Monday, February 13, 2012

No Pants and Lots of Candy

My favorite friend is feeling much better.  He is completely back to himself.  He is upset that he no longer has to take his pink medicine which he called "peek, peek" and would point to the fridge because he wanted it.  And, after I'd given it to him, he would yell "Moe, moe".  We had a busy week last week.  Lots going on.    Thursday night was the Valentine Banquet for the JOY Group at church. One of my favorite things is being able to join the Sr. Adults in all their activities :)  I am ashamed to say I only took a couple of pictures and look what the pictures are of - of cake and of James.  Mmmm....unfortunate that I didn't actually get the whole group of 50 people who attended...  

So, here's James enjoying his dessert.
 And, a close up of the dessert. Yummy, yummy - way yummy.

Sunday was a great day.  Landon did a great job, and we are so loving having Jonathan, our new worship leader with us.  He brought two of his friends from school - a singer and a guitarist - it was a lot of fun.  I love different instruments, and I love how much they add to the service.  Then, AWANA Sunday night.  In a couple of weeks we will have a Courageous movie night at the church and are inviting all of our families - families at church, from AWANA, and in the community.  I am praying, praying, praying that many families will join us - many who drop their kids off for AWANA each week.  

Sunday night after church, Landon was feeling discouraged.  Sometimes it seems like we work and work and work - and wait and wait and wait - for God to do something AMAZING.  Our hearts feel so ready and so full for the Father to just CHANGE LIVES.  And sometimes change is slow.  Seems hard to know if we're making a difference.  We want to see new faces and floods of people come to Christ.  ANYWAY, when we got to the restaurant, there was a family there who we so want to join us at Bethabra.  The kids have been involved some, and we've attempted to reach out to this family, but so far, not much progress.  I think seeing them added to his initial discouragement.  When Landon prayed for our food, he prayed that God would just show him some kind of sign that what he was doing was right.  That we're on the right path - that somehow God would just encourage him.  So...probably 15 minutes later, our waitress comes up and says, "Just wanted to let you know someone took care of your bill.  They appreciate all you do and wanted to take care of you and family tonight."  Neat, huh?  Landon's eyes filled with tears.  Pretty quick answer.  I went to get change to leave the lady's tip, and when I got back, Landon was sharing Christ with her.  He was explaining what those people had done in paying for our meal, and how Christ had changed our lives in such an incredible way.  God is good to us.  

Today, we got a package in the mail from Nanna and Grandaddy.  James also was wearing some pj's from Nanna and Grandaddy :)  James knows well what a present is after the Christmas frenzy - so here he is opening his V-Day gift.
 He's not sure about the frog when it sings - he may need some time to get used to him.

 Here he is blowing Nanna and Grandaddy a kiss.  THANK YOU!!!!
 Oh, and he was sure about the chocolate.    He loves Ketee - that's what he calls candy.

 Quick funny story - or not funny to me at the time.  James has gotten into this weird thing about not wanting to put on pants.  For the most part, once the pants are on he's cool, but he wants nothing to do with putting them on.  I've tried to figure it out - would he rather wear jeans?  would he rather wear shorts?  it is the texture of certain pants?  None of these things seem to be a factor.  He screams and screams when you put the pants on him.  So, Sunday night before AWANA, I am trying to get him ready - he's just woken up from his nap, and I'm trying to tread lightly so he stays in a good mood...well, he starts freaking out when I put his pants on.  So, I take them off.  I find another pair.  He freaks out about those.  And in the midst of the freak out, he starts asking me for CANDY - Ketee? Ketee????  Keteee?  Over and over and over.  Finally, after the pants situation and not having any candy, I just strap him in the carseat and get my stuff because if we don't leave now we are going to be late.  ALL THE WAY TO CHURCH, he screams over and over and over, "NO, NO, NO (about the pants), Ketee, Ketee, Ketee!!!!!"  I mean, all the way there.  Funny little joker.

James got a haircut today.  He did really well.  Ate a sucker during the haircut and played with a train.  He hates the blowdryer and the buzzie thing - what is that, the clippers?  We made it through though, and thank goodness, because that bro needed a serious haircut.

Well, V-Day is tomorrow.  We have a terrible track record of Valentine's Days.  I'll try to post about them tomorrow because they are awful and should be a lesson to others :)  I sure do love Landon.  I sure am thankful for the grace and truth the Father has taught me on our journey - and am still learning.  Life isn't perfect, but it's blessed, for sure.  Gotta go do my Financial Peace homework!!!

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  1. The story about the family paying for your meal brought tears to my eyes too. God is so faithful to give us moments of grace.