Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday - Favorite Team!

First of all, I wrote the wrong Friday sorry! This is the one I was supposed to do for today!

I LOVE THE FLORIDA GATORS!!! I don't know how I could not love them since I've grown up in a Gator family....and I mean a serious Gator family. My parents met at the Baptist Student Center while at UF - and their brothers, sisters, etc. have mostly all gone to Florida, too. We love to go to home games as often as we can - which is usually once or twice a season. We've been to the Troy game at UF already this year and we are going to the Vanderbilt game in November. Landon and I met at UF, although we are from the same area at home. I had a great experience in school there, and I am a Gator for life! In all kinds of weather, we all stick together!!! Here are a few pictures from the last couple of years of games...

I hope our future children will go to school at UF one day, and we would love to be season ticket holders one day! GO GATORS!! If you've read more than one of my other probably already know I love UF....I'm wearing my I Heart Tebow pin today! Beat LSU!!!


  1. Stopping by from Kelly's, bein from FL I just had to visit a fellow Gator fan. Great picture with Alberta!!
    Goooo Gators!

  2. I love the Gators although I am a bigger Auburn fan! My dad is a huge UF fan but I decided to rebel and go to school out of state. I am cheering you guys on for Saturday! LETS GO GATORS!

  3. From Kelly's Korner.... Just had to say Go Gators!