Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid Week Update

Ya'll, I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about this week! I do have some funny stories, but I can't put them on here! One is about dust mites and one is about what it actually means when you go to certain doctors to "chat". So...I guess I'll just update you on my boring life. The weekend was good. On Sunday afternoon, I drove downtown and met cousin Amy, Brad, and Kayla, Gabe, and Brayson to have lunch after they had their pictures made by Joy. I had such a great time with them! Good grief, I love their family!!! Then, I decided to do some shopping. Well, let me just tell you this. I went to Lennox mall - which is a long and boring story why since I was supposed to go to Perimeter. It had to do with paying a 50 cents toll that I didn't want to pay. I really do not like Lennox mall. Why in the world would there be an Ann Taylor Loft in that mall that is the size of a shoebox??? It just makes no sense to me. And, although they are the flagship Macy's for Atlanta...whatever...I think Perimeter is at least the same or better. I really need some new fall clothes...and I really need some new fall shoes - but I had very little luck. I did buy this dress below:

I'm wearing it today, and it is so cute!! I have it on with black tights and boots. It's cool and rainy here today! Winter is on the way - and I'm excited!!

Co-worker, Mandy, is back from leave this week! I feel kind of lost because I've been doing all the different jobs - I really liked it. But, I'm also happy she's back so I can see her every day. Her baby is like the sweetest thing EVER.

Last night Landon cooked chicken parmesan for us - it was delicious! I should have taken more pictures. Oh I have one funny story to tell. We were able to get a free bookshelf - I'm not sure if I should say how because I don't want our friend to get in trouble - but anyway, Landon went to pick it up yesterday afternoon. So, you know we don't have the truck anymore. He was able to fit it in the Murano, but he had to do the driver's seat up crazy far. He was like all the way in the dash. I mean, he called me and told me he was feeling really sick and had the air on full blast. So, last night about 9:30pm, we remember this thing is still in the car and go downstairs to get it out. He got up in the driver's seat so I could see how he had been crammed into it. Ya'll, it was hilarious. I mean I laughed and laughed over it. I do not know how he even fit in there, but the fact that he was able to drive probably 20 minutes home is insane. It was really funny.

Today we have been making weekend plans. A man who works in our Atlanta office has season tickets to the gator games. Well...he's not going this're going!!! We are maniacs! That's about it for now! I'm thinking of a very interesting post I might do would be more interesting for girls, I think, not boys, so much.


  1. You should come by the BCM before or after the game...I'll be there!
    (352) 281-0982

  2. The dress is gorgeous-- bring it home this weekend so you can do a fashion show for us! Btw, I am wearing a black dress to the shower, and Krista's dress is a stylish black and white print. Hope the weather is a bit warmer for the shower than it is now! GO GATORS! Happy to have that WIN! Apparently, the BCM is THE PLACE to be on Gator Saturdays. Mom