Monday, October 26, 2009

The Magical World of Barbie/Barbie's Birthday Party

So, a while back, my sister discovers that our cousin, Heather (David's wife), was in one of her favorite videos as a child, Barbie's Birthday Party. This video (below) was one of Krista's favorites for a while. It's about two girls who go to Epcot and have their birthday parties (or something like this....this is not quite right)...and it shows all around Epcot. At the end of the little video, it shows the live stage show that was at Epcot at the time, The Magical World of Barbie. I think Krista discovered from Heather's facebook page and pictures that she was in this video. So...this past weekend when I was home, we dug it out (actually Krista dug it out and said it was at the very front of the old video cabinet - weird), and we watched it. My, Landon, Krista, and my parents (when they weren't asleep - don't worry, we woke them up screaming anytime Heather came on).

Look at these pictures of Heather (I really hope it's okay with her I am writing this post!!)!! Isn't this awesome!???? She was one of the barbies in the live show!!!! And, it was before we ever knew her and before she was in our family!!!

Love Loud Concert

On Sunday, after we got home, we headed straight to the park for the Love Loud Concert. Remember how I made the blankets to help with Love Loud? Well, this was a big celebration concert to wrap up the whole weekend. It was great....and gorgeous weather. Did I mention I'm tired from the weekend though?
This is a balloon animal Eric took apart and re-made that someone else made for us. It is a poodle, I think. Except that there was something wrong with the back of it, so instead of making legs for it, we made it into an anklet. Nice, huh?

Landon and Me - I think my hair looks stringy in this picture - which is never something I've ever even thought to utter about my hair. It was like 0 humidity though, so now I'm just thinking that maybe this is what my hair looks like in dry air. Since I've grown up in FL and never lived where there's not much humidity, I've never experienced hair without the humidity effects.

Eric and Kelli - this picture is crazy. We took several pictures, but they didn't really like them, so I guess Landon finally took this one like they were lying on the ground or something. Funny.
These are our friends, David and Jessica, and 7 week old baby, Phillipe (shoot, I hope that's how to spell that!!). This is the first time I've gotten to meet little Phillipe, so I was excited!! Isn't his hair GREAT!!??

Here Comes the Bride...Almost

This past weekend was FANTASTIC! Landon and I went home for me to go to Krista's church shower. It was so much fun! I went to have my dress altered - here are a few pictures...(please note: I know the dress is very tight in my "hip" did the seamstress who made that comment loudly in the room. Don't worry, this will be a classy affair - Krista's wedding - she'll be giving me a few extra inches in that area :)...

And then...Saturday morning was the shower! There were so many sweet ladies from the church there. Krista got tons of great gifts - and there was excellent food. Pics below...

My job was to write all the gifts down for Krista. I did my best, and except for one significant typo which we later found before she wrote any thank you notes, I did a pretty good job with my duties.
Here's all the family - my momma, me, Krista (THE BRIDE), Grandma, and Krista's soon to be mother-in-law, Deborah.
I think all the bridesmaids are here except for one. Oh, and yes, this is Matt, Krista's fiance beside Krista. He came at the end of the shower to help load the car with the great gifts.
And, here's Krista and Daddy when we got home. Daddy had to work on Saturday, so he couldn't come up to help load up stuff from the shower, so Krista was giving him a tour of all the gifts in the foyer. I wanted a picture of them so that Daddy would know he was a part of things on her special shower day!

And, that's it from the weekend. We came back home yesterday and went to the Love Loud Concert in the city park. I AM TIRED. But, it was a great weekend. I'm SUPER EXCITED about being home for the wedding VERY SOON!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comfort Calls...Should I Hang Up On It?

This is a post I've been wanting to do for awhile. I have some concerns about my home attire, and I want to share my concerns with you. I have never wanted to be someone who wears really disgusting clothes around the house. Now or ever (meaning as I get older and maybe have children and am like running around ragged more of the time). I understand that at home you should not have to look your best, but I also don't want to act like I really don't care at all. I want to have like self respect for myself and look semi-attractive (perhaps) most of the time (at least just not look disgusting), so I feel I try to do accomplish that goal. The other day, Landon said something about my bathrobe. Here is my bathrobe:
This bathrobe is from Costco. I got it probably 2 years ago. It is a fuzzy fleece material, really warm, and I really love it. It has gotten a little worn down - I painted in it, so it has some tan paint on it, and I mean, it might have a few stains on it - but I wash once in a while, at least. I expressed to Landon my desire to look attractive at home, and he thought that was really funny in light of my bathrobe choice. Basically, let me just lay it out for you. He pretty much thinks this bathrobe is hideous. I had no idea. My other favorite outfit to wear at home is this:
This is a pajama set Krista got me a couple years ago for Christmas. This is the only red thing I ever wear. These pajamas are crazy soft and so comfortable, and I wear them all the time watching tv or hanging out at home. They are from Loft, I think. Landon has not really commented on this choice, but the whole robe conversation just got me thinking. Do you think these are extremely ugly and disgusting choices to wear around the house (you can say yes.)? Do you think this is an embarrassment to myself? I am not sure. I get all the same from Landon - blah blah, I love you no matter what, but I want to have some self respect, people. If I am crazy embarrassing myself, I want to know. I do want to be realistic though. None of us wives really have a ribbon in our hair when our husbands come home from work (see Better Homes and Gardens article on how to be a good wife from 1950's). We're in the real world, ladies. I must be a real person. Just perhaps I may need to freshen up the clothing to lie around the house in. I do not sleep in any of these things, which is another story - well, I do sleep in them sometimes if Landon won't allow us to turn on the heat and it's cold :) Here are my questions:
Are these home clothes disgusting?
What should I do about it if they are?
Any other thoughts are welcome.

Pancakes Make Me Feel Sick...BUT WHY???

Last Tuesday night (like not the last Tuesday in this week, but the last Tuesday in last week), we had Eric and Kelli over for a breakfast dinner. IT WAS YUMMY! But...pancakes always make me feel really sick. I don't know why! Maybe because the syrup is so sweet? Every time I eat pancakes, I always have to go on a pancake eating break for a long while so I can forget how sick they made me feel the last time I ate them! Where do you think are the best pancakes? I like IHOP pancakes now, but I also really love Cracker Barrel. I always must use Aunt Jemima syrup, and I really like to warm it up in the microwave first. Landon uses his special syrup - his cane syrup - from his family, but I don't really care for it. It's just different - I tried it and tried to like it...but to no avail. Landon and Eric cooked our meal while I finished one of the blankets for Love Loud. Here are a few pictures of our fun evening.

Do you like my Barnum and Bailey Animal Crackers mug that my syrup is in? Yum.

How to Make a Blanket

For our contribution to Love Loud (or really my contribution because Lan did some other things), I helped make these blankets for a neighborhood our old Sunday School class has really been helping out over the past couple of years. I took pictures for almost every step so you could see how to do them. And, let me just say - and I feel really bad to say this. I did not really enjoy making these. This was the same feeling as scrap booking is for me. Takes a long time, too messy, my hand hurt. Yet, I love the Shutterfly scrap booking and making photo books that way. I'm just not sure what my deal is with actual craft projects. Anyway, I want to share the steps with you. I'm very proud of this blanket accomplishment.

Here is the blanket cut up and folded up and ready to be made on the floor:

So...I laid it out on the floor and tried to get all the sides to touch. I'm a little impatient for this part though so I just have to go with it after a few minutes of trying to get it perfect.

Then, I cut each corner with this square.

After that, I cut strips along every side

No picture for the next part, but then I tied them all in knots, and folded up the blanket to send's the final result!
YAY - I'm excited about the Fountain Lake residents using the blankets we've made! I did barely any work compared to most of the ladies in the Sunday School class...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Win is a Win.

Wow! I've been out of work for an HR conference the past two days so I've just been too busy to update my extremely exciting life. I still haven't uploaded pictures on the camera, so this will be a picture-less post. Sorry! I have got to upload those pictures soon.

First: Let's discuss the game on Saturday. We went to it. It was crazy. We did not play well (understatement). We had a great time though. We read Harry Potter on the way down for a long time, ate Chick-fil-a for lunch, had gorgeous weather for the game, and made it back about 12:40am Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was a hard trip, but a really fun one. We were thankful for a win, but as Landon said in Sunday School the next morning, "We know Alabama is better than us. NO need to tell us. We know."

Second: Chilis 2 for $20. Okay, who has taken advantage of the Chili's 2 for $20 deal? They had this at our Chilis for a while, took it away, and now it's back again. We went there last night with Eric and Kelli. Wow, it is a lot of food. We had skillet queso, then I had fajita quesadillas (did I spell that right?), then we had chocolate chip molten lava cake. Oh my word. It is like gluttonous kind of eating, and I felt like my dad felt (and told us he felt a lot of times) when we took my parents to Okay Cafe and Dad talked about how full he was the rest of the weekend. I was disgusting - yuck.

Third: Woody the Woodcutter. After eating, we headed to Eric and Kelli's to watch a video on their VCR. In May of 2003, a lifetime ago, right before we were married, Landon was asked to be Woody the Woodcutter in a children's musical at church. He rapped a song that started like this, "My name is Woody and I cut down trees. Big ones, small ones, anything with leaves. Maple tree and oak...."
I can't remember anymore - but trust me, it's funny. He had like a toboggan thing on, and it was funny. We watched this video last night for the first time since the actual play. Let me just tell you, Landon has changed a lot since then. On the same video was Landon and me coming home to our house (that I didn't live in yet) when my parents bought us the piano as a surprise for our wedding present and had it waiting for us when we got back from getting furniture at Granny's. I was really tan. The tanning bed really gets you tan - might leave you with skin cancer, but it gets you tan, alright.

I basically have nothing else to report. Did you know that when the recession ends, 50% of people at your job will be actively looking for new jobs? They are completely disengaged now and are just waiting for the economy to be good enough to look for new jobs. And, they will not be the yuck employees - they will be the best employees. Interesting, huh? Did you know this is the first time ever that all four generations are at the workplace together - veterans, baby boomers, gen x, and gen y. crazy, huh? (These are things I learned at my conference). And, that Gen Y can demand stuff like flexible schedules and more work life balance because for every 2 people retiring, there's only 1 Gen Y person to replace them. AND, the baby boomers wish they were retired, but they can't now because of the market and they are mad. There you go. You feel like you were at my SHRM conference, don't you??

I will post pictures TOMORROW (Hopefully).

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Finally Friday

Ya'll, I have got a post in my mind that I SO WANT TO DO! But, I just haven't had time to take pictures that I need to post it...and I've already got some other pictures I want to post but I haven't had time to get them off the camera and onto the computer. I have some random things for today. First of all, you know how I read Kelly's Korner blog? Well, somehow I came across this blog:
I have no idea, really, who this girl is, but she is one of the funniest people and one of the best writers I have ever seen. She is really, really talented. She has a page of quotes on her blog, and I love this one:

"I cannot find in either scripture or history, a strong willed individual whom God used greatly until He allowed them to be hurt deeply." - Charles Swindoll

That is serious stuff. And I love it.
The other quote on there I love is this one:

"A woman becomes beautiful when she knows she's loved...cut off from love, rejected, no one pursuing her, something in a woman wilts like a flower no one waters anymore. But this same woman, who everyone thought was rather plain and unengaging, becomes lovely and inviting when she is pursued." - Stasi Eldridge

That one makes me "wow" too. Isn't it amazing what I could let the Father's love do for me if I'll allow it? Not love from my husband or dad or any man, although that love is wonderful and really reassuring, but just the comfort and confidence I should choose to have knowing the Father is constantly pursuing me, that He created me beautiful - exactly as He wants me - that's really hard for me to swallow - and believe, but wow....if I just would trust in it, my life would be spent with a lot less worry of how I look and what people think about me. He's so good it gives me a shiver. This quote is from the book Captivating, which I haven't read, but had already planned to ask for this Christmas. Have you started making a Christmas list yet?

We had Eric and Kelli over last night for a breakfast dinner. I took some pictures of Landon and Eric cooking in the kitchen - and they are great - but I forgot to upload them last night! We played Phase 10 until about 10 (ha) last night. At first I wasn't doing well, and Landon told them to watch out, that really I was a hustler at that game. RIGHT...Oh, and Landon and Eric moved some furniture in and around for us. We thought of some new nicknames for all of us - do you think I look like a "Scratch"? Do you think the nickname "Nickel" is weird? I promise to post pictures of our dinner last night when I get a chance.

Also, I've been working on a project for our church's Love Loud weekend. It's those blankets - you know, the ones that are like a fleecy material and then you tie knots in them all the way around? I've done the first one, so we have one more to do. I took some pictures of that project and need to post them, as well.

Tomorrow is the game. I think 3:30pm will be a good game time for us to travel down there and get back. We'll get back pretty crazy late, but not as crazy as we've done before - and, we won't have to leave at 4am like we did last time.

Finally...Krista's shower is next weekend...check out the invitation:

The church ladies sent postcards for the shower invitation. I thought this was a very smart idea. Save on postage. Isn't she beautiful??? She and Matt are getting married December 19 this year. I'm so excited! Krista and I look somewhat alike - more and more it seems as we get older - and I love it when people ask if we're twins. That really makes me happy since we are 6 years apart :) Krista has always had better hair than me. Hers is more like a Pantene commercial - and mine is more like Barbie doll hair or straw. Anyway, the sparklebaby will be getting married in December...I'm sure I'll have much more to say about all of that as the occasion draws closer.

OOh, I want to ask one more thing. Who takes their comforter to the dry cleaner? I will make a confession now, but please don't judge me. We got a new comforter when we moved to Woodstock (we basically got a new "everything" because of Katrina). I have not washed that comforter in the entire time we've lived here (almost 4 years). I've thought about it lots of times, but I always felt overwhelmed by what in the world I was supposed to do with it. I didn't think it'd fit in the washer or it would mess it up...or what if I washed - should I put it in the dryer? So...after the whole dustmite presentation on our big bed a few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I took the dust ruffle off the bed myself (note: not a good idea to pull that off by yourself if you have a really heavy king size mattress) and the comforter and took them to the dry cleaner. Mind you, I took the comforter to the cleaners this week when it's the coldest at night it's been so far this fall, and Landon will not allow us to turn the heat on yet. It was 67 upstairs when I came home...but it was 68 this morning, so although I slept in full serious warm clothes and didn't take them off in the middle of the night, I wasn't freezing. Back to the comforter. I took it to the cleaners. The lady (who always asks me in a Chinese (because she is Chinese) where my baby is...."Where's your baby today?", and I always nervously laugh and say, "I don't have a baby, remember? Just me!" ) first told me I could not get the 10 percent off on my comforter because it wasn't clothes. Then, she told me it would be 5 days before I got it back. Oh, how I hope I really get it back....and it's really mine...and nobody did anything gross with it. I'm picking my old friend up today! I love this comforter. Although I have sort of just started wanting one of those down comforters, I really am not sure yet, and I really love this one. It's Croscill, and it was expensive, so I'm thinking we'll keep it a few more years. Hey, if we only keep it a few more years, I'll never have to clean it again and then can just get a new one :) Here's a picture of what it looks like:
I think I've been random enough for now. Since you're probably about to have a seizure from your head spinning from so many random subjects, I will sign off for now, my peeps.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid Week Update

Ya'll, I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about this week! I do have some funny stories, but I can't put them on here! One is about dust mites and one is about what it actually means when you go to certain doctors to "chat". So...I guess I'll just update you on my boring life. The weekend was good. On Sunday afternoon, I drove downtown and met cousin Amy, Brad, and Kayla, Gabe, and Brayson to have lunch after they had their pictures made by Joy. I had such a great time with them! Good grief, I love their family!!! Then, I decided to do some shopping. Well, let me just tell you this. I went to Lennox mall - which is a long and boring story why since I was supposed to go to Perimeter. It had to do with paying a 50 cents toll that I didn't want to pay. I really do not like Lennox mall. Why in the world would there be an Ann Taylor Loft in that mall that is the size of a shoebox??? It just makes no sense to me. And, although they are the flagship Macy's for Atlanta...whatever...I think Perimeter is at least the same or better. I really need some new fall clothes...and I really need some new fall shoes - but I had very little luck. I did buy this dress below:

I'm wearing it today, and it is so cute!! I have it on with black tights and boots. It's cool and rainy here today! Winter is on the way - and I'm excited!!

Co-worker, Mandy, is back from leave this week! I feel kind of lost because I've been doing all the different jobs - I really liked it. But, I'm also happy she's back so I can see her every day. Her baby is like the sweetest thing EVER.

Last night Landon cooked chicken parmesan for us - it was delicious! I should have taken more pictures. Oh I have one funny story to tell. We were able to get a free bookshelf - I'm not sure if I should say how because I don't want our friend to get in trouble - but anyway, Landon went to pick it up yesterday afternoon. So, you know we don't have the truck anymore. He was able to fit it in the Murano, but he had to do the driver's seat up crazy far. He was like all the way in the dash. I mean, he called me and told me he was feeling really sick and had the air on full blast. So, last night about 9:30pm, we remember this thing is still in the car and go downstairs to get it out. He got up in the driver's seat so I could see how he had been crammed into it. Ya'll, it was hilarious. I mean I laughed and laughed over it. I do not know how he even fit in there, but the fact that he was able to drive probably 20 minutes home is insane. It was really funny.

Today we have been making weekend plans. A man who works in our Atlanta office has season tickets to the gator games. Well...he's not going this're going!!! We are maniacs! That's about it for now! I'm thinking of a very interesting post I might do would be more interesting for girls, I think, not boys, so much.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday - Favorite Team!

First of all, I wrote the wrong Friday sorry! This is the one I was supposed to do for today!

I LOVE THE FLORIDA GATORS!!! I don't know how I could not love them since I've grown up in a Gator family....and I mean a serious Gator family. My parents met at the Baptist Student Center while at UF - and their brothers, sisters, etc. have mostly all gone to Florida, too. We love to go to home games as often as we can - which is usually once or twice a season. We've been to the Troy game at UF already this year and we are going to the Vanderbilt game in November. Landon and I met at UF, although we are from the same area at home. I had a great experience in school there, and I am a Gator for life! In all kinds of weather, we all stick together!!! Here are a few pictures from the last couple of years of games...

I hope our future children will go to school at UF one day, and we would love to be season ticket holders one day! GO GATORS!! If you've read more than one of my other probably already know I love UF....I'm wearing my I Heart Tebow pin today! Beat LSU!!!

Show Us Your Life Friday - My Hometown(s)

My Hometown(s)
Today on Show Us Your Life Friday, we are showing our hometown. I grew up from birth to 7th grade in one town, and then we moved to another for my 8th grade and high school years (and my parents still live there now). Both places have things I love, so I want to share about both towns. And, know that I don't have really any pictures, except what I got off the Internet (recall: Katrina got the pictures...) we go!
Here's a map showing DeFuniak Springs, Florida, and Crestview, Florida. They are both in the FL panhandle, about 30 minutes from Destin and the beaches. Like I said above, my family lived in DeFuniak until right after 7th grade, and then we moved to Crestview.

One of the neatest things about DeFuniak is that it has a huge lake in the center of town. I think this lake is like the 2nd roundest lake in....I don't remember...of course, I want to say the world, but I'm sure that's not true. Anyway, it's almost perfectly round. Around the like are gorgeous houses like the one below. The couple of years I went to middle school here, we were close to the lake and would walk to it on Fridays for P.E. and have to run around it. I started piano lessons in the 4th grade and took from a lady who lived pretty close to around the lake. I went to West DeFuniak Elementary School and then Walton Middle School. Isn't this house beautiful? It's just one of many around the lake that are gorgeous. My family owned a clothing store downtown called Wise Department Store. My mom taught at Walton Middle School - 8th grade English.

Here's a picture of the Public Library in DeFuniak. It's the oldest Public Library in the entire state of Florida - crazy, huh? Momma used to take me here almost every single week and we would check out books to read. It's one of my very favorite places. Two of my favorite restaurants in DeFuniak are Tastee Freeze (also known as Ed's Restaurant) - they have the best steer cheeseburger and krinkle cut fries I've ever had. Oh, and they have real cherry coke - like coke with chunks of cherries that come up through your fat straw. It's awesome! My other favorite restaurant is called Mom and Dad's. It's an Italian restaurant.
When I was in 4th grade, my parents decided to close Wise Department Store. For a couple of years my dad did some different things, and then my Grandpa asked him to come to work with him and reopen a tractor store Grandpa owned years ago and had sold to some people (and it didn't go well for them - many reasons - will not go into it). So...when I was in 8th grade (or maybe a year or two before), Daddy started at Wise Equipment. Wise Equipment was in Crestview, 30 minutes away from DeFuniak, so we started a move. This was a great move for my family - I'm SO THANKFUL we moved to Crestview. My mom got a job at Richbourg Middle School in Crestview teaching 8th grade English. The schools were a lot bigger, so I had a great experience at the high school there (which I'll elaborate more down below). Anyway, Wise Equip. was a big hit - they reopened it and over the years as Crestview has boomed in growth, Wise Equip. has grown too. I worked a lot there over some of my college years and even some of my first couple of married years when I moved back home.

Here's a picture of my high school. I know you are thinking that you can't believe I was a Bulldog in high school. I didn't really think that was a big deal until moving to Georgia and becoming up close and personal with the Georgia Bulldogs - now, I can't believe I cheered for Bulldogs in high school. The high school was fantastic. I had GREAT teachers, and I played the piano the years I was there for our choral program. I could not have had a better high school experience. My senior year, especially, was fantastic. At the end of the year, in true small town fashion, they shut down the main highway through town and let the seniors have a parade through town. Then, we all head to the football field and do a field day kind of things with all sorts of relays. I graduated with honors in 1999 - all my family had come up from Winter Haven for graduation, and then it rained like crazy in the middle of the outside graduation! My best friend was Stephanie Luke, and we loved to drive around to all kinds of places, eat McDonalds french fries with cold ketchup, drink Surge (who remembers Surge??), and eat Mia's bread sticks. Being in Crestview and at the high school there, since it was so much larger than DeFuniak, really gave me greater opportunities - and more people to fit in with. There was more of a Christian crowd, and I was able to play the piano for lots more stuff.
That's about it! I had a great hometown!! Both of them! My heart is more in Crestview since that's where I started driving, gaining independence, and really felt like it was MY town. But, DeFuniak was a great place, as well. Thanks for learning about my hometown today! Sorry I don't have any of my own pictures up on here!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Story Time

This story is really not that funny, but I thought of it last night, for some reason, and it just was totally cracking me up. About 5 years ago, when we still lived in Crestview, I taught piano lessons for a year. It was interesting experience for me. The main thing I liked about it was that it was like having your own business. I took in the money; I kept track of the lessons; I handled all that administrative stuff and loved that aspect of it. I somewhat enjoyed teaching the lessons. I had just a few students (and it's amazing how cheap I gave those lessons now that we're here in Atlanta and can see how expensive it is), and taught the lessons in our home. We had a great house there in Crestview - the best house we've lived in through all of our moves. When you walked in the front door, there was a separate dining room on the left and a study on the right, and then you moved on into the living room. The piano was in the empty dining room with my bridal portrait hanging over it. And, my parents gave us the piano as a wedding present. Anyway, enough background. I had a student I will call "A". I would never want this person to run across this story and be embarrassed or even know it was about her, yet...if she did run across this story, I'm not sure how she could NOT know it was about her. "A" came for her lesson, and since she was early, she had to wait about 10 minutes for me to finish with my current lesson. When I got ready to take her, she asked if she could use the restroom. I don't really like for people to use our restroom, but I understand it is a fact of life, and I am not unreasonable, so of course, I said yes. She came back from the restroom, and we began the lesson. Things seem normal and fine. We finish the lesson (where she always banged on the piano and played extremely loudly, and I would have to say thing like "Don't wake baby Jesus - He is sleeping!!!" while she was blasting away at Away in the Manger), and she leaves our house. Landon gets home from work (his surveying job...another lifetime) and we cook dinner. I think I must have cooked that night because we got ready to eat, and I had all the food on the table. Right when we were about to sit down Landon says, "I think I'll run to the restroom really quick. Be right back." He walked into the guest bathroom, then immediately walks out and just shuts the door behind him. He says, "There's a problem in there. Let's just eat, and then we'll fix it. Your student stopped up the toilet." Ya'll, "A" had thrown crazy toilet paper in that toilet and stopped it up bad. We ate, and then we realized we didn't even have a plunger. It was the first time we'd needed one since we'd been married, and we didn't own one yet. We had to get in the car after dinner and go to Lowe's to get a plunger to take care of the problem. Let me just tell you. It is one thing to clean up your own business gone wrong. It is another thing to clean up someone's business gone wrong you barely know. It is bad. And, it was funny. Landon had to do it, and it was hilarious. I can't really remember why it was so funny...but it just was. I remember laughing so hard I could barely get my dinner down, and then laughing while Landon was in the bathroom cleaning it up. I cannot remember if she ever used the restroom at our house again, but I'll never forget her just normal little peaceful face coming into the dining room for her lesson, when she'd just torn up our entire bathroom. I hope you enjoyed this long story time today....It's almost Friday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Perfect Place to Relax...NOT

So, last night Landon is in the kitchen making some cornbread for our dinner. We were eating leftover chili for the last time, and he wanted to have cornbread with it. A lot of times, if he cooks us something (L probably cooks half the time), I'll sit on the floor below the clock with a pillow from the couch and lean up against the wall and talk to him while he cooks. Sad that there are 8 chairs right next to where I'm sitting on the floor...yet I choose to sit or lie there in the floor to chat. (I should have made the circles bigger with our names on them showing where we sit...too late now)

So, Landon puts the cornbread in the oven for 25 minutes. Then he says, "Do you want to go in the living room and watch one of our shows while we wait for this to cook?" I say, "We can, but I kind of like us being in here so we can just talk." As if you walk in the living room the television handcuffs you to the chair and turns itself on in your face against your will. So, Landon just slides down the cabinet and sits here on the rug in front of the sink.
We just chat away like this for a while - probably for about 15 minutes or so, and then I realize. We have a decent home. We have many chairs to choose from...yet, we are both sitting on the floor in the kitchen like we have nowhere else to go. Isn't that weird? I really enjoyed us getting to talk though - sometimes the tv is a big temptation to turn on. We've learned about managing our time and being disciplined to have quality time, but's hard sometimes. I really enjoyed our kitchen chat last night. Maybe we should get some bean bags to sit on? I definitely think in our next house we need to try to have room for a love seat or oversize chair in there, for sure. You would think the kitchen is just for cooking, but for the's for chatting, too.

Mid Week Update

Time for a mid week update. Although I really don't have very much to say. Here are some new pictures I just got from cousin Heather. This is from several weeks ago when we went to David and Heather's house to watch the FL game...aren't the girls funny standing beside us? I'm just sorry Dawson wasn't in the picture too!

Then, here's the four of us - David, Heather, me, and Landon! I'm so glad Heather sent me these pictures!
I was thinking about what I have to write about (aside from showing you these new pictures). Let's talk about new tv shows I am into right now.
1. House
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Glee (except that I think it's borderline it may have to go off my list :( which is unfortunate because I love the SINGING!)
4. House Hunters (this is a staple show and always on my list)
5. The Office (this is the first season we've watched The Office together. I have always thought this show looked funny, but I'd never consistently watched it)
6. Community (we are still trying this out - I didn't think it was very funny the first week, and it's still on the DVR from week 2...unwatched)
That's it! OOOH....I KNOW what else I'll update about. The cleaning situation at our house. After I wrote that post quite a while back about feeling overwhelmed with the cleaning, Landon asked me to make a list of everything I do (or would do if I had time) in every room of the house. So, I did. He then took the list away, and I have no idea where it is. So...for the past few weeks or month, he has been helping me SO MUCH! I mean crazy a lot! I came home yesterday and he had cleaned our entire bathroom - I mean, everything, people - everything on my list!! He had even cleaned out my electric toothbrush holder! I was so excited - Acts of Service is definitely my #2 love language (my first is words of affirmation).

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Weekend

It's pretty sad if you're starting off Monday and you can't even figure out how to spell the word "Weekend" in your blog title. Yikes - my Monday is starting off kind of scattered. I seem to be having a really klutzy morning so far - not really klutzy, just like frustrating where it seems like anything I do is not really going smoothly. Does that make sense? Like...I got up this morning (left Landon in bed since it's his day off - after WORKING 7 DAYS IN A ROW - CRAZY), got ready (which went smoothly), and then drove to work in the rain. That's probably why I feel frazzled. Then, when I got here, I realized the ribbon I put in my hair (kind of like a headband - but headbands make me get headaches) was making my ears stick out like crazy. So, I took it off. One accessory down. Then, I went in Malissa's office to get her camera cord (we have the same camera so I borrow her cord a lot) and when I leaned back up from the computer, my necklace got caught on the corner of the desk and broke. Accessory #2 down. I'm thinking Kelli may be able to fix my necklace, but I'm not sure. I already have a safety pin holding the back of the necklace together.....and it's my favorite!! Maybe it's just not meant to be. I don't really think anything else has happened, but I just feel like scattered. I'm not sure what else could happen, but I'll fill you in if more stuff goes crazy. OH yeah....wasn't I going to report on the weekend?

After I told Kelli point blank in an email Friday morning that we were NOT coming to bowling Friday night....guess what? Landon wanted to go. Which was totally fine - I just didn't want to bowl, my ownself. First, he and I ran by Sonic to get something to eat. This should be a blog post all on its own. Why is it that NO TIME, I mean NOT ONE TIME have we ever gone to Sonic and our order has been right? Never. Not ever. So, again, it happened. Our hamburgers were wrong - they had to take Landon's back (I just dealt with mine - only pickles and onions were wrong on there and they were easy to take off), and then when they brought it back again, it was WRONG again!!! So, Landon just threw the lettuce in the flower bed, and we moved on. Then we headed to the bowling alley. I had a great time catching up with my friends that I never get to see much. Eric and Kelli had bowling trophies for the girl and boy winners, so you can see Landon winning the boy trophy and Leann winning the girl trophy. She's the crazy best bowler I have ever seen in my life - for a girl, I mean.

Eric and Kelli ready to do the awards portion of the evening

Landon winning his award

Leann winning her award (with her eyes up like that...doesn't it look like every dream of her life is coming true?)
On Saturday, Landon had to work, so I slept late and just stayed home and cleaned up, read, caught up on the Biggest Loser, etc. It was nice. Then our weekend really took off. Landon has a friend who has just started selling the Kirby vacuum - wait, not vacuum, cleaning SYSTEM... ...and he wanted to come over and practice on us. Landon told him sure, so he came about 3:30. We talked about going to the North Georgia fair Saturday night, but really hadn't made up our minds. Well, thank goodness we had not decided to go to that fair because the Kirby demonstration took 3 hours, my friends. It was crazy! Turn it on, turn it off, show us the dirt. Turn it on, turn it off, show us the dirt. Turn it on, turn it off, show us the dirt. If you can imagine this for a really long time...that's how it went down. Oh, except for the part where we busted up to our bedroom pulled back the sheets and had a discussion on how many dust mites were in our bed. I will not even tell you the facts that he told us - because I do not want you to be haunted with the knowledge the rest of your life as I will be. I will just let the picture suffice. Oh yes, and let me just say, we are living in filth. I am living in filth - no matter what I do; unless I get a Kirby. There's much more to this story - but if you want to know, I'll just have to tell you in person because it was wild. The guy did a fine job explaining everything and sharing and filling up the pads with dirt after dirt. All in all, the Kirby is a fine vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum is a piece of trash. We know. These are facts. Yet, we do not have $2K to spend on anything, much less a vacuum cleaner - we'll just have to keep whittling away at all that student loan debt instead of buying quality vacuum cleaners. But, when I get a chance (perhaps tonight), I am going to take our vacuum upstairs and try to vacuum the dust mites out of the bed like he showed us the Kirby can do - he would have done it for us if we had given him 5-10 referrals....but I just wasn't comfortable doing it. more story about that for the road, just to give you the flavor. One time, he wanted to demonstrate how strong and sturdy the hose was. He asked me to grab one end, and I thought he was going to pull, but instead, he twisted it over and over really hard. Well, my pinky finger got caught in all the twisting. I was like, yelling, "Augh, Augh!" Then, Landon had to play that game. It took so long I had to get a snack of Frito's in the midst of it. I didn't even realize people sold stuff like that anymore door to door. I really hope Landon's friend has a lot of success - if we had an extra $2K (ha, I just almost forgot the K, which is about right....we don't even have an extra $2), we'd love to buy a Kirby - we thought it was great quality....just no extra money.
Sunday - Landon worked...again. Have you ever felt like you just want something exciting to happen? That's how I feel. I know God is using us at Woodstock, but it just seems like we're so ready...beyond bordering on bad attitude from waiting (uh, let me speak for myself, not Landon). So, we wait. Last night Eric and Kelli came over and we watched I am Legend. I forgot how suspenseful this movie is...and now I have to watch for dark seekers everywhere for a while....until I forget how scary it was :)

What will this week hold? Hopefully no more broken accessories....and maybe a phone call from a church? Wishful thinking...but it could happen.