Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Yard. It's a Situation.

So, of course, I write in the title that the yard is a "situation" (because "situation" is one of my favorite words), and then I'm only willing to post the pictures that make it look decent...not gross.  The yard does not look gross.  But, it does need work, and that's normal for a newer house that was built and sat for a year or more with no just needs to be cultivated, loved, cared about - we are the ones for the job.  I really love tulips - a lot - they are my favorite flower, ever.  I planted some pansies (which actually didn't go all that hot, but Landon says it's because they were not deep enough, and I say he's right because he never had time to till the soil up for me so I just had to shovel it down with all my might, and all my might is not a lot, so they were too shallow), and I planted some tulip bulbs (from Costco).  The tulips starting coming up a few weeks ago.  OH MY WORD.  I CRAZY LOVE THEM.  

Pretty, huh???  Did you notice the gator color pansies above??  I planted them alternately orange/blue in honor of my favorite team.  I have to consult my horticulture expert, Mariana DiVita, regarding what to do with the flower bed now.  Last year, she and her talented husband, David, drew us a map of exactly what to plant, where, when, etc.  We did it.  But, we're not horticulture geniuses like they are and some of the stuff isn't doing so hot (after I finish this post I'll be sending Mariana an email with the ugly yard pictures I'm too embarrassed to show on here).  
We brought James' Go-puh-gah outside so he could "shoot" a million times since he keeps trying to go out across the street to the neighbor's house to play with their basketball goal.  Hard to explain that is not our yard and you can't just go traipsing around in someone else's yard (...oooh...I have learned that figuratively, as well - ha).  And, there's a big scary dog over there and I'm always afraid he is going to jump the fence.  Seriously.
Whew!  It's been GORGEOUS weather!!!

This baby is so sweet! (most of the time) :)

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