Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Make a Blanket

For our contribution to Love Loud (or really my contribution because Lan did some other things), I helped make these blankets for a neighborhood our old Sunday School class has really been helping out over the past couple of years. I took pictures for almost every step so you could see how to do them. And, let me just say - and I feel really bad to say this. I did not really enjoy making these. This was the same feeling as scrap booking is for me. Takes a long time, too messy, my hand hurt. Yet, I love the Shutterfly scrap booking and making photo books that way. I'm just not sure what my deal is with actual craft projects. Anyway, I want to share the steps with you. I'm very proud of this blanket accomplishment.

Here is the blanket cut up and folded up and ready to be made on the floor:

So...I laid it out on the floor and tried to get all the sides to touch. I'm a little impatient for this part though so I just have to go with it after a few minutes of trying to get it perfect.

Then, I cut each corner with this square.

After that, I cut strips along every side

No picture for the next part, but then I tied them all in knots, and folded up the blanket to send's the final result!
YAY - I'm excited about the Fountain Lake residents using the blankets we've made! I did barely any work compared to most of the ladies in the Sunday School class...

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