Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Win is a Win.

Wow! I've been out of work for an HR conference the past two days so I've just been too busy to update my extremely exciting life. I still haven't uploaded pictures on the camera, so this will be a picture-less post. Sorry! I have got to upload those pictures soon.

First: Let's discuss the game on Saturday. We went to it. It was crazy. We did not play well (understatement). We had a great time though. We read Harry Potter on the way down for a long time, ate Chick-fil-a for lunch, had gorgeous weather for the game, and made it back about 12:40am Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was a hard trip, but a really fun one. We were thankful for a win, but as Landon said in Sunday School the next morning, "We know Alabama is better than us. NO need to tell us. We know."

Second: Chilis 2 for $20. Okay, who has taken advantage of the Chili's 2 for $20 deal? They had this at our Chilis for a while, took it away, and now it's back again. We went there last night with Eric and Kelli. Wow, it is a lot of food. We had skillet queso, then I had fajita quesadillas (did I spell that right?), then we had chocolate chip molten lava cake. Oh my word. It is like gluttonous kind of eating, and I felt like my dad felt (and told us he felt a lot of times) when we took my parents to Okay Cafe and Dad talked about how full he was the rest of the weekend. I was disgusting - yuck.

Third: Woody the Woodcutter. After eating, we headed to Eric and Kelli's to watch a video on their VCR. In May of 2003, a lifetime ago, right before we were married, Landon was asked to be Woody the Woodcutter in a children's musical at church. He rapped a song that started like this, "My name is Woody and I cut down trees. Big ones, small ones, anything with leaves. Maple tree and oak...."
I can't remember anymore - but trust me, it's funny. He had like a toboggan thing on, and it was funny. We watched this video last night for the first time since the actual play. Let me just tell you, Landon has changed a lot since then. On the same video was Landon and me coming home to our house (that I didn't live in yet) when my parents bought us the piano as a surprise for our wedding present and had it waiting for us when we got back from getting furniture at Granny's. I was really tan. The tanning bed really gets you tan - might leave you with skin cancer, but it gets you tan, alright.

I basically have nothing else to report. Did you know that when the recession ends, 50% of people at your job will be actively looking for new jobs? They are completely disengaged now and are just waiting for the economy to be good enough to look for new jobs. And, they will not be the yuck employees - they will be the best employees. Interesting, huh? Did you know this is the first time ever that all four generations are at the workplace together - veterans, baby boomers, gen x, and gen y. crazy, huh? (These are things I learned at my conference). And, that Gen Y can demand stuff like flexible schedules and more work life balance because for every 2 people retiring, there's only 1 Gen Y person to replace them. AND, the baby boomers wish they were retired, but they can't now because of the market and they are mad. There you go. You feel like you were at my SHRM conference, don't you??

I will post pictures TOMORROW (Hopefully).

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