Monday, October 26, 2009

Love Loud Concert

On Sunday, after we got home, we headed straight to the park for the Love Loud Concert. Remember how I made the blankets to help with Love Loud? Well, this was a big celebration concert to wrap up the whole weekend. It was great....and gorgeous weather. Did I mention I'm tired from the weekend though?
This is a balloon animal Eric took apart and re-made that someone else made for us. It is a poodle, I think. Except that there was something wrong with the back of it, so instead of making legs for it, we made it into an anklet. Nice, huh?

Landon and Me - I think my hair looks stringy in this picture - which is never something I've ever even thought to utter about my hair. It was like 0 humidity though, so now I'm just thinking that maybe this is what my hair looks like in dry air. Since I've grown up in FL and never lived where there's not much humidity, I've never experienced hair without the humidity effects.

Eric and Kelli - this picture is crazy. We took several pictures, but they didn't really like them, so I guess Landon finally took this one like they were lying on the ground or something. Funny.
These are our friends, David and Jessica, and 7 week old baby, Phillipe (shoot, I hope that's how to spell that!!). This is the first time I've gotten to meet little Phillipe, so I was excited!! Isn't his hair GREAT!!??

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  1. Hey, I was so excited to see your comment on my blog. I just barely got facebook last week and was trying to find you and couldn't. You look so great, and I can't believe Krista is getting married. It really has been a long time, must be at least 10 years, so much has happened. I'd love to email you and hear all that has been going on it your life (I was reading about when you had to play the piano with the ear piece thing, hilarious!) Email me when you get a chance.