Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update #1: The Barbie Cake and Bridal Lunch

I think this Christmas may be the most stressed I've ever been trying to get home. With Krista's wedding and Christmas all at once - plus we were trying to buy a house and get ready for Landon to start a new job - wow, it's been a lot. The Thursday before the wedding, I hosted a bridal luncheon/lingerie shower for Krista at The Wild Olive at home. I really wanted to have one of those bridal barbie cakes for the shower. Well, I called our lady at home who usually makes our cakes, but she was so busy that she didn't have time to make it for me...so...I decided to have one made here, at Cakes by Darcy, and attempt to travel home with it. I talked with them about this decision when I ordered they cake, and they gave me some specific instructions of how to make sure I cared for the cake on the way home. I was supposed to work the Wednesday before we left to go home, but I had so much to finish up before leaving that I went ahead and took the day off. I don't know if "off" is the right word since I worked like a mad-woman until we left that afternoon, but I did not travel to Ronald Blue & Co. for my job that day, I mean. After running tons of errands Wednesday morning (this is Wednesday, December 16th, BTW) I picked up the cake. Well, guess what? I bought 2 different Rubbermaid containers hoping the cake, in the box, would fit in one of them. IT WOULDN'T. I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way back to Woodstock and got another container. STILL TOO SMALL. I put the cake in the fridge (after removing a shelf) and left it until Landon got home to deal with it (because Landon takes care of problems like that at our house). So, Landon gets home. He begins to load the car. We finally end up in the garage with 3 Rubbermaid containers, 2 coolers, a cooler full of ice, and a barbie cake. I know this is a long story. I want you to gather the agony I was in over worrying after paying a lot for this cake that it was going to get messed up. Finally, Landon took the barbie out of her box, and we cut some of the sides of the base of the cake off so that we could fit her down in the biggest Rubbermaid. that Rubbermaid had to fit down in the biggest cooler. We put ice around it and the lid would barely close, if at all. At this point, I've nearly lost my mind. Landon is more patient with things like this - I think he must see it as sort of a puzzle he's putting together. NOT ME. Landon, my hero of a husband, gets this cake all the way to Crestview, with not a strand of Barbie's hair messed up. The bridal luncheon went great the next afternoon...see pictures below :)

The infamous barbie cake with my beautiful sister...THE BRIDE
Here's Krista's maid of honor, Nicole, holding the gift Krista gave us all. SUPER CUTE monogrammed bags with our names on them!
Here's Krista and me - she's getting ready to open my present!
All the bridesmaids!
All the family - Krista, Grandma, Momma, and me

The bridal luncheon was a success! Krista got lots of stuff, and it kicked off the wedding festivities perfectly! Much was still to come though....

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