Thursday, October 8, 2009

Story Time

This story is really not that funny, but I thought of it last night, for some reason, and it just was totally cracking me up. About 5 years ago, when we still lived in Crestview, I taught piano lessons for a year. It was interesting experience for me. The main thing I liked about it was that it was like having your own business. I took in the money; I kept track of the lessons; I handled all that administrative stuff and loved that aspect of it. I somewhat enjoyed teaching the lessons. I had just a few students (and it's amazing how cheap I gave those lessons now that we're here in Atlanta and can see how expensive it is), and taught the lessons in our home. We had a great house there in Crestview - the best house we've lived in through all of our moves. When you walked in the front door, there was a separate dining room on the left and a study on the right, and then you moved on into the living room. The piano was in the empty dining room with my bridal portrait hanging over it. And, my parents gave us the piano as a wedding present. Anyway, enough background. I had a student I will call "A". I would never want this person to run across this story and be embarrassed or even know it was about her, yet...if she did run across this story, I'm not sure how she could NOT know it was about her. "A" came for her lesson, and since she was early, she had to wait about 10 minutes for me to finish with my current lesson. When I got ready to take her, she asked if she could use the restroom. I don't really like for people to use our restroom, but I understand it is a fact of life, and I am not unreasonable, so of course, I said yes. She came back from the restroom, and we began the lesson. Things seem normal and fine. We finish the lesson (where she always banged on the piano and played extremely loudly, and I would have to say thing like "Don't wake baby Jesus - He is sleeping!!!" while she was blasting away at Away in the Manger), and she leaves our house. Landon gets home from work (his surveying job...another lifetime) and we cook dinner. I think I must have cooked that night because we got ready to eat, and I had all the food on the table. Right when we were about to sit down Landon says, "I think I'll run to the restroom really quick. Be right back." He walked into the guest bathroom, then immediately walks out and just shuts the door behind him. He says, "There's a problem in there. Let's just eat, and then we'll fix it. Your student stopped up the toilet." Ya'll, "A" had thrown crazy toilet paper in that toilet and stopped it up bad. We ate, and then we realized we didn't even have a plunger. It was the first time we'd needed one since we'd been married, and we didn't own one yet. We had to get in the car after dinner and go to Lowe's to get a plunger to take care of the problem. Let me just tell you. It is one thing to clean up your own business gone wrong. It is another thing to clean up someone's business gone wrong you barely know. It is bad. And, it was funny. Landon had to do it, and it was hilarious. I can't really remember why it was so funny...but it just was. I remember laughing so hard I could barely get my dinner down, and then laughing while Landon was in the bathroom cleaning it up. I cannot remember if she ever used the restroom at our house again, but I'll never forget her just normal little peaceful face coming into the dining room for her lesson, when she'd just torn up our entire bathroom. I hope you enjoyed this long story time today....It's almost Friday!

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