Friday, October 2, 2009

Tim Tebow - the Son I've Never Had

Okay, so do you think it's strange that I love Tim Tebow as if he were my son? Landon will probably make me remove this post because he'll say it's so bizarre. Let me try explain so it won't sound so crazy. We love Tim Tebow. Remember how I got to high five him last year at Vandy?? I tried to post that picture...but it's a movie, and I tried to take a screenshot of it, and just copy it in...I can't get it to work - just suffice it to say, IT WAS VERY EXCITING!!! We love him for so many reasons - mainly because of what he stands for, and how he stands for it in a GENUINE way, not a fake "I want attention" way. We love him because he's a GATOR. We love him because he's a great football player, and not just great - he has heart, and plays with reckless abandon, and huge passion for the game. We love him because he's a great leader with his teammates - his role when he comes to the sideline during games is nearly as important as the role he plays on the field. He is a great guy. As you know, my family is made up of nearly all Gators. While my parents were here last weekend, and the Kentucky game was going on, you probably know, Tim took a really bad hit. As all four of us were sitting there watching, stunned, with our hands to our mouths in could have heard a pin drop. I just love that boy - like I think I would love a son. And I said, "Tim Tebow is like the Gator Nation's son." We all just love him. We love him for who he is, what he stands for...oh right, I've already said all that above. We are so happy that he is okay - or appears to be okay for now. Sure, I hope he can play so we can crazy kill other teams (like LSU next Sat.), but mainly I just hope he's alright, whether he sets foot on the football field for UF again or not. He is a great voice in his generation - and I know he has done and is doing and will do a TON for the Kingdom. Okay, enough serious business. Now, let's get to my button. When Momma and Daddy were here, Mom busts out on Saturday morning with this button.

Um, excuse me, I've been waiting my whole life for this button. I always struggle at work with what I can wear on a Friday to support the Gators, but in a very subtle way. THIS IS IT. Isn't it cute??? I got the web address where Momma got her pin, and I ordered my own. It came yesterday....but guess what? This week is a bye week. We're not even playing, so I couldn't try wearing the pin today! Now, we have a fairly strict dress code at work (which I will not even get into). I'm unsure if this pin actually fits into the guidelines, but we really don't have any guidelines on pen wearage (is wearage a word - I don't think so). So...I'm going to try it. But, I have to wait for next week!! I just have to hang Friday will be here before I know it....and I will be wearing this CUTE pin (maybe for only one week if I get told not to wear it anymore). I'll have to try to get a picture when I wear it next Friday to show you.

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