Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strep....Really? And other topics...

Man, I feel so blessed this morning.  Landon was gone to the FBCW men's conference last night (and will be gone this morning).  James had a rough night a couple of nights ago and ended up having strep throat.  He has been incredibly healthy since he was born - which is a huge blessing for a HUGE PANICKER like me - so sickness is still pretty scary for me (and probably is for most mommas no matter how much your child is sick).  The dr. put him on an antibiotic, which he doesn't like, but so far, has been willing to take (especially when I'm shooting it in the back of his mouth).  After a decent night last night of him waking up once, and then waking up for good at 6am (thank the Lord for COFFEE), he feels cooler and immediately began making demands.

1. DOWN (out of the bed)
2. Joo (Juice)
3. Cahs (CARS movie - even though he watches it like 2 minutes and then gets bored)
4. Bahney (Barney - which is what he asks for after the 2 minutes of CARS)
5. Poon (Spoon...which led to PUDDING that he wanted for breakfast...whatever dude, I let him have it)
6. Go-pah-ga & Dahddy (Basketball and Daddy)

I think that's about it.  So far I have met all demands with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Just thankful he is feeling better and feeling COOLER.  I was putting on my pj's last night after I put him to bed and just praying about feeling so worried about him.  I was asking God to help me remember that as much as I think I'm in control, I'm not - I may have the illusion (or shoot, is it allusion - I think it's illusion) of control while things are going smoothly, but when something steps out of line from the norm, I am quickly reminded that I don't get to control things.  Just like I haven't controlled one breath James has taken since he was born - or the fact that he made it through the 37 1/2 weeks inside me and arrived healthy - I couldn't control what happened last night.  I hate it when I remember I have to rely on the Father :)  He always gently and lovingly reminds me of these things, but I hate the helpless feeling.  Man, control is a drug for me :)  What do you if you're not in control?  You shouldn't worry because it won't help.  You can't make a plan because oh right, I'm not controlling what happens...ANYWAY, I'm just saying it was a frustrating reminder - and also a relief - to remember I'm resting in Christ (and I might as well try to embrace it and go with Him instead of fighting against Him).

I am surrounded by such incredible friends and family.  I had like 5 different friends/family texting to tell me their phones were by their beds last night in case we needed anything.  Then, I was supposed to bring several things to church in the morning - well, guess what, Carolyn texted me this morning, and I believe her actual words were, Don't even think about bringing the deviled eggs tomorrow - she was saying she would do them for me.  I shake my head at the Gillham's - I don't understand what we did to deserve such wonderful adopted parents here.  Ms. Carolyn is BEYOND thoughtful - always thinking ahead to the next day or the next week and how she might be able to help us.  She and Gerald are Jesus with skin on to us.

I took a couple of pictures of James before we left for the doctor yesterday.  I just got out all the spring stuff from the Wakeman's and found a bunch of stuff James can wear this is a new outfit from Finn - James now can understand which clothes came from Finn and he'll say Finn's name (which sounds like Pin) every time he puts the clothes on.  Just another blessing.

Whew!  Gotta go get another cup of coffee...

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