Friday, April 6, 2012

I See Daddy!!!! in....the Spooky Schoolhouse

Things have been busy around here...busy, busy, busy.  I have some other things I want to talk about in another post, but this is just for fun, something I want to remember.  James is really loving books right now.  Usually books that don't have a ton of words, and his main favorite books are about trains - Little Red Caboose, the Little Engine that Could, etc.  This book, The Spooky Schoolhouse was one of my books as a kid, and I brought it home with us a while back.  It's really for kids that are a little older, but for some reason, James LOVES it.  It's about these two kids who move to a new town and their school is really old and they think there might be ghosts there, but obviously, there aren't and it ends up being that the heating system in the basement is really old.  Sorry if I ruined the book for you.  The plot is not the point of the my blog today.  The point is that on every page, James calls different people "Daddy".  He doesn't do this with any other book, and he clearly knows who his daddy is.  That's why is CRAZY FUNNY.  

So, here's the cover of the book with brother and sister, Samantha and Brian.
Here they are leaving for school - the first time James calls this person Daddy...which is accurate.  The man waving bye is Samantha and Brian's daddy.
Ah, but here's where the fun begins.  This is the kids' teacher, Ms. Witchner.  She is on two separate pages and James insistently over and over says Daddy, Daddy about this older lady - hahahahaha.  
Then after those two pages with Ms. Witchner, we go to this page.  James then insists that this little African American boy with the paper airplane is his daddy.  I try to tell him it's another student in the class with the brother and sister, but to no avail.  

In conclusion, who knew that James' daddy is an African American little boy, an older woman teacher with white hair, and his real daddy, a Caucasian 32 year old man :)  James has really enlightened me on this one.

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  1. Ok Bethany, I have solved the riddle for you! Please notice that all three of these characters are facing the "audience" with a hand in the air as if perhaps they are preaching a sermon. James is very smart to make all these connections; very perceptive.