Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid Week Update

Time for a mid week update. Although I really don't have very much to say. Here are some new pictures I just got from cousin Heather. This is from several weeks ago when we went to David and Heather's house to watch the FL game...aren't the girls funny standing beside us? I'm just sorry Dawson wasn't in the picture too!

Then, here's the four of us - David, Heather, me, and Landon! I'm so glad Heather sent me these pictures!
I was thinking about what I have to write about (aside from showing you these new pictures). Let's talk about new tv shows I am into right now.
1. House
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Glee (except that I think it's borderline it may have to go off my list :( which is unfortunate because I love the SINGING!)
4. House Hunters (this is a staple show and always on my list)
5. The Office (this is the first season we've watched The Office together. I have always thought this show looked funny, but I'd never consistently watched it)
6. Community (we are still trying this out - I didn't think it was very funny the first week, and it's still on the DVR from week 2...unwatched)
That's it! OOOH....I KNOW what else I'll update about. The cleaning situation at our house. After I wrote that post quite a while back about feeling overwhelmed with the cleaning, Landon asked me to make a list of everything I do (or would do if I had time) in every room of the house. So, I did. He then took the list away, and I have no idea where it is. So...for the past few weeks or month, he has been helping me SO MUCH! I mean crazy a lot! I came home yesterday and he had cleaned our entire bathroom - I mean, everything, people - everything on my list!! He had even cleaned out my electric toothbrush holder! I was so excited - Acts of Service is definitely my #2 love language (my first is words of affirmation).

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  1. House and The Office are my shows too! I watched a few episodes of Glee, and my reaction is the same as yours.