Monday, October 26, 2009

The Magical World of Barbie/Barbie's Birthday Party

So, a while back, my sister discovers that our cousin, Heather (David's wife), was in one of her favorite videos as a child, Barbie's Birthday Party. This video (below) was one of Krista's favorites for a while. It's about two girls who go to Epcot and have their birthday parties (or something like this....this is not quite right)...and it shows all around Epcot. At the end of the little video, it shows the live stage show that was at Epcot at the time, The Magical World of Barbie. I think Krista discovered from Heather's facebook page and pictures that she was in this video. So...this past weekend when I was home, we dug it out (actually Krista dug it out and said it was at the very front of the old video cabinet - weird), and we watched it. My, Landon, Krista, and my parents (when they weren't asleep - don't worry, we woke them up screaming anytime Heather came on).

Look at these pictures of Heather (I really hope it's okay with her I am writing this post!!)!! Isn't this awesome!???? She was one of the barbies in the live show!!!! And, it was before we ever knew her and before she was in our family!!!

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  1. I totally meant to leave a comment on this first post so you'd see it, and then I did it on the second, so here it is again :)

    Hey, I was so excited to see your comment on my blog. I just barely got facebook last week and was trying to find you and couldn't. You look so great, and I can't believe Krista is getting married. It really has been a long time, must be at least 10 years, so much has happened. I'd love to email you and hear all that has been going on it your life (I was reading about when you had to play the piano with the ear piece thing, hilarious!) Email me when you get a chance.