Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Steph, INK, & People on Mattresses

You know how you have a handful of friends that you just know you will be friends with the rest of your life?  That's how I feel about Steph.  We've been friends since 9th grade - best friends in high school, roomed together at Florida...have so many memories that I cannot even count them.  It's not often that I laugh hard - you know, really, really hard where your mouth is open but no sound is coming out, but always when we reminisce about old times, I get to laugh like that.  Why does life get so serious as an adult??  Yuck.  Steph had a cold and wasn't sure if she should come this past weekend.  We had colds too, so I told her to come on if she felt like it - she did, and I am so glad!  We had a great time.  She probably sat in quiet stillness all the way back to Florida because I talked nonstop the entire weekend.  James was not at his best, but she played and played with him - and with E.T. (who James either calls D.T. or E.T.T.) I sure do love my friend.  

Here we are at Chick-fil-A - right before going to the INK Museum.
So, we were looking for something fun to do Saturday.  We talked about going downtown, but we waited til like half the day was over on Saturday, it was supposed to rain, no one felt great...etc.  So, we decided to go nearby to this museum I'd heard about - an interactive children's thing - I don't think it's really a museum.
This was an interesting place.  Old.  Low ceilings - kind of a funny smell.  I'm just telling the truth. That's the negative stuff.  It was a pretty neat place.  James' favorite place was the playground room - clearly shows he's not quite at a prime age to go there, but that's okay.  
He loved the train tables (just like you told me, Jeanette, about Finn loving them!)
Milked a cow
Checked out a really old fire truck...
I just thought this was a classic Steph pose.  Steph...waiting...for me...for James...for Landon...with all our stuff.  Behind her it says sing, act, dance - which is funny.  All in all, it was fun there - but I do think if James had been a little older he would have liked it even better.  
So, since we've all had colds, I've been trying to wash our clothes, keep things clean, lysol the entire house down daily....and so on.  I took the sheets off the our bed yesterday and James wanted to play on our bed.  I realized he was in the corner saying something over and over.  He was crouched down saying, Kitty, Ma.  Over and Over.  Krista and Matt.  He thinks these people are Krista and Matt - hahahahaha.  I love it!!  James has been learning by leaps and bounds many new tricks - yesterday he climbed up on our high bed by himself and is opening all the doors in the hallways now...which opens up  a whole new world of possibilities. 
What a sweet picture of James & Daddy!

Alright.  Taco Casserole for dinner tonight.  If it's tasty, I will post.  If it's gross, I will try to forget I made it.  For the life of me, I cannot find James' birth certificate.  We have a folder literally labeled, "If you Lose it, you Die".  In this folder we have our passports and birth certificates.  Well, apparently, this smart momma did not put James' birth certificate in there when I got it.  WHY NOT??? That would have been the logical thing to do.  Now, I must search - I have a few places in my head to look now...but so far, no luck.  I must have been too busy not sleeping, breastfeeding, pumping, changing diapers, burping, swinging, singing, walking through the house with him, cleaning the bottles, washing all the spit up out of our clothes....etc...to have had SANITY to put the birth certificate in the IYLIYD (If you lose it you die) folder. 

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  1. Bethany, you crack me up! I love the idea of the "If you lose it you die" folder. I think I will start one. Mine just said, "Birth certificates, etc." How creative is that?
    Anyway, I laughed at your post. Thanks for sharing.