Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby, Hold My Jacket

Excitement abounds in Hoschton.  What can I say?  We're were it's at.  This past Monday, a movie crew came to the Milner farm across from the church to film part of their movie, Trouble with the Curve, coming out later this year.  They used the church parking lot to park all their cars/trailers/equipment/etc. It was a pretty interesting day.  They even said we could eat lunch out of the catering truck.  We did.  It was delicious.  They brought van loads of the crew/actors back and forth to eat lunch.  It was very interesting.  Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake star in this movie.  While Clint was not in the scene they shot across from the church, he was spotted driving a Chrysler 300 on 211.  Justin Timberlake was in the scene they shot, and several people got to see him from afar.  We kept waiting for him to come over for lunch, but he never did :(  They must have taken him somewhere really nice in town for lunch - where, I do not know, but somewhere.  I kept saying I was going to ask Justin to hold my jacket if I saw him.  Most people had no idea what I was saying, but a few did :)  Very exciting day.  

AND, sadly, I have seen people talk more on FB and seen more pictures of our church because of this movie stuff than ever before.  I guess that's not really sad though - obviously Christ can use anything for his glory :)  SO HOPEFULLY, millions of people will see the side of our church building on FB and it will help us reach our community for JESUS!!!!

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