Wednesday, February 1, 2012

500,000 Things

Alright.  Here, there and everywhere.  Time for an update for my own records - mainly about things James is doing :)  Then on to the pictures below.  
 - James loves this one tractor shirt from Dad's store.  It's too big for him and he wasn't even supposed to wear it until next summer.  BUT, one day his daddy found it in a drawer and let him wear it.  Well, since then, you can forget it.  It's short sleeved - who cares?  It's way too big - who cares?  He must wear it.  I tried to get him to change the other day and put on something warmer, but to no avail.  He actually has the tractor (or tah-ti) shirt on in the picture with all the stickers below.  Cracks me up.
 - There is a HUGE poster at Costco that has been up at least since January 1st, maybe before.  I have searched for this poster on the internet so I can post it, but I can't find it.  :(  It has a man and woman on the poster...I can't remember what they are advertising.  We realized after a couple of visits to Costco after this poster was up that James thinks it us - he thinks it's Landon and Bethany, his mom and dad.  When we eat there, you can see the back of the poster hanging up from the ceiling, and he always yells, "Mama, Daddy" until we go see the poster.  He loves it.  This CRACKS us up.  Part of me wishes they'd give it to us when they are through with it, but it's so enormous it wouldn't fit anywhere unless we were to like hang it on the front outside of our house or something - HA.  We do love Costco, so it might be fitting that we advertise for them.  
 - The other day James was looking through a little Sudoku book I have and found a page where I'd written his name a while back.  This may be a total fluke, but he said his name - he recognized his name written out. This has happened several other times since, and I think he does realize it's his name.  Also, he is counting to  two.  I mean, with a lot of prompting.  He can do "1" with his finger, and can do "2" with a lot of help.  But he can count 1, 2.  

We went home for a FLYING trip this past week to meet our new niece, Sophia.  We left at 4:30am Thursday morning and came back Saturday morning.  I had been telling James about our trip and to get excited because we were going to Florida.  So, at 4:30am, we assumed he would go right back to sleep once we put him in the car.  We were so careful to keep everything dark - even Landon putting his hand over the light in the car so it would be dark while I put him in.  But, oh no.  He opened his eyes and they lit up and he said, "GO."  And didn't sleep another wink.  Cracks me up.  I got some old pictures from Landon's mom while we were home - this is one I love from a time they were up here and we took their picture with James in front of Bojangles before they left.  So sweet.
Here's the picture of James with that shirt on he loves so much.  We got some stickers in the mail the other day.  James is starting to like stickers a lot.  I tried to explain that we should save some for later to play with.  This comment was met with a blank stare.  So, here's my favorite friend with every single sticker that came in the mail on his shirt.

Here we are with Sophia.  She was just precious.  I always feel a mix of such happiness and pity for a new momma - knowing how hard it is, and how wonderful it is - all at once.  We are praying for Olivia and Bryan as they start this new, exciting journey with Sophia!

And, here's James with GatorPa and, fun, fun.  (quick fun since we were home such a short time, but fun, nevertheless).

So, life is back to normal.  Steph is coming to visit us soon, so we are looking forward to that.  And, on with the week!  We start Financial Peace University Wednesday night.  YAY!  God is doing great things.  We want to be on board and not miss a SINGLE thing!!

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  1. I am coming (to get 'ya)...get ready ;) I can't wait to see the tractor shirt in person.