Monday, October 26, 2009

Here Comes the Bride...Almost

This past weekend was FANTASTIC! Landon and I went home for me to go to Krista's church shower. It was so much fun! I went to have my dress altered - here are a few pictures...(please note: I know the dress is very tight in my "hip" did the seamstress who made that comment loudly in the room. Don't worry, this will be a classy affair - Krista's wedding - she'll be giving me a few extra inches in that area :)...

And then...Saturday morning was the shower! There were so many sweet ladies from the church there. Krista got tons of great gifts - and there was excellent food. Pics below...

My job was to write all the gifts down for Krista. I did my best, and except for one significant typo which we later found before she wrote any thank you notes, I did a pretty good job with my duties.
Here's all the family - my momma, me, Krista (THE BRIDE), Grandma, and Krista's soon to be mother-in-law, Deborah.
I think all the bridesmaids are here except for one. Oh, and yes, this is Matt, Krista's fiance beside Krista. He came at the end of the shower to help load the car with the great gifts.
And, here's Krista and Daddy when we got home. Daddy had to work on Saturday, so he couldn't come up to help load up stuff from the shower, so Krista was giving him a tour of all the gifts in the foyer. I wanted a picture of them so that Daddy would know he was a part of things on her special shower day!

And, that's it from the weekend. We came back home yesterday and went to the Love Loud Concert in the city park. I AM TIRED. But, it was a great weekend. I'm SUPER EXCITED about being home for the wedding VERY SOON!!!!

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