Monday, October 5, 2009

The Weekend

It's pretty sad if you're starting off Monday and you can't even figure out how to spell the word "Weekend" in your blog title. Yikes - my Monday is starting off kind of scattered. I seem to be having a really klutzy morning so far - not really klutzy, just like frustrating where it seems like anything I do is not really going smoothly. Does that make sense? Like...I got up this morning (left Landon in bed since it's his day off - after WORKING 7 DAYS IN A ROW - CRAZY), got ready (which went smoothly), and then drove to work in the rain. That's probably why I feel frazzled. Then, when I got here, I realized the ribbon I put in my hair (kind of like a headband - but headbands make me get headaches) was making my ears stick out like crazy. So, I took it off. One accessory down. Then, I went in Malissa's office to get her camera cord (we have the same camera so I borrow her cord a lot) and when I leaned back up from the computer, my necklace got caught on the corner of the desk and broke. Accessory #2 down. I'm thinking Kelli may be able to fix my necklace, but I'm not sure. I already have a safety pin holding the back of the necklace together.....and it's my favorite!! Maybe it's just not meant to be. I don't really think anything else has happened, but I just feel like scattered. I'm not sure what else could happen, but I'll fill you in if more stuff goes crazy. OH yeah....wasn't I going to report on the weekend?

After I told Kelli point blank in an email Friday morning that we were NOT coming to bowling Friday night....guess what? Landon wanted to go. Which was totally fine - I just didn't want to bowl, my ownself. First, he and I ran by Sonic to get something to eat. This should be a blog post all on its own. Why is it that NO TIME, I mean NOT ONE TIME have we ever gone to Sonic and our order has been right? Never. Not ever. So, again, it happened. Our hamburgers were wrong - they had to take Landon's back (I just dealt with mine - only pickles and onions were wrong on there and they were easy to take off), and then when they brought it back again, it was WRONG again!!! So, Landon just threw the lettuce in the flower bed, and we moved on. Then we headed to the bowling alley. I had a great time catching up with my friends that I never get to see much. Eric and Kelli had bowling trophies for the girl and boy winners, so you can see Landon winning the boy trophy and Leann winning the girl trophy. She's the crazy best bowler I have ever seen in my life - for a girl, I mean.

Eric and Kelli ready to do the awards portion of the evening

Landon winning his award

Leann winning her award (with her eyes up like that...doesn't it look like every dream of her life is coming true?)
On Saturday, Landon had to work, so I slept late and just stayed home and cleaned up, read, caught up on the Biggest Loser, etc. It was nice. Then our weekend really took off. Landon has a friend who has just started selling the Kirby vacuum - wait, not vacuum, cleaning SYSTEM... ...and he wanted to come over and practice on us. Landon told him sure, so he came about 3:30. We talked about going to the North Georgia fair Saturday night, but really hadn't made up our minds. Well, thank goodness we had not decided to go to that fair because the Kirby demonstration took 3 hours, my friends. It was crazy! Turn it on, turn it off, show us the dirt. Turn it on, turn it off, show us the dirt. Turn it on, turn it off, show us the dirt. If you can imagine this for a really long time...that's how it went down. Oh, except for the part where we busted up to our bedroom pulled back the sheets and had a discussion on how many dust mites were in our bed. I will not even tell you the facts that he told us - because I do not want you to be haunted with the knowledge the rest of your life as I will be. I will just let the picture suffice. Oh yes, and let me just say, we are living in filth. I am living in filth - no matter what I do; unless I get a Kirby. There's much more to this story - but if you want to know, I'll just have to tell you in person because it was wild. The guy did a fine job explaining everything and sharing and filling up the pads with dirt after dirt. All in all, the Kirby is a fine vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum is a piece of trash. We know. These are facts. Yet, we do not have $2K to spend on anything, much less a vacuum cleaner - we'll just have to keep whittling away at all that student loan debt instead of buying quality vacuum cleaners. But, when I get a chance (perhaps tonight), I am going to take our vacuum upstairs and try to vacuum the dust mites out of the bed like he showed us the Kirby can do - he would have done it for us if we had given him 5-10 referrals....but I just wasn't comfortable doing it. more story about that for the road, just to give you the flavor. One time, he wanted to demonstrate how strong and sturdy the hose was. He asked me to grab one end, and I thought he was going to pull, but instead, he twisted it over and over really hard. Well, my pinky finger got caught in all the twisting. I was like, yelling, "Augh, Augh!" Then, Landon had to play that game. It took so long I had to get a snack of Frito's in the midst of it. I didn't even realize people sold stuff like that anymore door to door. I really hope Landon's friend has a lot of success - if we had an extra $2K (ha, I just almost forgot the K, which is about right....we don't even have an extra $2), we'd love to buy a Kirby - we thought it was great quality....just no extra money.
Sunday - Landon worked...again. Have you ever felt like you just want something exciting to happen? That's how I feel. I know God is using us at Woodstock, but it just seems like we're so ready...beyond bordering on bad attitude from waiting (uh, let me speak for myself, not Landon). So, we wait. Last night Eric and Kelli came over and we watched I am Legend. I forgot how suspenseful this movie is...and now I have to watch for dark seekers everywhere for a while....until I forget how scary it was :)

What will this week hold? Hopefully no more broken accessories....and maybe a phone call from a church? Wishful thinking...but it could happen.

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