Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comfort Calls...Should I Hang Up On It?

This is a post I've been wanting to do for awhile. I have some concerns about my home attire, and I want to share my concerns with you. I have never wanted to be someone who wears really disgusting clothes around the house. Now or ever (meaning as I get older and maybe have children and am like running around ragged more of the time). I understand that at home you should not have to look your best, but I also don't want to act like I really don't care at all. I want to have like self respect for myself and look semi-attractive (perhaps) most of the time (at least just not look disgusting), so I feel I try to do accomplish that goal. The other day, Landon said something about my bathrobe. Here is my bathrobe:
This bathrobe is from Costco. I got it probably 2 years ago. It is a fuzzy fleece material, really warm, and I really love it. It has gotten a little worn down - I painted in it, so it has some tan paint on it, and I mean, it might have a few stains on it - but I wash once in a while, at least. I expressed to Landon my desire to look attractive at home, and he thought that was really funny in light of my bathrobe choice. Basically, let me just lay it out for you. He pretty much thinks this bathrobe is hideous. I had no idea. My other favorite outfit to wear at home is this:
This is a pajama set Krista got me a couple years ago for Christmas. This is the only red thing I ever wear. These pajamas are crazy soft and so comfortable, and I wear them all the time watching tv or hanging out at home. They are from Loft, I think. Landon has not really commented on this choice, but the whole robe conversation just got me thinking. Do you think these are extremely ugly and disgusting choices to wear around the house (you can say yes.)? Do you think this is an embarrassment to myself? I am not sure. I get all the same from Landon - blah blah, I love you no matter what, but I want to have some self respect, people. If I am crazy embarrassing myself, I want to know. I do want to be realistic though. None of us wives really have a ribbon in our hair when our husbands come home from work (see Better Homes and Gardens article on how to be a good wife from 1950's). We're in the real world, ladies. I must be a real person. Just perhaps I may need to freshen up the clothing to lie around the house in. I do not sleep in any of these things, which is another story - well, I do sleep in them sometimes if Landon won't allow us to turn on the heat and it's cold :) Here are my questions:
Are these home clothes disgusting?
What should I do about it if they are?
Any other thoughts are welcome.


  1. Realized I haven't read your blog in a while, I've been busy at work! I have a robe like yours, except white. I would describe it as "frumpy" but sometimes it is worth it - mainly when it is cold! The PJ set is adorable, I wouldn't worry about that one. :-)

  2. totally safe with the PJs. And there are ways to make Landon like the all depends on what's under it ;-)

  3. my two cents on the topic: keep the bathrobe, you like the way it feels and everyone needs an oldie but goodie comfy cozy. keep the red pj's as well, same reasons. and tell landon to set aside his dislike for the robe....because the more you wear that ugly thing, the better you look when you wanna wear something sexy! :)

    but also- ask landon what he prefers you to wear for comfort. leggings rather than pj pants? tank top instead of long sleeve t? once you know what he prefers, you might end up loving it least every once in a while. :)