the bridesmaids!
All the family - Krista, Grandma, Momma, and me

The bridal luncheon was a success! Krista got lots of stuff, and it kicked off the wedding festivities perfectly! Much was still to come though....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Frymire's are moving to a NEW CHURCH!!

I know I have been EXTREMELY absent on our blog lately. I'm sorry! We've had a ton going on that I really couldn't talk about...but now, I can!! I sent an email out to our friends and family yesterday, and I think it probably best tells the story of what's been going on.'s the story!

It's been a VERY long time since I've sent out a Frymire Family Update...only because we've had no changes in our life for quite a while. I am super happy to report a HUGE change coming soon, and I wanted to share it with you. Landon and I are going to be the pastor family at Bethabra Baptist Church in Hoschton, Georgia. Hoschton is northeast of Atlanta, and is about an hour (in VERY good traffic) from Woodstock, where we live now.

As you know, our journey of waiting for God to give us a church has seemed like a long one (although really I understand that waiting a year or two is not very long at all compared to some longer waits....i.e. Joseph in prison for 9 years...), and while Landon's resume has been sent to many churches, we have only talked seriously with a couple. Sometimes it felt really discouraging and like it was never going to happen. A few months ago, Landon saw Bethabra's posting on the SBC website, and First Woodstock sent his resume. About a month later, Landon was contacted by Bethabra, asking him for a CD of a sermon and anything else that might help them. Landon sent a CD and a really long and in depth questionnaire he filled out for another church a while back. So...long story sort of shorter...they began to pursue Landon and then told him he was the only candidate they were looking at. They set up a time for Landon to come and preach in a Sunday night service at a nearby baptist church. After Landon preached that night, we went to eat with them at Cracker Barrel and just kind of small talked with the committee. We really, really liked them from the beginning. They then set up an interview time to talk with Landon in depth that week. We ended up staying from 4pm until very late that night. We told them all about our journey, our passions for ministry, and Landon answered every question they had. You know what? They seemed to still want us. We've had so much advice about what to say and what not to say in interview situations, and we probably talked more on the side of what people said "not to say", but we knew, we just knew in our hearts that God would have to open the door to exactly the right place for us - exactly the right place to do the ministries He's given us passion for - we just needed to be honest. And, boy, did God ever bless that honesty. Even that night when we left, we already felt so loved by them! They all walked us out, giving us drinks to go, and leftover dessert in ziploc bags, and Tootsie roll pops! We ended up going back a few days after Landon interviewed so that WE could ask our questions. We stayed just as long that evening, and at the end of that meeting, they pretty much told us they unanimously felt like Landon was God's man for their church. It was unbelievable. The things they said, and the love we felt from them and for them so quickly was only something God could have set up. Landon took a few days and prayed, and we both knew it was God's will for us to go.

We spent this past Saturday and Sunday at the church, meeting with deacons and staff (two bi-vocational staff members - a music pastor and a youth pastor), eating great food with deacons, search committee members, and staff and their families, having a reception and town hall meeting with the church members, and then finally, Landon preached Sunday morning. We left the service right after he preached, and they went into their business meeting time to vote. Guess what? They unanimously voted Landon in. I'm saying they voted 100% to call him - not even one "no". I'd say that was a pretty good confirmation.

So, we're about to set out on a new journey. I'm hoping to keep my job - I just may have to work a little bit of a different schedule since I'll have a longer commute. We're looking for a house to buy in Hoschton, and we're planning to rent our townhouse for now. How are we feeling about leaving Woodstock? Um, it's really hard to say. In some ways, I think we feel very ready to leave. God has given us 4 amazing years at FBCW. We have learned more than I could have even imagined we would when we began our time here. We're ready to take what we've learned and share it. We're ready to do what we believe God is telling us to do - and we're so happy He's opened this door. On the other dad always said it would be hard to leave the "mother ship"...and yes, it's going to be really hard. We have a family at Woodstock, a family who's supported and loved us through a lot of stuff, and there's no doubt we love it there.

So...please pray for us! We could not be happier to FINALLY get to share this news with you, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store. We know it won't be perfect, and we'll have to learn what in the world we're doing...but we know God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. That's what we're counting on.

If you want to check out the church, here's the website:

And, don't worry, I wouldn't have posted without PICTURES! Here are a few:

The outside of the building with the Sanctuary and Sunday School rooms:

Here's the inside of the sanctuary - isn't it beautiful?? And, look what a great piano they have (and they have a really great piano player!)
Finally, I just wanted to show the basket and poinsettia they had in our hotel room on Saturday night. This is only the tip of the iceberg to show you the thoughtfulness and love we've felt from their pastor search committee.
Alright, that's it!! And...that's enough! Big changes are coming...we're so excited about looking for a house, and starting a new journey!