Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend with Nanna and Grandaddy

I am so weird about blogging.  If all factors in life are perfect, then I'm good to blog about stuff.  If anything, I mean anything, is going on, then I'm like AUGH I cannot blog!!!!!  So...I'm behind!  The weekend after Steph's visit, Landon's parents came to see us.  We love it when our families visit.  They are so generous to us.  I didn't take many pictures - but even a few is a huge improvement over my usual :)  Here are James and Grandaddy doing a puzzle together.

And this picture just cracked me up - Nanna and James enjoying their drinks on the couch.
I tried to make this next picture smaller so my foot doesn't look so weird.  Landon's mom and I went to get a pedicure on Saturday.  It was GREAT.  I decided to get this weird green color for fun.  I like it.  It will probably be on there for like 2 or more months, so hope I do really like it.  Mom got a much more normal pinkish spring color.  
We didn't do anything too big.  Landon had to go and work at the church for a little bit Saturday morning, and we all had been just hung around at home, shopped at Costco, ate at Red Lobster, churched on Sunday - we had a wonderful visit with them.  Very thankful for our families.  

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