Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Steph, INK, & People on Mattresses

You know how you have a handful of friends that you just know you will be friends with the rest of your life?  That's how I feel about Steph.  We've been friends since 9th grade - best friends in high school, roomed together at Florida...have so many memories that I cannot even count them.  It's not often that I laugh hard - you know, really, really hard where your mouth is open but no sound is coming out, but always when we reminisce about old times, I get to laugh like that.  Why does life get so serious as an adult??  Yuck.  Steph had a cold and wasn't sure if she should come this past weekend.  We had colds too, so I told her to come on if she felt like it - she did, and I am so glad!  We had a great time.  She probably sat in quiet stillness all the way back to Florida because I talked nonstop the entire weekend.  James was not at his best, but she played and played with him - and with E.T. (who James either calls D.T. or E.T.T.) I sure do love my friend.  

Here we are at Chick-fil-A - right before going to the INK Museum.
So, we were looking for something fun to do Saturday.  We talked about going downtown, but we waited til like half the day was over on Saturday, it was supposed to rain, no one felt great...etc.  So, we decided to go nearby to this museum I'd heard about - an interactive children's thing - I don't think it's really a museum.
This was an interesting place.  Old.  Low ceilings - kind of a funny smell.  I'm just telling the truth. That's the negative stuff.  It was a pretty neat place.  James' favorite place was the playground room - clearly shows he's not quite at a prime age to go there, but that's okay.  
He loved the train tables (just like you told me, Jeanette, about Finn loving them!)
Milked a cow
Checked out a really old fire truck...
I just thought this was a classic Steph pose.  Steph...waiting...for me...for James...for Landon...with all our stuff.  Behind her it says sing, act, dance - which is funny.  All in all, it was fun there - but I do think if James had been a little older he would have liked it even better.  
So, since we've all had colds, I've been trying to wash our clothes, keep things clean, lysol the entire house down daily....and so on.  I took the sheets off the our bed yesterday and James wanted to play on our bed.  I realized he was in the corner saying something over and over.  He was crouched down saying, Kitty, Ma.  Over and Over.  Krista and Matt.  He thinks these people are Krista and Matt - hahahahaha.  I love it!!  James has been learning by leaps and bounds many new tricks - yesterday he climbed up on our high bed by himself and is opening all the doors in the hallways now...which opens up  a whole new world of possibilities. 
What a sweet picture of James & Daddy!

Alright.  Taco Casserole for dinner tonight.  If it's tasty, I will post.  If it's gross, I will try to forget I made it.  For the life of me, I cannot find James' birth certificate.  We have a folder literally labeled, "If you Lose it, you Die".  In this folder we have our passports and birth certificates.  Well, apparently, this smart momma did not put James' birth certificate in there when I got it.  WHY NOT??? That would have been the logical thing to do.  Now, I must search - I have a few places in my head to look now...but so far, no luck.  I must have been too busy not sleeping, breastfeeding, pumping, changing diapers, burping, swinging, singing, walking through the house with him, cleaning the bottles, washing all the spit up out of our clothes....etc...to have had SANITY to put the birth certificate in the IYLIYD (If you lose it you die) folder. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Seriously, I come in the living room to find James like this with his "biddy" (blanket).  Cracks me up.  That's all I have to say about it.

We HEART Gammie & GuhPa...

Well, we got another exciting package in the mail today.  Does James have awesome grandparents or WHAT???  He opened his gift from Grammie and GatorPa and found a coloring book and STICKERS.  Oh my.  You know that bro loves some stickers.  I was able to snatch like 3/4 of them away and put them aside where he couldn't see them :)  So, we only went through like 100,000 stickers instead of 400,000 stickers.  He was so excited about using his "cowees" (colors) in his coloring book.  Sweet, sweet, sweet.  We miss you, Grammie and GatorPa, A TON!!!!!  Thank you for loving James!!

V-Day: Nanda & Pop Pop

As always, I am crazy grateful for Gerald and Carolyn.  With our families in another state, they have taken us as their own and make us feel so loved and accepted.  Landon brought home a Valentine Gift from Nanda and Pop Pop today.  Seriously....Ketee?????  Candy???? Ketee?????  James was pretty excited.  And, when Landon went to open the car (pronounced "cah"), he was jumping up and down and laughing really funny - like he didn't know how to express his excitement.  How funny!
Thank you Nanda and Pop Pop!!!!  We love, love, love you!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey, Lova...

Remember that SNL that came on many, many years ago when I used to watch that where the sappy couple was on there and both kept calling each other LOVA (lover) over and over again?  It was ridiculous.  Ridiculously funny.  Oh, Lova, blah blah blah, oh yes lova, blah blah blah.  Cracks me up to think about it now.

Ah, Valentine's Day.  A day of great happiness for some and a day of great pain and hate for others.  When I think about a couple of the ladies in great pain right now in our Journey group, I know that tomorrow will be a difficult day for them.  I'll be praying extra special for those going through hard times in their marriages.  Holidays always magnify things a million times when you don't feel like celebrating whatever it is you're supposed to be reveling in.

Landon and I...and V-Day...don't mix so well.  Our very first V-Day, I remember well.  We were dating.  Wait, and we were engaged.  Landon was at my parents' house.  I must have come home for the weekend from UF.  I can't remember why now, but we were fighting.  I mean having a big argument.  Serious business.  Landon decided to leave my parents' house, and I walked with him outside.  We were half discussing still, and I tried to step into the car door - right at the moment that Landon decided he'd had enough and SHUT the car door.  So, our very first Valentine's Day together, Landon shut the car door on me.  Yep, that started a streak of success.

Then, the next year, I was working at Wise Equip. when V-Day happened on a Saturday.  Landon was working that Saturday for ECA and I was just working away waiting for the florist to deliver my flowers (not joking).  So, the florist arrived.  Finally.  BUT, when they came in with my flowers, they brought what you can only imagine you would give to your great grandmother for Valentine's Day (not that there's anything wrong with great grandmothers - just that there is a hierarchy to V-Day and wife ranks #1, followed by, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, and then great grandmothers).  It was little short flowers that were stuck in that foamy stuff at the bottom.  Not in a vase.  Not roses.  Cheap flowers stuck in the foam.  Well, almost 10 years later now, I laugh at how I would have reacted.  Oh, but year 1 of marriage.  I was pretty much...um, a you know what about it.  I left work...upset...called Landon and told him what I thought of his gift.  He showed up at home with 2 dozen roses and righted the terrible wrong done to my heart.  It's a shame when you have to leave work because foam flowers broke your heart.  What a brat :)

The last time I remember him getting flowers for me is when we lived in Woodstock, and he paid a florist like $75 or maybe $100 (don't tell Dave Ramsey) for HALF A DOZEN ROSES.  Seriously.  While during the first year of marriage I was mad about the foam, by year 6 or so, I had wised up - poor man.

Basically, all I've done above is make myself sound pretty crazy...and I just must be authentic.  This year I have decided to boycott V-Day.  I'm pretty much just over it.  I didn't buy a store card for Landon, but I did have Ms. Carolyn slip him a special card about two weeks ago into his office :)  I'm not hardened to love and romance (well...I mean, maybe just a little since I've been married 9 years now and have a 20 month old), but I am definitely adjusted to what REAL LIFE is.

I was thinking about what I've learned about love in the past 5 or so years.  This really has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, and is probably totally bizarre, but what I've learned the most about love is what I learned from the verse, "Perfect love casts out fear."  Fear is big for me.  Fear debilitates me.  Yet, I love fear.  I love being afraid.  Fear paralyzes me, yet I choose it.  9 times out of 10, I choose fear over peace.  After Landon and I went through the extremely difficult times 4.5 years ago in our marriage, I have clung to this verse many, many times over.  And still do.  When I love Landon from a place with no expectations (and put my expectations where they're supposed to be), I'm totally freed up.  I'M NOT AFRAID.   I am secure in my Father's love, and everything else is icing on the cake.  Boy, if I remembered this every second of every day, I would live an incredibly fulfilled life.  It's a crying shame that most of the time I forget it.  I forget I have everything I need for life and godliness.  I forget that I am completely whole just as I am.  I forget that my Father can meet every need I have - even if I long for Landon to meet some of them.  And he does.  A lot of the time.  Perfect love casts our fear.  Our marriage drastically improved when I stopped being so afraid.  And you know when it spirals back down?  When fear paralyzes me.  Again.  I've learned to recognize it better now - when it's coming - and attempt to recall this favorite verse and take deep breaths.  Landon and I have been through a lot.  I'm thankful for what God brings to my mind this V-Day to remember.  May not make much sense to anyone else, but it makes a world of sense to me.

I love you, Lan.  I'm praying for many more non-celebrating Valentine's Days :)

No Pants and Lots of Candy

My favorite friend is feeling much better.  He is completely back to himself.  He is upset that he no longer has to take his pink medicine which he called "peek, peek" and would point to the fridge because he wanted it.  And, after I'd given it to him, he would yell "Moe, moe".  We had a busy week last week.  Lots going on.    Thursday night was the Valentine Banquet for the JOY Group at church. One of my favorite things is being able to join the Sr. Adults in all their activities :)  I am ashamed to say I only took a couple of pictures and look what the pictures are of - of cake and of James.  Mmmm....unfortunate that I didn't actually get the whole group of 50 people who attended...  

So, here's James enjoying his dessert.
 And, a close up of the dessert. Yummy, yummy - way yummy.

Sunday was a great day.  Landon did a great job, and we are so loving having Jonathan, our new worship leader with us.  He brought two of his friends from school - a singer and a guitarist - it was a lot of fun.  I love different instruments, and I love how much they add to the service.  Then, AWANA Sunday night.  In a couple of weeks we will have a Courageous movie night at the church and are inviting all of our families - families at church, from AWANA, and in the community.  I am praying, praying, praying that many families will join us - many who drop their kids off for AWANA each week.  

Sunday night after church, Landon was feeling discouraged.  Sometimes it seems like we work and work and work - and wait and wait and wait - for God to do something AMAZING.  Our hearts feel so ready and so full for the Father to just CHANGE LIVES.  And sometimes change is slow.  Seems hard to know if we're making a difference.  We want to see new faces and floods of people come to Christ.  ANYWAY, when we got to the restaurant, there was a family there who we so want to join us at Bethabra.  The kids have been involved some, and we've attempted to reach out to this family, but so far, not much progress.  I think seeing them added to his initial discouragement.  When Landon prayed for our food, he prayed that God would just show him some kind of sign that what he was doing was right.  That we're on the right path - that somehow God would just encourage him.  So...probably 15 minutes later, our waitress comes up and says, "Just wanted to let you know someone took care of your bill.  They appreciate all you do and wanted to take care of you and family tonight."  Neat, huh?  Landon's eyes filled with tears.  Pretty quick answer.  I went to get change to leave the lady's tip, and when I got back, Landon was sharing Christ with her.  He was explaining what those people had done in paying for our meal, and how Christ had changed our lives in such an incredible way.  God is good to us.  

Today, we got a package in the mail from Nanna and Grandaddy.  James also was wearing some pj's from Nanna and Grandaddy :)  James knows well what a present is after the Christmas frenzy - so here he is opening his V-Day gift.
 He's not sure about the frog when it sings - he may need some time to get used to him.

 Here he is blowing Nanna and Grandaddy a kiss.  THANK YOU!!!!
 Oh, and he was sure about the chocolate.    He loves Ketee - that's what he calls candy.

 Quick funny story - or not funny to me at the time.  James has gotten into this weird thing about not wanting to put on pants.  For the most part, once the pants are on he's cool, but he wants nothing to do with putting them on.  I've tried to figure it out - would he rather wear jeans?  would he rather wear shorts?  it is the texture of certain pants?  None of these things seem to be a factor.  He screams and screams when you put the pants on him.  So, Sunday night before AWANA, I am trying to get him ready - he's just woken up from his nap, and I'm trying to tread lightly so he stays in a good mood...well, he starts freaking out when I put his pants on.  So, I take them off.  I find another pair.  He freaks out about those.  And in the midst of the freak out, he starts asking me for CANDY - Ketee? Ketee????  Keteee?  Over and over and over.  Finally, after the pants situation and not having any candy, I just strap him in the carseat and get my stuff because if we don't leave now we are going to be late.  ALL THE WAY TO CHURCH, he screams over and over and over, "NO, NO, NO (about the pants), Ketee, Ketee, Ketee!!!!!"  I mean, all the way there.  Funny little joker.

James got a haircut today.  He did really well.  Ate a sucker during the haircut and played with a train.  He hates the blowdryer and the buzzie thing - what is that, the clippers?  We made it through though, and thank goodness, because that bro needed a serious haircut.

Well, V-Day is tomorrow.  We have a terrible track record of Valentine's Days.  I'll try to post about them tomorrow because they are awful and should be a lesson to others :)  I sure do love Landon.  I sure am thankful for the grace and truth the Father has taught me on our journey - and am still learning.  Life isn't perfect, but it's blessed, for sure.  Gotta go do my Financial Peace homework!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday is Good

So far (and it's only 9:15am) this is a great day.  James (for the first time since Thursday of last week) has woken up and seems to be totally himself.  I called the nurse line yesterday and told them he was acting so unlike himself that either I needed some help to help him or they were going to have give me a tranquilizer or something.  The nurse replied that they do try to treat the entire family :)  So...I'm thinking she must have meant a tranquilizer for me was not out of the question.   I will keep this in mind for times of desperation.  The nurse thought that maybe since James didn't have a high fever anymore that perhaps that scarlettina rash was bothering him a lot - even though it doesn't look bad at all.  So...she told me I could give him some Benadryl.  Her exact words were..." but don't drug him out on in, okay?"  HA.  I gave it to him at nap and at bedtime last night.  It seemed to work great.  Although he didn't sleep any longer or any different than he usually does.  BUT, he seems in great spirits this morning.  I am thrilled - and very thankful.  I could have made it more days with him acting the way he was, but I have been spoiled by his good health, and I was so ready for him to get back to normal - for both of our sakes!

I usually try to post recipes on Tuesdays (uh, once in a while), but I made the greatest thing I got off Pinterest last night, and I want to share it.  While I was mixing it up, it was kind of making me gag a little (like you want to know this) - I don't know why because none of the ingredients were gross, but I was just unsure after that how it was going to taste.  I thought it was DELICIOUS.  So...here it is:

Chicken and Spinach Pasta Bake

8 oz uncooked rigatoni
1 c chopped onion
1 (10 oz) pack frozen spinach, thawed (okay, I just went ahead and cooked this in the microwave)
3 cups cubed chicken breasts (shoot, I thought this said 3 chicken breasts, cubed - that's what I used)
1 14 oz. can Italian style diced tomatoes, drained
1 8oz container Philadelphia Chive and Onion cream cheese
1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper
1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella (I used 2 cups because by the time I dump in all the other, I'm like what the heck, just go ahead)

Prepare rigatoni according to directions.  Spread oil on bottom of 11x17 inch baking dish; add onion in single layer.  Bake @ 375 for 15 minutes.  Transfer onion to large bowl and set aside.
okay - look - i don't know what this onion business is about.  i am not a great cook - i tried to do this, but my whole onion turned brown and started burning all gross...so i put some of it in and the rest of it in the TRASH.  i don't think the onion part is crucial...just fyi... :)
Drain chopped spinach well, pressing between paper towels.  Stir in rigatoni, spinach, chicken, and next 4 ingredients into onion in bowl.  Bake covered @ 375 for 30 minutes, then uncover and bake 15 more minutes. 

This was GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!

Alright...I have more to say, but I can't because I've got to go in and see about James who keeps yelling - Gomana - which means banana.  I've told him three times we don't have any bananas, but he keeps acting like I'm holding out on him.  

I am eating lunch with two of my favorite girl friends in the whole world.  We probably won't get to visit much since James will be with us - BUT, at least I'll get to see their faces.  Isn't it wonderful to have FRIENDS?????? God has blessed me with some good ones.  

Hmmm.....oh yeah, please pray for Landon.  He seems overwhelmed this week with lots of work to do.  He's okay, but just seems a little down.  I love this man, and I want to help him!!! Pray I'll be a good helpmate. 

Gotta go....GOMANA is still yelling out for me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the Mend

So, Baby James is on the mend.  I was about to lose my mind by the end of the day yesterday.  I can't figure out if he's whiny because he doesn't feel good or whiny and demanding because he really doesn't feel good still.  I've been REALLY trying to have a mother's heart :) and assume he doesn't feel well...but boy you know what that means.  I can be patient with James, but I am HATEFUL to Landon.  I snapped at him in Cracker Barrel last night - whew.  It's rough.  

Yesterday afternoon the Wakeman's brought a picnic table over to us that Finn has outgrown and I think James can REALLY use.  He keeps shoving his chair back at the big table and has fallen backwards a couple of times.  I really want him sitting with us at the big table, but I think at least for snacks and maybe breakfast while just he and I are here, this picnic table will help things a lot.  Finn sent a Get Well bag for James with cookies and a CARS juice box.  James was pretty excited.


I noticed yesterday afternoon that James had a rash.  When I looked it up on the internet (on legitimate sites), it said if strep throat was accompanied by a rash then it was scarlet fever.  It said that if your kid was already on the antibiotic then it was fine.  The rash isn't contagious and should disappear within 2 or 3 days.  I called Steph (my personal pharmacist) to see what she thought.  She thought it was safe to not call the dr. unless something got worse - she agreed with what I'd found on the internet.  But then, I got James ready for bed and when I took his shirt off, I just thought the rash looked a little scary and so I went ahead and called the dr. on call.  They are wonderful at Gwinnett Peds.  I'm so glad we go there.  It was a nurse practitioner on call.  I explained what I was calling for.  She said they call that the scarlettina rash (or something like that), and that yes, if he was already on the antibiotics, it was fine.  Whew.  Goodness.  James slept well last night.

Update on the picnic table though:  I put James breakfast there this morning.  He acted interested.  But, he came back in the kitchen to find me.  So, I brought my coffee and breakfast to the picnic table, and busted my big adult legs up under the table (which let me tell you took some effort), so that we could sit together. Which, Steph, reminds me of MY LEGS, MY LEGS or the bus scene on the way to our sr. trip with Zuraff - or however you spell his name.  No sooner than I got myself situated (folded up) in there, he hops right down and says he is done.  Hmmm.  The only thing that's not good about it is that he is not strapped down and can come and go as he pleases.  At least it's safe though.  AND, even strapped down, you can trust me that I can't force him to eat ANYTHING he doesn't want to eat.  Seriously.  So, I unfolded my body from the table...hopefully it will go a little better at lunch.  We shall see.

Missing Landon this morning.  Hate for him to be without us at church.  I'm thankful I was able to stay with James this morning though.  Praying God does something great at Bethabra this morning!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strep....Really? And other topics...

Man, I feel so blessed this morning.  Landon was gone to the FBCW men's conference last night (and will be gone this morning).  James had a rough night a couple of nights ago and ended up having strep throat.  He has been incredibly healthy since he was born - which is a huge blessing for a HUGE PANICKER like me - so sickness is still pretty scary for me (and probably is for most mommas no matter how much your child is sick).  The dr. put him on an antibiotic, which he doesn't like, but so far, has been willing to take (especially when I'm shooting it in the back of his mouth).  After a decent night last night of him waking up once, and then waking up for good at 6am (thank the Lord for COFFEE), he feels cooler and immediately began making demands.

1. DOWN (out of the bed)
2. Joo (Juice)
3. Cahs (CARS movie - even though he watches it like 2 minutes and then gets bored)
4. Bahney (Barney - which is what he asks for after the 2 minutes of CARS)
5. Poon (Spoon...which led to PUDDING that he wanted for breakfast...whatever dude, I let him have it)
6. Go-pah-ga & Dahddy (Basketball and Daddy)

I think that's about it.  So far I have met all demands with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Just thankful he is feeling better and feeling COOLER.  I was putting on my pj's last night after I put him to bed and just praying about feeling so worried about him.  I was asking God to help me remember that as much as I think I'm in control, I'm not - I may have the illusion (or shoot, is it allusion - I think it's illusion) of control while things are going smoothly, but when something steps out of line from the norm, I am quickly reminded that I don't get to control things.  Just like I haven't controlled one breath James has taken since he was born - or the fact that he made it through the 37 1/2 weeks inside me and arrived healthy - I couldn't control what happened last night.  I hate it when I remember I have to rely on the Father :)  He always gently and lovingly reminds me of these things, but I hate the helpless feeling.  Man, control is a drug for me :)  What do you if you're not in control?  You shouldn't worry because it won't help.  You can't make a plan because oh right, I'm not controlling what happens...ANYWAY, I'm just saying it was a frustrating reminder - and also a relief - to remember I'm resting in Christ (and I might as well try to embrace it and go with Him instead of fighting against Him).

I am surrounded by such incredible friends and family.  I had like 5 different friends/family texting to tell me their phones were by their beds last night in case we needed anything.  Then, I was supposed to bring several things to church in the morning - well, guess what, Carolyn texted me this morning, and I believe her actual words were, Don't even think about bringing the deviled eggs tomorrow - she was saying she would do them for me.  I shake my head at the Gillham's - I don't understand what we did to deserve such wonderful adopted parents here.  Ms. Carolyn is BEYOND thoughtful - always thinking ahead to the next day or the next week and how she might be able to help us.  She and Gerald are Jesus with skin on to us.

I took a couple of pictures of James before we left for the doctor yesterday.  I just got out all the spring stuff from the Wakeman's and found a bunch of stuff James can wear now....so this is a new outfit from Finn - James now can understand which clothes came from Finn and he'll say Finn's name (which sounds like Pin) every time he puts the clothes on.  Just another blessing.

Whew!  Gotta go get another cup of coffee...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

500,000 Things

Alright.  Here, there and everywhere.  Time for an update for my own records - mainly about things James is doing :)  Then on to the pictures below.  
 - James loves this one tractor shirt from Dad's store.  It's too big for him and he wasn't even supposed to wear it until next summer.  BUT, one day his daddy found it in a drawer and let him wear it.  Well, since then, you can forget it.  It's short sleeved - who cares?  It's way too big - who cares?  He must wear it.  I tried to get him to change the other day and put on something warmer, but to no avail.  He actually has the tractor (or tah-ti) shirt on in the picture with all the stickers below.  Cracks me up.
 - There is a HUGE poster at Costco that has been up at least since January 1st, maybe before.  I have searched for this poster on the internet so I can post it, but I can't find it.  :(  It has a man and woman on the poster...I can't remember what they are advertising.  We realized after a couple of visits to Costco after this poster was up that James thinks it us - he thinks it's Landon and Bethany, his mom and dad.  When we eat there, you can see the back of the poster hanging up from the ceiling, and he always yells, "Mama, Daddy" until we go see the poster.  He loves it.  This CRACKS us up.  Part of me wishes they'd give it to us when they are through with it, but it's so enormous it wouldn't fit anywhere unless we were to like hang it on the front outside of our house or something - HA.  We do love Costco, so it might be fitting that we advertise for them.  
 - The other day James was looking through a little Sudoku book I have and found a page where I'd written his name a while back.  This may be a total fluke, but he said his name - he recognized his name written out. This has happened several other times since, and I think he does realize it's his name.  Also, he is counting to  two.  I mean, with a lot of prompting.  He can do "1" with his finger, and can do "2" with a lot of help.  But he can count 1, 2.  

We went home for a FLYING trip this past week to meet our new niece, Sophia.  We left at 4:30am Thursday morning and came back Saturday morning.  I had been telling James about our trip and to get excited because we were going to Florida.  So, at 4:30am, we assumed he would go right back to sleep once we put him in the car.  We were so careful to keep everything dark - even Landon putting his hand over the light in the car so it would be dark while I put him in.  But, oh no.  He opened his eyes and they lit up and he said, "GO."  And didn't sleep another wink.  Cracks me up.  I got some old pictures from Landon's mom while we were home - this is one I love from a time they were up here and we took their picture with James in front of Bojangles before they left.  So sweet.
Here's the picture of James with that shirt on he loves so much.  We got some stickers in the mail the other day.  James is starting to like stickers a lot.  I tried to explain that we should save some for later to play with.  This comment was met with a blank stare.  So, here's my favorite friend with every single sticker that came in the mail on his shirt.

Here we are with Sophia.  She was just precious.  I always feel a mix of such happiness and pity for a new momma - knowing how hard it is, and how wonderful it is - all at once.  We are praying for Olivia and Bryan as they start this new, exciting journey with Sophia!

And, here's James with GatorPa and Grammie...fun, fun, fun.  (quick fun since we were home such a short time, but fun, nevertheless).

So, life is back to normal.  Steph is coming to visit us soon, so we are looking forward to that.  And, on with the week!  We start Financial Peace University Wednesday night.  YAY!  God is doing great things.  We want to be on board and not miss a SINGLE thing!!