Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

It's sad that these are the only pictures I have to show from Christmas Day. We had a great Christmas. It was a quieter Christmas than usual at my parents' house since Krista and Matt were on their honeymoon. We had a great time though. Christmas at Landon's family's house was exciting, as usual, with kids running around, opening presents, etc. We headed to Lan's family's house after attending the Christmas Eve service at church. I love the Christmas Eve service - it is something I hope we'll always be able to go to together - a tradition that began in my family a long time ago. It just feels like in the midst of chaos, and family, and eating, it's a time to sit down and be still and remember and focus on the real thing. ANYWAY, then we headed to Lan's family's to open presents and eat together. Christmas morning we hung out with my parents and opened gifts, then headed to Lan's family's house for lunch, then back to my parents' house where we went to the Rave to see a movie. We got great stuff and had lots of surprises for everyone. It was a really great Christmas. Sometimes I'm a good picture taker...and sometimes this Christmas was more...NOT. Here are two pictures I have of us...but they're not fantastic.

Here's Landon with his golf putting thing I gave him.
Here's me with a hilarious gift from my parents. It's a black apron that has a pearl necklace built in the top of it - haha - so you can look good when your husband gets home after slaving in the kitchen all day! HA. The apron also goes with a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning. These are hilarious because they are girly, girly, girly - they have toile and ruffles on the bottom. Isn't that wild? I LOVE them!
Christmas was a success...I'm still unpacking our stuff at home - we can only get so much done in one day! And....not sure if I should mention the tree in the picture behind me. This tree is quite a story. It's a new tree my parents bought last year to use for the wedding reception in a HUGE reception hall. My mom decided (after they'd already decided not to put the tree up at home this year) that she wanted that tree up, and she wanted to try to put it in the living room...not in the really high foyer. Well, the ceiling in there is 9 feet. Well, the tree is 9 feet. So, it looked sort of like the Griswald family Christmas tree....remember how it busted through their windows in their living room? It wasn't that crazy, and it actually fit a lot better than I thought it would...all in all...Christmas was good :)

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